The Google+ vs Facebook Problem

Last week the Wall Street Journal declared that Google+ was a ghost town. It seems people keep trying to measure the success of Google+ against Facebook. That's understandable. However, those people are making a big mistake.

They are assuming that Google+ and Facebook are the same and compareable.

That's a bad assumption. Google+ and Facebook are like apples and oranges. Think of Facebook as a massive centralized area where friends find their friends, share tidbits from their life, photos of the kids, vacation, status updates, etc. It's a place where teenagers thrive. It's where high school reunions migrated.

Google+ is actually the opposite. It's a place where people go to meet new people with same interests. Yes, I have friends in my circles. But at least 95% of the people I have circled are strangers. New friends, perhaps. But they are people who share my interest in art, photography, politics.

Unlike Facebook, which exists almost entirely in its own world, Google+ exists everywhere I breathe. As I surf the net, Google+ is there. When I download an app for my phone, Google+ is there. As I search the internet for information, entertainment, etc., Google+ pops up yet again. When I check my email, Google+ is there. It seems each week Google has created a new way to integrate Google+ into what I do online. Facebook is a hugely successful social network. Google+ is a living social innovation, constantly expanding in features and new ideas, integrating itself into every pour of my online body.

There is a place for both Facebook and Google+ because they serve different purposes.

Facebook, even as it continues to lift features and design from the Google+ platform, will never be able to compete at the end of the day with what Google+ really offers.

So who is winning? It's not the same race, and I can guarantee you +Vic Gundotra knows that. Mr. Gundotra has a vision for the future of Google+. Google+ may have left beta mode a while ago, but it's still an infant. It will continue to evolve, expand and amaze those that discover its power.

-JJ Bentley

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