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The Google+ vs Facebook Problem

Last week the Wall Street Journal declared that Google+ was a ghost town. It seems people keep trying to measure the success of Google+ against Facebook. That's understandable. However, those people are making a big mistake.

They are assuming that Google+ and Facebook are the same and compareable.

That's a bad assumption. Google+ and Facebook are like apples and oranges. Think of Facebook as a massive centralized area where friends find their friends, share tidbits from their life, photos of the kids, vacation, status updates, etc. It's a place where teenagers thrive. It's where high school reunions migrated.

Google+ is actually the opposite. It's a place where people go to meet new people with same interests. Yes, I have friends in my circles. But at least 95% of the people I have circled are strangers. New friends, perhaps. But they are people who share my interest in art, photography, politics.

Unlike Facebook, which exists almost entirely in its own world, Google+ exists everywhere I breathe. As I surf the net, Google+ is there. When I download an app for my phone, Google+ is there. As I search the internet for information, entertainment, etc., Google+ pops up yet again. When I check my email, Google+ is there. It seems each week Google has created a new way to integrate Google+ into what I do online. Facebook is a hugely successful social network. Google+ is a living social innovation, constantly expanding in features and new ideas, integrating itself into every pour of my online body.

There is a place for both Facebook and Google+ because they serve different purposes.

Facebook, even as it continues to lift features and design from the Google+ platform, will never be able to compete at the end of the day with what Google+ really offers.

So who is winning? It's not the same race, and I can guarantee you +Vic Gundotra knows that. Mr. Gundotra has a vision for the future of Google+. Google+ may have left beta mode a while ago, but it's still an infant. It will continue to evolve, expand and amaze those that discover its power.

-JJ Bentley

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+Roberto Gelleni i couldn't agree more with you. i'm not a facebook basher, and i have a presence there too.
Good essay. After 2 weeks working REALLY with G+ I can admit to your statements fully. G+ and FB are different. Totally. Period (at least for what a period means in the net.)
I think there'll be a tipping point but we're a way off. Most people don't get it yet...but they will. I find Facebook quite a lonely place...probably because I couldn't care less what my friends had for dinner or knowing what colour socks they're wearing!
Interesting read and agree! New to google plus but have connected more in the last few month with like minded photographers than I did with facebook in years plus its all there in a stream with no noise. I still use facebook as a point of contact with customers tho ( selling prints).. Most of my facebook followers are local in Ireland. I do feel they are 2 different entities atm .. I use one for inspiration and home in my profession and the other to try sell them something or point them toward the website ;-) Maybe this is something that will change in time. In the G+ infancy its certainly your best chance of having your own organised platform to better use..
That is so true . People come to realize that G+ is better .
Glad to see that more people than me have come to this conclusion!
Someone reshared this; its one of the most incisive writeups I've read on the debate to date. If everyone on G+ educates others to this way of thinking, it'll stop the newcomers expecting a newer version of facebook.
But hey! most of us went through that journey of discovery and still stuck around.
+Bal Sangeezer So is me. I still on my journey and have found only a little part of the G+ world. What I like: it is much more open, allows new contacts to people which share interests and it allows to find your own path throught it and to use it.
Facebook is good for your personal life, allot of commercial brands have failed on facebook like

Tesla Motors ,Netflix, Goldman Sachs ,Burberry

through visuals there has been some success Starbucks or Redbull,Coca-ColaConverse and Playstation
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I remain convinced that G+ is much more like Twitter than Facebook anyway. Hashtags, lists (circles), etc, etc. In my opinion if you merged Facebook and Twitter you'd get something close to G+ (I'm not a social media expert - just an average user).
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