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The Role of Philosophy in Politics*

"Over the past few decades, academic philosophy has become increasingly narrow and abstruse, and so more irrelevant to daily life. Earlier this year, one of the most famous living philosophers, Daniel Dennett, told me that much of contemporary philosophy is a “luxury decoration on society” and that many philosophical questions studied are simply idle games. “Philosophy in some quarters has become self-indulgent, clever play in a vacuum that’s not dealing with problems of any intrinsic interest,” he added."

#philosophy #politics #slavojzizek #danieldennett

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Revelation, Its About My Now
The last of the four schools of interpreting John’s Book of
Revelation is the spiritualist view.  Spiritualistic interpretation is a
relatively new theory that tends to over emphasize symbolism.  The spiritualist believes that the book focuses
on the strugg...

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Revelation, Its The Final Countdown!
The futurist view
is the modern extension of the historicist view.  It is wildly popular in the United
States.  While it makes for great works
of fiction it is questionable if it is Christian at all. The futurist divides the book of revelation into three

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Revelation, Its All About Now
The historicist view in contrast to the preterist view makes the message of John’s book relevant
to the reader in whatever age it is being read.  Historicism teaches that the events described
in Revelation chapters 4 through 20 describe the history of the C...

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Well worth reading 
New Updates for the Google Classroom Mobile App
With FREE User Guides for Teachers & Students!

Want the details and an in depth review of the new features released for teachers on the #GoogleClassroom  mobile app? I've also updated my Google Classroom iPad App User Guides for teachers and students!

User Guide for Teachers

User Guide for Students 

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Revelation, Its All Done
The word perterist comes from the Latin praeteritus meaning “gone by”.  As such this view
holds firmly that John’s Book of Revelation was fulfilled at the time of it
being written or shortly thereafter.  If this
method of interpretation is true, then Revela...

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