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Premier Dalton McGuinty's resignation shocked Ontario's political landscape. His prorogation of the legislative assembly wiped the slate clean. So, what was lost? Here's a snapshot.
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A good critique of knee-jerk anti-high rise reactions.
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Local Heroes Bar & Grill
1400 Clyde Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2G 3J2
A couple weeks ago, we went on a Saturday night to watch the CFL game at 7:30pm. I actually checked beforehand and I saw that they were showing a UFC match at 10pm. I figured it wouldn't be a problem (since they advertise the CFL as well). That was a big mistake.

We arrived around 7 pm. Twice, we had to ask to get the two TV's (of many in the establishment, all the rest of which were showing UFC) we were watching switched back to our game. Then, at around 9pm, we were told there would be a $2 cover charge, even though we had arrived two hours earlier and weren't watching the UFC. I told them we would leave rather than pay. For some reason, the manager then came to inform us that they would be switching all of the TVs to UFC and that we would have to pay. I, again, said that we would leave.

We gulped down our beer (we'd been ordering drinks throughout), paid our bill, and left.

The whole point of a sports bar is to show sports. Apparently, Local Heroes doesn't know what that means.
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J. Friedman

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Pretty much my thoughts as well
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