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I've cracked the German system for naming animals and turned my discoveries into a flowchart:
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(with LOTS of help from designer Gonçalo Nobre). As you can see, this flowchart is especially useful for animals that may or may not look like pigs...
Any chance this is available as a poster? It is really quite great.
Not yet, but I think it's a good idea. I need to have a chat with the designer, +Goncalo Nobre ...
I teach graphic design at a high school in the US and our German teacher would love this as a poster. I have the ability to print, any chance I could get a vector or high res file to print for him?
I can't think of a better place for this flowchart than a German teacher's classroom! What specs do you need?
I can work with the original vector files if I can get those it would be great. He is going to be super excited!
The graphics artist doesn't feel comfortable giving the original file out, but if you can tell me what the final dimensions will be, he'll make a .pdf for you (which should preserve vectors). Let me know how you'd like to receive it and I should be able to send you the file tomorrow.
I understand that. If he can make a vector pdf 24 inches wide by however long that makes it...that would be the largest I could print.
Hilfreich für Anfänger. Aber wie leitet man da die Weinbergschnecke ab? Manchmal ist es ja eben nicht eine besondere Fähigkeit, die Tieren ihren Namen gibt...
File looked great. We are out of school for summer. We are back in a couple of weeks and should get the poster up then.
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