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J.D. Warrick
Discerning a vocation in the Catholic/Franciscan traditions (lay, active contemplative), co-founder/principal designer of a design firm.
Discerning a vocation in the Catholic/Franciscan traditions (lay, active contemplative), co-founder/principal designer of a design firm.

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Celebrating St. Clare of Assisi:

Clare's name is forever linked to her spiritual brother, Francis of Assisi. Together, even at great distance from one another, they revived a weakened and flawed Church. 800 years later they continue to inspire millions who seek a loving union with the Crucified Christ.

In this week leading to the Feast of Saint Clare, let us first recall the teaching she gave to Saint Agnes of Prague, a noblewoman who also abandoned advantage and title for a Franciscan life of Gospel poverty and prayer:

Most noble Queen,
desiring to imitate your Spouse.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Compiled and written by David Elliott,

These little prayers would not be possible without the inspiration and teaching of the Poor Clare Sisters (O.S.C.), especially those of the Immaculate Heart Monastery in Los Altos Hills, CA. I’m also indebted to Sister Ilia Delio for her insights in Clare: A Heart Full of Love. English translations of Clare’s writings are from Clare of Assisi: Early Documents: The Lady, edited and translated by Regis J. Armstrong, O.F.M., Cap. Icons by Brother Robert Lentz,O.F.M.

Textual content © 2016 Following Francis. Used with permission. Design and layout by St. Francis Parish.

I created a Gmail account for a work project, then the project ended so I ended up never using the account. About 15 months have passed now and the project is back, but I cannot find, or remember, the account information. I did find the associated G+ page, but there is nothing there that helps me remember the username or password. Is there a way to recover this?

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Got my iCloud mail account working on my OS 10.6 mail client. It was not as intuitive as most things Apple are. But every bit of mail had been moved (sent, new and stored), so it's working. Moving my calendar to Google since I can no longer sync my Mac calendar between my no longer compliant devices. The downside of technology is when the provider shuts some of the technology down.

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Gila River and Mama:The Ruth Mix Story was nominated for an EMMY award back in May. The presentation of the awards is tonight. Wish us luck and send good thoughts!  And be sure to LIKE the Gila River and Mama Facebook page to get updates. Or watch the live stream from the Emmy page (we will post a link on the Gila River page later today).

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The release of this statement of solidarity with the LCWR from the seven Franciscan (OFM) Provinces in the United States should not be a surprise to anyone. But I think it spectacular that, with all of the religious orders there are in the US and around the world, that the Order of Friars Minor were the first to issue a statement of "...their appreciation of the invaluable ministry of American religious women and to extend their support to the members of the LCWR..."

It is also worth noting that, while I am sure it will appear elsewhere, it does seem that America magazine is blazing the trail with the first reporting of this release of this statement. (Please leave a link in comments if you see a report of this elsewhere)

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Part 1 of a two part article about Sacramento filmmaker Claire Mix, and her documentary GILA RIVER AND MAMA: THE RUTH MIX STORY. The documentary has also been nominated for a Northern California Emmy, winners will be announced on Saturday.  My connection? I helped with the score, as well as the film web sites and graphics.

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Congratulations to the Gila River & Mama: The Ruth Mix Story cast and crew. The documentary has been nominated for a San Francisco Emmy Award under the category of historical/cultural documentary.

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May is the month of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Autumn Ends was written as an instrumental meditation on the Holy Mother, offering a musical glimpse of a young woman as she leaves one life behind to say "yes" to God and become the mother to a Messiah.

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Buddhists! Vegans and Vegetarians! Humans with weak stomachs!! Everyone!

Why is this "natural" coloring approved by the FDA? Doesn't that inspire confidence?

It's not quite as sensational as the stories about Pepsi from a few weeks ago, but this one is for real:

Crushed bugs - yes, B U G S - (cochineal, - are used as coloring in Strawberry Frappuccino and other pink Starbucks foods.

Seriously. Not a joke.

Check Snopes (

From a letter or email sent to the THIS DISH IS VEG web site ....

"Hi! I'm a vegan who currently works as a barista at a Starbucks in the midwest, and I wanted to let you guys know that the Strawberries and Cream Frappucinos and Strawberry Smoothies at Starbucks are NOT vegan. The strawberry sauce we use contains "cochineal extract". My guess would be that the recipe changed about three or four weeks ago, when our strawberry sauce got new packaging. I was hoping you guys could help get the word out there so that no veg*ns end up drinking this formerly vegan frappucino by mistake! Thanks."

The article (link below) continues ...

"For those wondering, cochineal extract is a red dye made out of dried female cochineal insects. And to put things in perspective, according to PETA it may take as many as 70,000 cochineal to produce 1 pound of the red dye."
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