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JD McCay

Tools  - 
Real quick, who actually uses the file on their multi tool, and what do you typically use it for? It's probably the only tool I never use, so I'd like to know if there's some usefulness to it that I never considered. 
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I use my file on electronics but not so often.
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JD McCay

Pocket Dump  - 
Edc. The first being my normal carry, and the second my "light" or what I would call "shorts carry"
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+JD McCay​ yeah usually an entire roll...pluse one in both of my jeeps
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JD McCay

Ask a Gunnie  - 
disclaimer: nothing in this post, nor the comments on it, are legal advice

I wanna get in to some nitty gritty here about informing an officer of your weapon during a traffic stop. Particularly your opinions on a few matters:

1) assuming you are NOT In a duty to inform state, do you inform? In some circumstances, informing can lead to unintended consequences, such as "Terry searches" or having a rookie police officer over react to the knowledge that you are armed. But if the officer somehow Discovers the weapon those consequences could become ten times worse.

2) If you are in a DTI state, don't you think your constitutional rights are being violated? Simply by exercising your 2A right, you are surrendering your 4A rights, according to Terry v. Ohio

3) pretend for a moment that you keep your firearm in the glove compartment. (Please don't respond with "I would never Keep it there" it's a thought experiment, so just go with it) and the officer asks for a document required, which also happens to be in the glove compartment. (Again, just pretend you aren't Smart enough to have pulled it out before the officer got to your window) What do you do there? Even if you are not required to inform, that seems like a quick way to either get a bunch of new holes in your body, or at the very least to end up face down on the asphalt.

Ready... Go
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Ouch! Well, at least you still look trustworthy 😃
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JD McCay

Discussion  - 
Here's a huge test to your commitment to the 2nd amendment.

The guy in Orlando was on the terror watch list, but was taken off due to a lack of connection to Isis. He was an American citizen. He was not a felon. Based on all of that, if you were in charge at NICS, and could go back in time to when he purchased his weapons, would you have allowed the transfer of the weapon?

I say yes, which leaves a bit of a pit in my stomach. Freedom is sometimes really messy. 
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+J.G. Hovey​ both the gun laws and the surveillance state are already more restrictive and intrusive than I am comfortable with. We're already being monitored like criminals, and the second amendment has already been neutered by the NFA. 
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JD McCay

Articles  - 
Quick poll. Which do you prefer. Explain why in comments.

PS, I'm only talking primary fire starters, not flint strikers and rubbing sticks together ;)
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See Gee
Matches for tradition. 
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JD McCay

Pocket Dump  - 
Updated pocket dump, have added and changed a few things since my last one.

New items include mini mag flashlight, Casio watch with built in compass, Kershaw folder with 1/4" bit attachments, gp100, and a sharpener.

Still need to find a convenient way to add cordage. Already have 2 things on my wrist, and my keychain is already huge

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+JD McCay A Safariland type speed strip is very easy to pack. Running dry is never pleasant, even if the troubles are over... you will still feel better with your wheel gun topped off. Besides it looks so cool to see a revolver shooter parallel a auto shooter tactically. C'mon, try it you'll like it!!!
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JD McCay

Knives  - 
I've decided to be done with folding knives for my edc. And I'm never going back. Quicker access, less maintenance, more ergonomic, and it frees up pocket space.

Buck 102, because I'm a bit old fashioned, with some pictures next to a 2 cell AA mini mag, and a buck 119 for size reference

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Thank you +Daniel Greer​
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JD McCay

Knives  - 
What's everyone's opinion on carrying a fixed blade knife. All my folders seem to always get lost out of my pocket, and tend to get dirt down in the handle and blade. I'm thinking of carrying a buck 102 on a belt sheath. 
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Get a fixed blade
It's not worth it, get a folding knife.
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+Sample Textᴴᴰ​ yuck... Here's hoping that getting out from under the EU brings a bit more freedom your way. 
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JD McCay

General Discussion  - 
So a question for all the armchair political strategists out there.

Which candidate, and what rhetoric would be necessary, to pull in disaffected Bernie Sanders voters?

The conservatives are a small step away from our platform, so that shouldn't be too hard. But without the Bernie voters we'll accomplish nothing more than splitting the freedom vote.

What can we do as a party to pull the Bernie voters in, and actually give us a chance of getting some big numbers this year?
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From what I have seen of Bernie supporters comments on Google+ and on Reddit, Gary Johnson is already a second choice among some of them. Hence why Gary Johnson is pulling slightly more in polling from Democrats. The issues that attract them are his stances in regards to war, drug policy and a few other civil libertarian issues that they feel Johnson would better represent than Hillary.
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JD McCay

Guns & Carry Laws  - 
DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, and nothing I post should be used as legal advice. Do your own research. If you get your legal firearm advice from some random guy online, you're just asking for trouble

So I got to thinking about concealed carry reciprocity with my Colorado cwp, and realized that some states don't recognize my permit, but still allow open carry without a permit.

After doing a quick bit of research, I came up with this table. Green States are ones that accept the CO permit, Yellows are ones I would have to carry open to visit, and the reds are the "no go zones"

Obviously is only applicable to my state, but a person could do the same kind of thing with their own state. Neat.
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+Shawn Willden oops, corrected.
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JD McCay

Ask a Gunnie  - 
This question is for anybody who owns or has shot one of those Rossi ranch hands (mares leg lever action pistol)

Given the recent ATF letter about shouldering a sig brace, this question assumes all legal paperwork, tax stamps, and licences are in place.

How easy is it to shoot a mares leg from the shoulder? Doable? Or does the short "stock" make it unusable as an sbr?
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I don't think you want the receiver that close to your face.

Realistically you can't shoot it shouldered there just isn't enough length in the grip.....
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JD McCay

Ask a Gunnie  - 
I need some advice. My wife can't decide on her next gun. She's already got a walther CCP for her concealed weapon, and now she wants to get a range toy/bedside pistol. She's narrowed it down to these two, but can't decide. Let me know what influenced your choice in the comments. 
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Walther PPQ M2
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She won't be disappointed
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Just went in for the first time after their remodel. They got rid of the salad bar, which was always gross, and the place looks really nice.
Public - 8 months ago
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Quite possibly some of the best beer I've ever had. Be prepared to pay a little more, but it's worth it.
Public - a year ago
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Went there to use the car wash and vacuum out my car. When the vacuum took my quarters without turning on, I went inside to use the ATM and get some more. The lady behind the counter refunded my quarters without me even having to ask. Great gas station, and they have my business now, even if there are cheaper places around.
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5 reviews
Got that great hometown feel you would expect from an old-style general store. Propane prices are one of the cheapest around, too.
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Got my jeep washed there. Didn't have enough money to do the full detail, so I can't comment on that. But the wash was great, fast, and thorough.
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reviewed 3 years ago