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This is more about photography and art than design, strictly speaking, but thought it would still be of interest to members of the re:design community. I added a fascinating Macworld Expo session on the mobile photography revolution and just posted this writeup about how 'iPhoneography' and  smartphones are disrupting the world of photography:

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Insightful post. I agree +JD Lasica technological disruption (mobile's impact in particular) is exponential. There is no turning back. Richard Gray's evocative images point toward the transformational creative/design possibilities available to us in the emerging context.
Very interesting developments indeed, +JD Lasica — thanks for sharing! And yes, photography subjects are perfectly at home here as well — design, creativity, photography, innovation — it’s all good!
I think technological disruption of everything is an important filter to have on one's lens when viewing design, community building, and attracting an audience for anything. To me, the critical piece we must integrate into our thinking is how tech has become an extension of the human body (hence the importance of mobile). This only applies to the world population with early access to tech, but that demographic makes up the bulk of our audience.

As I integrate a new piece of tech, I become aware of how it affects my audience. My awareness is actually my brain developing a bigger capacity for creativity in that area. For example, I waited a long time to buy an iPad, right up until Apple came out with the mini. As I expected it would, the Mini instantly became an extension of my creativity and productivity as I was now able to explore vehicles for delivering story and image in extremely sophisticated new ways. The human-ness and mobility of the mini is far beyond the original iPad, so it is reasonable to expect it to continue expanding the foray into media delivery. (Add to the equation all the similar-sized tablets available.)

My design-brain, busy constructing the web portal for the community I am creating, flowered into this new delivery vehicle. All of this is cutting-edge design and connection, but the cutting-edge is very wide right now. I view the cutting-edge as a bridge, with all of us creating in a big-picture collaboration of tech tools, humans engaging, and envisioning what is possible next. Not that I'm excited about it.
The tools guide us as much as we guide the tools. Basically, we are continually adapting to each new day and the new tools/experiences it brings. As designers in all different specific niches of expertise, we all help influence how things evolve, making a better experience for everybody. 
Suzanna, likewise! Paul, quite right. I always tell clients to start with goals, not the tools, but the tools influence our actions as well. 
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