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No indication of a pulled-over civilian vehicle (or any other form of police-public interaction) is visible in any of the photographs circulated on Facebook, and no one has yet produced any pictures of a hood-up Danville police car clearly involved in a traffic stop or cited an instance in which evidence from a Danville traffic stop was unobtainable due to dashboard camera blockage.

I understand I don't post much on here but, I would like to wish all the mothers on here a happy mothers day. We think each and everyone of you are special
I would like to especially wish +Jamie White  a mothers day. I hope each and every moms had a good day. Marla went fishing with our youngest son Jake. How's Dyllon by the way Miss White.By the way. Even though Marla didn't remember my birthday (but did every one else's) I remembered her day. Happy Mothers Day all moms.

Just step in for a second. 
+Trudy Conway I saw an advertisement on TV a while ago and thought of you. It was an Sub-Way advertisement. At the bottom it read, "Prices in Alaska are higher." Thought that was funny.

I couldn't comment on the post that +maria antonia Trajano posted about New York. You guys sees a beautiful park in New York, +Marla Hughes sees a fishing hole. 

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Although you don't cry I just heard this song this morning and as always, I thought of you. +Marla Hughes "It ain't over till I say it's over." 

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Yeah, I know. I ain't buyin anyone a car. I just wanted to tell everyone on here. Thanks for being a friend.

There's just to many folks on here to say, "Happy New Year," to. So, Happy New Years friends.

I would like to say Merry Christmas too to all and to all a good night. As you can see I for one left Christ in Christmas along with all you other guys/gals

Marla put one of my favorite songs on here for me. Most of you might think it's just a song but to us cowboys, well, it ain't. Got a couple of stories that this song reminded me of.
First: My oldest daughter is the only person that has ever done to my hat what she did. She got my hat one day and started wearing it. Then she took it off and started pullin the inside out. All I did was grit my teeth and smile.
Second: One day a long time ago me and a friend went to a truck stop we use to go to to eat. Then I use to take my hat off when entering a building. (Don't anymore) Anyway, three guys sittin behind me laughed and one took my hat and put it on his head. My friend looked at me and I just nodded as to say, "It's alright. Don't worry about it." We ate our food and I asked my friend, "You ready?" He just nodded. Got up, the fella's looked at me as if I were going to do something. I just took my hat off that fella's head, leaned down and said, "Buddy, takes a man to where this hat." Turned around and paid our bill and left. Never heard a word. 
Third. My brother back a ways also got mad at me about something and said, "You know, I'll just take that hat off your head and mash it." I said, "Do whatever you think is best." He didn't.
Forth: Another friend of mine use to tip the back of my hat to where it fell in front of my face. One time he did I told him, "The next time you do that I'm going to break your finger." He did, I did. He never did it again, and I lost a friend.
Okay, there's more but think I bored you enough. It ain't just a hat to cowboys. +Marla Hughes 

Marla threaten me tonight with bodily harm. Someone really needs to give her a piece of their mind.  +Marla Hughes Your gonna get it now!!
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