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Less than 3200kms and already having issues. #shouldhaveboughtaHOLDEN
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Go for Hyundai ..... I have Hyundai for 3 weeks now love it ;)
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Ford Falcon XR6... Second car today and I'm stuck with this P.O.S. for over a week. #wishihadaholden
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Go ford
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JD Davison

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+Liz Davison, +Shazz Beddison and I are sitting at Parramatta Stadium in our blue and gold outfits, getting ready to watch the +Parramatta Eels take on the Roosters after a terrible loss to them only a few weeks back!

Tonight will mark 67 years to the day since the Eels played their first game against Newton Jets (12/4/1947).
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Get ready for futbal 
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JD Davison

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+BrainTrain - 5284

5 * ((-2) + 8 - 4) = 10

+Liz Davison says: 5 x 2 = 10, Peel off the 8 and the 4.
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JD Davison

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Congratulations, you've picketed the picketer's funeral. You went out of your way to harass people that are completely innocent by stereotyping them... To try and convince some men not to stereotype women. You fail at life.
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so if you one day come over to vienna, call me. le'ts have a coffee together. :)
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Wow; Don't mind if I do!
Today we’re launching Google Camera, a new app for your Android phone or tablet that makes it easy to take quick photos and videos. And being behind the lens just got more fun with new creative picture modes.

Sleek Design. The 100% viewfinder gets out of your way while capturing the maximum resolution of the scene (no dropped pixels). And the extra large capture button is easy to press so your eyes never lose sight of the subject.

Lens Blur. Emphasize the subject while blurring the background for an SLR-like shot with shallow depth-of-field (or bokeh). You can even change the subject in focus after taking the shot.

Improved Panorama. New higher resolution panoramas capture the full width and detail of a scene.

Photo Sphere. Immersive 360 degree photo spheres let you look up, down and all at up to 50 megapixels! For the first time available on non-Nexus devices.

Google Camera is now available on the Play store (, and works on all phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat. We’re just getting started, and in the months ahead we'll make Google Camera available to more devices, helping make photography easier, faster and more fun.

Check out our Research Blog to learn more (
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Thanks , anything to help with taking better shots is bonus
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JD Davison

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Killing time & winning money! ...with +Liz Davison and +Shazz Beddison.
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JD Davison

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Are you sexting? 😈 Some very interesting results here.
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JD Davison

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The awkward moment when you walk into the police station with this in your hand. I wonder if someone will report it missing?
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+Daniel Porter interestingly enough, I only just got home from the police station.

Yes +morte oakley. They said it will be destroyed.

I'm sure it's not sugar +Normann Aguilar.

+David Kennedy You're right. It is illegal to be in possession. However, I called the police beforehand just in-case I did get caught walking between the shopping centre and the police station.

The police were professional. they took my details, and I asked if they would return it if not claimed within a certain amount of time.
I also suggested they hand out flyers for lost and found.
Thankfully, the police officer had a sense of humour.
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JD Davison

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Becoming an MIT Dropout (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in early 2012, Joshua continued to pursue his goal of taking over the world.
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Arnold's Ribs & Pizza is apparently under new management, so I thought I'd give it another go! In short: I ordered BBQ Pork ribs and ended up with 1/2 pork ribs, 1/2 something else (beef?) ribs. The meat was plain and didn't have the signature smokey flavour you would previously find at Arnold's, nor did it have much BBQ sauce. The only real change is that they finally have EFTPOS. (Originally posted Mid 2013)
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
We had the all you can eat mixed ribs and [chicken] wings. Unfortunately, it was a bowl of soggy chicken wings *covered* in sauce, and a plate of beef ribs and chips - almost no pork ribs! The waitress was excellent, but we rated service as very good because there only was one person on the floor. Honestly, I felt quite deceived as it wasn't all I could eat, but more of a 'if you can eat all those soggy wings covered in sauce, and more chips than meat, then (and only then) you can have another plate'. Whilst I am full, I like pork ribs too much! I'll probably be going somewhere else next time.
• • •
Food: Very goodDecor: ExcellentService: Very good
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reviewed a year ago
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I still struggle to find somewhere cheaper... and they've always had good quality parts.
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reviewed 2 years ago