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Fine ! Here is my Ice Bucket Challenge.... 

IceBucket JC mp4

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Sniff I have something in my eye... 

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You all know about @Octocon right? The Irish Sci - Fi & Fantasy convention in October? You have joined right ?

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Just a heads up for anyone interested in Hollywood soundtracks. July 5th at NCH

I've had breakups which were easier than cancelling an audible account.

"It's not you, it's me"
"Why do you want to cancel?"
"Things change & I don't have time anymore."
"Even if I change? I can change!"
"No, it's not that. Please don't make it harder than it has to be"
"Do you want to go on a break? We can just pause for a few weeks/months?"
"It's podcasts isn't it? You don't have time for me anymore because you are swanning around with those hussy podcasts?
"I'm out of here"
"Can't we talk about this? DON'T LEAVE ME!... I'll ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU"

Ok. The podcast one was made up but the rest is True. Sheesh.

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Take a read of this. I quite enjoyed it.

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Wow. Well worth a look. Respect for Patrick Stewart ++

That moment you realise that "The World at War" documentary series timewise is closer to WW2 than it is to today.....

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I freaking love Dork tower... 

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If you haven't been following @Cmdr_Hadfield on Twitter you have been missing out. The first music video filmed in space I think...
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