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At a conf. in NYC, but would like to see this at least as a replay...
Join Quartz technology, science & health editor +Christopher Mims, +Re/code co-executive editor +Kara Swisher, and +The Wall Street Journal technology columnist +Farhad Manjoo for a live video discussion on how 2014 could be the most interesting year in technology in a long time, this Wednesday January 8 at 1pm ET. The event will be hosted by Quartz editor-in-chief +Kevin Delaney.

Christopher's series on why 2014 could be the most interesting year in technology:

You can submit questions on Google+, Twitter with the hashtag #techin2014, on our Facebook page, or through annotations on this article. 

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As we begin 2014, hopefully you can take some joy from this labor of love, here's to owning 2014 with all our hearts and souls...

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Merry #Xmas13!
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I have to do this the next time I'm in London! Have you done this?

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Fast analysis from Scoble...
Apple made me a little jealous (I still have mostly Macs at home and still am an iPad fan). But Google's openness is bringing me features and experiences that Apple didn't match today (while it did show stuff that others don't yet do, like keep thieves from using my devices). 

What this really means is:

1. Apple's profits are safe. If you have an iPhone, this makes you feel good and you aren't likely to dump over and get an Android.
2. Apple's influencers are safe. I spoke to lots of audiences lately and the tech passionates are HEAVILY iPhone, even in Europe.
3. This effectively locks Microsoft and Blackberry out of the market (and the new Firefox and Tienzen OS's). The Apple announcements make those seem lame and continue the Google and Apple world against everyone else.
4. I still think Google Glass is a bigger threat to Apple than it understands.

More on all this on Gillmor Gang shortly at This will be a short show, gotta end by 12:45.

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Lilac wine.

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Anyone using the issuu publishing service?

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Pal Richard Davies jamin' it out...

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Wow, just the Remee alone is worth the read.

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Not bad considering how close I was to the act.
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