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Hey, +Niantic Project, +Ingress, +NIA Ops - I never got my Adventurer badge. Can you help? (In case the metadata on these screenshots gets scrod, they're from 9/3 and 9/30...)
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Ok, late October in L.A.
10/30 +Allison Feldhusen and I are going to see Nightmare Before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl, with Danny Elfman, Catherine O'Hara, Paul Rubens, and Ken Page. (That is a big venue! Something like 93 rows front to back?)
We expect to get out there Weds night, and have Thu-sometime Mon. to do things. At least one of those days will be spent communing with The Mouse West.
What else should we be doing during the trip? Ingress, Museums, Quirky stuff, Food are top picks.
(Pink's is already on the list. The appropriate episode of The Layover and other Bourdain shows are some of my default starting points.)

How the fuque do I pick what circle I'm reading in the new webui of G+?

Also, why am I only showing as following 31 people???

Are they TRYING to kill this the rest of the way?

+***** Have you tried this? The person who told me about it claims the owners are Texans.

JB Segal They're literally called, The Taco Shop, and I know there's one on Østerbrogade up near the corner of Jagtvej, and another down near the center, but I can't remember exactly where. But you should be able to look them up. Hope your friend satisfies their craving. 

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I was driving someplace with someone recently - I was the passenger - and we were discussing traffic engineering and trying not to brake and such.
This video discusses it all pretty well...

Who was I riding with??

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How the heck did I just discover that Daevid Allen is dead now, 15 months later?
Damn it.

If you were to be trying to do a personal happiness building regime that included "Acts of kindness: Make a conscious effort to do something nice for no reason other than to help." what would those acts look like, do you expect?

I am repeatedly amazed at just how INCOMPETENTLY BAD +YouTube's Subscription notification is.

The left hamburger menu Subscriptions section regularly has new numbers flagging channels where no, there's nothing new, and NO FLAG where something was added 5 days ago, 3 weeks, and 2 months ago, but which I haven't looked at for all that time because it NEVER TOLD ME there was a new video to check out.

I have no idea if I know anyone there or not, but if someone can get the YT team to explain WTF they're smoking, I'd appreciate it.

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"I was just watching Funding Nemo."

"“Funding Nemo”! What a great movie, all about Venture Capitalism, and Dory! The Angel Investor!"
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