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Thank you everyone for any support you can give me. Here is where my book can be found:
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Hello everyone!

well I’m finally done with a small part of my never ending endeavor that I slowly started back in 2003, an endeavor that only came to light simply because of a poem I wrote that was a bit too long. I ended up cutting the poem in half because the second part of poem seemed to be the beginning of a story. Luckily that day I happen to have plenty of mental energy to spend on the second half of this new story, and before I knew it I ended up adding about 3000 words that suddenly came alive in front of me, words just started flowing out of me so freely without any kind of breaking in between, it all lined up perfectly as if it was all waiting in side of me for years, maybe that's why I've been alone all this time, I would have wasted that passion on someone else.
Of course the writing was littered with misspellings and miss wordings, but slowly I went back to correct them, and so a never ending endeavor started to come alive.

But as fast as it came alive it was swallowed up by time and I simply started to drift away in the waves of life, but i slowly came to it in 2007 not adding much just few key points here and there through the coming years. it wasn't till 2011 that i drove my life head on into this never ending endeavor writing over 150000 words, the story was at full steam almost ready to see daylight, but i was not ready, and I knew I was not a seasoned writer and I sure did not want to challenge that.

At this point I slowly started to hear whispers from people talking behind my back that I was a moocher, a bum, that I liked to be handed things instead of working for them. Harsh words that can take the soul right out of you as if it was a ghostly depression absorbing the life out of you, always bringing you down, unable to cover your ears from such hurting words. I have even heard whispers saying that I should be taking some kind of medication to help me, help me with what i do not know, its if they want me to give up on what I have put so much love and time into and simply start taking medication so I can be helped.

A home that commands everything and nothing is the most dangerous thing to an imaginative mind, it is like a black hole devouring every hope, dream and color within you as the days go by without bearing fruit… and you still have that ghostly depression to deal with.

Slowly as I grow closer to finishing my first book, an evil intent started to grow around me, interrupting me daily when I was so far into my thoughts, bombarding me with malevolent interruption after interruption, it was always at the right time when I was about to write something critical for a character of mine, as if this evil intent did not want me to dive deeper into the meaning of the human soul; it all felt as if it was done on purpose, as if I was about to stumble upon the secrets of it all. This all reminded me of a scene from the movie (As Good as It Gets) when jack Nicholson becomes furiously upset over a knock at his door for interrupting him.
But this evil intent failed, it took over ten years to finish but it was worth it, and I gained great experience because of this and I am very happy to be done with book 1. Book 2 story wise is done, I just need to add a few more details to it, hopefully it will be out by the end of the year.

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J. A. De La Cruz

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J. A. De La Cruz

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Aurora in Abisko National Park, Sweden: View 1
Chad: "Another great night in Abisko! Tonight our group of nine guests from nearly every corner of the world patiently waited for the arrival of the expected CME with high expectations. After walking a short distance to one of my favourite locations in the National Park a large green band could clearly be seen in the sky running east to west —I knew that this was a very good sign! We all prepared our cameras for the impending display and a few moments later the sky erupted into a multicolour flash of green and purple that will never be forgotten by anyone in our group. While the display was likely not caused by the CME, it was a spectacular event, and was well worth the wait. Lets hope that the rest of the aurora season is as impressive!"

Abisko National Park, Sweden

Credit: Chad Blakley
Date: October 4, 2015
Location: Abisko National Park, Sweden

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#Astrophotography #Art #Science #SolarSystem #Cosmos #Universe #Earth #Abisko #NationalPark #Sweden #Sverige #Europe #Panorama 
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The universe is the totality of space and time, all forms of matter, energy and momentum, laws and physical constants that govern them. However, the term is also used in slightly different contextual senses and refers to concepts such as cosmos, world and nature.

Astronomical observations indicate that the universe has an age of 13.73 ± 0.12 billion years (between 13 730 and 13 810 million years) and at least 93 000 million light-years across. According to the most accepted theory, the event that started the universe is called the Big Bang. It is called the Big Bang singularity, according to this theory, it was what created the universe. Besides this it states that after the Big Bang, the universe began to expand to reach its current condition and continues.
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