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J2 Cleaning Las Vegas
The best carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, & office cleaning in Las Vegas, Henderson, & North Las Vegas, NV.
The best carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, & office cleaning in Las Vegas, Henderson, & North Las Vegas, NV.


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Another rug cleaning surprise for our profession. A very expensive wall ornament but called a rug that can't be cleaned. We add this to the list, along with the rugs that have a water soluble , instead of permanent ink used on the pattern backing for the makers to follow in making the rug. Problem is when you clean the white and gray rug, the ink breaks down and wicks to the surface leaving black or blue dye all over the rug.
Here is another example of a rug to watch out for - Thanks Lisa wagner - The Rug Chick!

Take a look at this rug…
…from afar it seems like a simple flat-weave construction that should clean up just fine:
But when you take a closer look, what do you discover?
These are hide strips sewn into a repeated design pattern that is created by thin strands of viscose.
And what is viscose?
Repurposed, chemically glossed wood pulp. So… it is essentially “paper” also.
Care instructions?
Do not spill even water on this rug. Do not vacuum with a beater bar. Professionally clean only.
Here is a close up of a damage area on this rug less than a year old:
Spill on this rug and blot to clean it up, and those viscose threads pull apart.
The makers of this rug placed a glue felt backing on the underside of the rug, to try to hold the piece together.
And the price tag on this rug that could not live even a few years…
… just over $7,000.
Do you think the owner of this rug realized they would never be able to spill on, or clean, this rug that cost them THOUSANDS of dollars?
Do you think the designer explained that perhaps in the family room, with kids and pets, that this might not be their best rug choice?
And it is these crazy designer rugs that are coming more and more to market today, in the homes we are cleaning in, and though they are truly cheap creations… they are incredibly pricey junk to have to replace if you happen to be the “professional cleaner” who discovers paper does not clean up very well after all.
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J2 CLEANING LAS VEGAS Earns Esteemed 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Award Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service Las Vegas & Henderson, NV 1/1/18 – J2 Cleaning Las Vegas is proud to announce that it has earned the home…

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    Call us @ 702-880-7890 The best method available for the best carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. Truck mounted hot water extraction (also known as steam carpet cleaning) J2 Carpet Cleaning only offers 1 level of carpet cleaning service to include all…

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This is before. Click on picture to see after J2 Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas performed their magic for one of the Las Vegas property management companies we do carpet cleaning and tile cleaning for.
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I'm sharing this informative post by the Tile Girl on waxing your stone tile floors vs polishing them.
Wax is very hard to get out the grout so it's never recommended to wax your tile and grout floors. VCT floors like you see in Grocery stores have wax on them to protect the softer vinyl tiles. They require lots of maintenance to maintain that shine. So unless you plan on having your floors maintained several times a year, don't wax your stone or ceramic tile flooring for your own happiness. The shine will dull and scratch and the cost to remove it isn't cheap. We have a lot of experience removing wax, mop & glow, etc, from tile & grout floors in Las Vegas, Henderson, & North Las Vegas, NV. #travertinepolishinglasvegas #tilepolishing #stonefloorpolishing #tilecleaning #tileandgroutcleaning
Tile girl takes you on a complete travertine job from the bid through the actual job and finally to some before and after pics! #travertine   #travertinetilecleaning  #travertinetilestripping, #travertine stripping, #noglossonyourfloor #travertinepolishing   #iphone   #scottsdaletravertinecleaning   #howtogetwaxofftile   #sx12   #tilegirl  

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Making our customers smile from the results we achieve from our deep cleaning process makes us smile too :)
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This is why we aren't the cheapest carpet & tile cleaning service in Metro Las Vegas. We prefer to be the professional cleaning business that offers affordable rates for the best cleaning services possible.
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Before & after pictures of a carpet cleaning in Las Vegas professionally performed by J2 CLEANING LAS VEGAS. Yes that's the same room. Deep steam carpet cleaning with a properly formulated, non-toxic pre-conditioner; deep cylindrical dual brush machine scrubbing; hot water truck mounted no residue extraction; & finish grooming to remove the triangle pattern and separate the carpet fibers to help speed drying.
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Check out our new website. We will be adding more info and details continuously. J2 CLEANING LAS VEGAS Carpet Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Office Cleaning, & more. Click on the picture
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