Ramen Noodles with Soy Sauce Soup (Shoyu Ramen)
Ramen which originated as a Chinese noodle dish, has evolved its own unique style in Japan, and has become increasingly recognized as a famous Japanese cuisine in the world. Many high quality and delicious ramen shops are located all over Japan. I think that it is quite acceptable also for people who like Chinese food because a Chinese acquaintance once told me that Japanese ramen was pretty delicious. The most representative of ramen noodles is a dish made with soy sauce (shoyu ramen). The combination of Chinese noodles, Japanese-style char-siu (pork), negi (green onion) and soy sauce soup is orthodox ramen style. There are many ramen shops which pursue the best quality ramen dishes and many popular shops with long waiting lines. It is said that shoyu ramen originated in one shop in Asakusa, Tokyo, and that this original shoyu ramen dish is called Tokyo ramen. If you come to Japan, please have a taste of ramen. Also we have posted recipes for ramen, so please cook it if you would like.
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