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I managed to get it working with old cards so it should (probably) recognise all cards.

Thus this beta has ended and updated app will roll out in the following hours.

If your device doesn't react to blue cards in any way - it is not capable of reading NFC-B standard cards.

I want to thank everyone for your feedback and support!

Beta 3 should be available in a few hours in Play Store.
* Added better support for blue cards (no idea why some require different reading method).
* Design fixes for inactive entries
* Mark contracts bought before 1st March (...ish :] ) as inactive.

I don't think there is going to be Beta 4 unless you find some BIG problems with the app. So the next release is probably going to production.

PLANNED things for next production version:
* Update "About" section. (I know it is unimportant)

Things I would like to get working but can't make any promises:
* Figure out how time is calculated in yellow Ultralight cards (any ideas?)
* Show route numbers in yellow Ultralight cards (mapping or something?)
* Recognize more types of timed yellow tickets (I need more data for this)

Uploaded v1.0b2 to Play Store. It should be available in a few hours.

Besides some code refactoring and fixes it should now display type of transport and route number (for buses, trams, trolleybuses) for blue card events.

Improved graphical consistency between different devices (changed from using Emojis to using VectorDrawables).

Bēdīgākais, ka ne visi telefoni ir aprīkoti ar gana labām antenām, lai spētu veiksmīgi strādāt ar B standartu (zilajām Calypso viedkartēm).

Testēju ar diviem Nexus 5. Uz viena strādā labi, uz otra mēdz gļukot, bet pieliekot atkārtoti sanāk nolasīt.

Runā, ka strādā arī ar Sony telefoniem.

Daļa Samsung varētu sagādāt problēmas.

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Latest beta has support for blue cards and some other changes.

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To get application beta access you have to join this G+ community and then open the following link:

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