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Check out these stunning photos from space.

HT +Greg Stolze 

For all the whiners complaining that the Druid won in the +Dungeon World Kickstarter Arena:

BARBARIANS get Perseverance. Choose two special abilities: Berserk (+2 melee damage, +2 armor, needs to make a CON check to stop fighting once activated), Instinct (can re-roll DEX when reacting to dangerous situations), Musculus (+1 melee and thrown weapons damage, can re-roll damage once per attack), Rugged (+1 Hit Die, +3 HP).


Euro-style vs. American-style board games
I was asked to explain the difference between them, and here is what I came up with on the fly. Please add your own insight.

Euro-style games often have no direct conflict between players, no player elimination and a more abstract implementation of the theme in the game mechanics (e.g. the adventurers in Lords of Waterdeep are just some resources you collect and spend, you can indirectly hinder but not eliminate other players, fulfilling quests gives you victory points).

American-style games often have direct player conflict and elimination and a more direct implementation of the theme in the game mechanics (e.g. in Wiz-War, you move your wizard through a dungeon, your cards are spells, there is direct conflict, you can kill other wizards, you win by stealing their treasures).

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"Videospiele als Chance wahrnehmen"

Sehr guter Offener Brief an Bundeskanzlerin Merkel auf offizieller Seite veröffentlicht.

Bitte lesen, zeichnen und weiterverbreiten.

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Check out the kick-ass music video to our track Cog In The Machine and reshare the shit out of it if you like it.

Many thanks to everyone involved in making it!

I merely enjoyed the first 2/3s of +Matt Forbeck's Amortals, but the last 1/3 kicked my ass.

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