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"Interestingly, public opinion on science in Europe and Japan skews differently than in the United States, Gaulet said. There, skepticism about the scientific community usually comes from the left. The reason may be that the issues on the scientific forefront in Europe (genetically modified food, nuclear power) tend to push liberals' buttons, while those in the United States (climate change, stem cell research) tend to bother conservatives more."
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The issue of parents refusing to vaccinate their children doesn't play out on a national stage here, but it also seems to be a bipartisan one - hard to characterize as either liberal or conservative. It might even have a slight lean to liberal, as it plays into animosity of Big Pharma.
The anti-vaxers in the US were almost entirely working class conservative religious fanatics a generation ago. Now they're almost entirely middle class to wealthy liberals and leftists.

Shows to go you: class means squat, your social views don't indicate sanity levels reliably, and a college degree will not make you magically smarter.
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