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Among other hobbies, I occasionally dabble in digital art. I haven't done much art in the last year or two though, so it's time that I practice some more.

Therefore, I will entertain requests for portraits from other Google+ users. The rules are as following:

1. To request a portrait, post a comment here.
2. First come, first served.
3. If you don't specify a photo of you, I will pick one from your photo albums.
4. It must be a photo of you. If you only have a cartoon avatar or something similar, I am not interested in redrawing it at the present time - I am doing this so that I get better at drawing people.
5. For the general quality of my work (or lack of it), see my portrait gallery below. Keep in mind that I am only an amateur who came to this hobby late in life, and that I will usually only spend an hour or less on your portrait - at the present stage, I want to practice basic shapes, proportions, and textures, and spending too much time on any particular piece would likely be counterproductive for my practice.
6. I will publish the result both here and on my DeviantArt gallery.

Finally, if you like the finished portrait and have some money to spare, I would appreciate donations at whatever height you feel is appropriate. At the present time, all donations will go towards buying a new replacement desktop PC for the one that broke a week ago (right now, I have to do all portraits on my notebook, which is not the fastest device for doing artwork...).

Donations are entirely voluntary. They won't give you any special considerations for future artwork (and you should only give them after I have done your portrait) - they are just a token of appreciation for a job well done.

The donations link is here:

Finished portraits: +Vivian Tse, +Ally Nauss.
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I have temporarily disabled my OKCupid account due to an already hectic social life (though I met my housemates and many good friends through the site!), but you're more than welcome to have a go at artistically rendering any of my photos :)
yay! sharing the love
+Ally Nauss: I just realized that I had a brain fart when writing this - I meant Google+ users, not OKCupid users (though I did have a similar project running there for a time...).
Haha, no worries! I assumed I counted, since I've been on both ;)
Heck, you can do me... you seem to have a lack of men, which could be a good thing or bad thing depending on your point of view.
i was wondering if you had a okc circle!
Nah. Not enough people from there whom I know are here.
we need a proper album for this...
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