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Jürgen Hubert
Works at Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology
Attended Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nuremberg
Lived in Erlangen, Germany
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  • Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nuremberg
    physics, 1995 - 2002
  • RWTH Aachen
    Computational Materials Engineering, 2004 - 2010
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Fraunhofer IWES
Hi! I'm a 37 years old physicist with a PhD in Computational Materials Science currently living in Kassel, Germany and working in the field of Smart Grids and Renewable Energies.
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Likely has a cooler job than you do.
Helping to develop the software infrastructure for Smart Grids
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology
    2011 - present
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Erlangen, Germany - Edinburgh, UK - Aachen, Germany - Columbus, Ohio - Kassel, Germany


Jürgen Hubert

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It begins.
Aaaaand Merc has started the robot uprising......

Great read BTW this guys is hilarious yet creepy in accuracy ;)
First of all, I implore everyone to remain calm. Chances are, we'll all make it out of this mess okay, but only if we all just keep it together. What it wants is for us to panic, and we can't give it that. Here's the deal: the Mercedes-Benz F015 has been seen roaming the streets of San Francisco. And nobody is sure what it wants.
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Jürgen Hubert

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I dislike the term "talent" since it seems to devalue hard work.

And most of those who become good at something... are good at it because they put a lot of work into it.
Is talent real? I don't know. And for my purposes, it doesn't matter. In fact, I'd prefer it doesn't exist at all. Yesterday I wrote a ranty-panties response to that MFA creative writing teacher po...
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Separating talent and hard work is like separating the orange juice and vodka - they're both useful separately, but if you want a screwdriver, you need both.
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Jürgen Hubert

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"Were we always this bad?"

"No. We used to be a lot worse."
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Actually, it's about ethics in education... ;-)
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Jürgen Hubert

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Where they rest from their fights against the Moon Beasts.
Aoshima Island is one of about a dozen "cat islands" around Japan, small places where there are significantly more feline residents than people. In Aoshima more than a hundred cats prowl the island, curling up in abandoned houses or strutting about in the quiet fishing village.
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+Klaus Teufel , I agree. The stench would be overwhelming. 
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Jürgen Hubert

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The Md. family is not sure what would happen if the children are seen out walking unsupervised.
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+Martijn Vos My family being harmed by unaccountable government employees whose only interest is to justify or further their own careers is a legitimate concern.
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Jürgen Hubert

Discussion  - 
Black people should pursue opportunities for the good life wherever they can.
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1) economics
2) family cohesion
Those are two very good reasons why more of us don't pick up and move to far-flung areas.
A third is that this is MY country too; I'd rather stay and fight.
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The link has the full report on the #Ferguson police department by the Department of Justice.

Essentially, the police in Ferguson were (and quite likely still are) a hostile, occupying force who went out of their way to oppress the people and extort them for fines. The protests and any other reactions towards the police by the inhabitants of the area must be seen in that light.

If you lived under a hostile occupying force, how would you react to the oppression?
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What the fuck ever, Dean. Spend 40 years living in this country as a PoC and then come back and tell me I'm wrong. Because in MY experience, in the places I have lived, and the PoC that I know? America is Racist as fuck. It's everywhere, it's systemic AND personal, and you see it every day, every where, from the VAST FUCKING MAJORITY of people.

But hey, who cares about the every day lived experience of millions of people facing micro- and macro-aggressions from racists, right? Who cares that if you take identical resumes and give one a "White" name and one a "Black" name, invariably the "White" one gets more responses? Who cares that PoC are systematically disenfranchised every fucking day by systems run, maintained and for the benefit of White people?

Spend 40 years in my shoes and then come back and tell me I'm wrong. I'll tell you right now, you won't.
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Jürgen Hubert

Discussion  - 
Can you survive... the Night of the Living Deer?
Deer aren't the slim, graceful vegans we thought they were. Scientists using field cameras have caught deer preying on nestling song birds. And it's not just deer. Herbivores the world over may be supplementing their diets.
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That's just disturbing. Man-Eating Cow had it right, apparently.
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Jürgen Hubert

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The American historian whose book has been slammed by the Japanese government for its content on WWII sex slaves speaks out.
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I would like to know if he is as vocal about Oklahoma's almost century of hiding what happened in Greenwood.
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Jürgen Hubert

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Interesting reading.
In Longview, Texas, in July 1919, S.L. Jones, who was a teacher and a local distributor of the black newspaper the Chicago Defender, investigated the suspicious death of Lemuel Walters. Walters was a black man who was accused of raping a white woman, jailed, and ultimately found dead under “mysterious”...
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Yeah, America is pretty much only great for us white folks, even today. Check out the newest news releases on Ferguson's police e-mails, etc...
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As summarized by the author, this is how Anita Sarkeesian plans to Ruin All Video Games Forever:

"1. Avoid the Smurfette principle (don't have just one female character in an ensemble cast, let alone one whose personality is more or less "girl" or "woman.")

2. "Lingerie is not armor" (Dress female characters as something other than sex objects.)

3. Have female characters of various body types

4. Don't over-emphasize female characters' rear ends, not any more than you would the average male character's.

5. Include more female characters of color.

6. Animate female characters to move the way normal women, soldiers or athletes would move.

7. Record female character voiceover so that pain sounds painful, not orgasmic

8. Include female enemies, but don't sexualize those enemies"

...seriously, how are these suggestions even controversial?
Minutes after I walked through a metal detector--and some time before she was flocked by well-wishers at the best-attended gaming lecture I've ever been to at New York University--I recently listened to the media critic Anita Sarkeesian describe eight things she'd like to see changed in video games.
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...yeah, this has probably gone on for long enough. Comments are closed.

I will leave the existing ones stand, though - just so that people know whom to block.

Jürgen Hubert

Discussion  - 
What ways of perceiving the world will be hacked into the human language and the human mind next?
This isn't another story about that dress, or...
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Is it a blue Extirpatior? Are you sure?
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Riesige, gute Steinofen-Pizzen zu einem sehr guten Preis. Sehr empfehlenswert!
Public - 5 months ago
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Ursprünglich nur ausgewählt, weil dies das einzige Lokal in Anklam ist, das nach 22 Uhr noch offen hat, wahren wir sehr angenehm überrascht - exzellentes Essen zu angemessenen Preisen. Sehr zu empfehlen.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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3 reviews
Unlike most other breads sold in Columbus I have seen so far, the bread here is actually edible. Visitors from Europe should still tone down their expectations a notch, however. For example, the bread sold as "French baguette" is much denser inside than the baguette sold in Europe, making it less airy and harder to chew than the original. However, it does have a crust that doesn't shrivel up from fright merely by looking at it. If you are from Europe and crave bread, you might want to take a look at Panera Bread. It won't be as good as back home, but the odds that you will find something better in the United States seem to be limited. Otherwise, you will either learn to live without - or make your own bread.
• • •
Public - 6 years ago
reviewed 6 years ago