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Jürgen Hubert

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Good night on this Walpurgisnacht. And stay home so that the witches won't get you!
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Time to immanentize the eschaton!
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Jürgen Hubert

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Even though the current German government is screwing up on renewables, globally PV is becoming unstoppable.
The price of solar power is falling faster than many thought was possible. Harvard’s David Keith comes honest with us about solar power: “Facts have changed. I was wrong.” The unsubsidized el…
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The math in that article is rather inscrutable. I wish they clarified how the $0.02 per kwhr figure relates to the "Swanson effect" chart (which also seems out of date). Why did they assume 1000$/1000watts when the 2013 price per watt is less than that? Is the extra cost explained as the system that orients the panels?
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Jürgen Hubert

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So the "Woman Card" is a thing, now.
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Jürgen Hubert

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What also deserves watching is the whole Demand Response/Virtual Power Plant sector - I visited the Hannover Messe on Tuesday, and there was a lot of activity in that sector.

We all know that some consumers of electricity need a constant supply of electricity because they constantly consume electricity. But some consumers - ranging from refrigeration to steel production - are actually somewhat flexible in when they need to consume electricity, and there is a rapidly growing market matching that to fluctuating power production from renewable energy.

Via +Kristian Köhntopp​.
Interesting series. TL;DR the move towards a world running fully on renewable energy is coming. Fast.

Part 1: Solar

"If this holds, solar will cost less than half what new coal or natural gas electricity cost"

Part 2: Wind power

"Wind is already the cheapest source of electricity in the United States, and could, with these advances, provide half or more of the US’s electricity consumption."

Part 3: Energy Storage

"the world is very much on path to achieving cheap enough storage to allow 24/7 clean energy, and doing so in the next 15-20 years"

Part 4: Renewables

"Short version: Storage looks likely to get cheap enough that it will be deployed in large quantities, paving the way for wind and solar."

Part 5:  Electric cars

"within 20 years, if trends hold, 200-mile-range 4-seater EVs, with awesome acceleration and modern amenities, will be cheaper than the cheapest cars sold in the US today."
This is part 1 of a series looking at the economic trends of new energy technologies. Part 2 looks at the dropping price and increasing reliability of wind power. Part 3 looks at how cheap energy s…
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Combined with solar, a local network of DC based devices should further reduce the cost. All electronic equipment work on DC internally, but involve a conversion from AC to DC because the grid is high voltage AC. Research on innovative DC appliances may need to be considered. 
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Jürgen Hubert

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I love the fact that the women on the committee basically said, 'Yes, this is a great idea' and 'Could you stop being a drama queen, please? We're having a grown-up talk here' at various points in the discussion. :D
Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) did something a little unorthodox for lawmakers Wednesday. During a House Armed Services Committee hearing, he offered an amendment he didn't actually want to support.
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I am amused. The fallout will be delicious.
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Jürgen Hubert

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Like I said: #MyFavoriteSoapOpera
To be sure, it’s an unconventional move deciding on a vice presidential candidate to serve as your running mate, when most people don’t appear to want ...
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The reason Cruz did this was a desperate ploy to distract the press narrative from Trump's crushing wins on Tuesday. He's hoping desperately to win Indiana next's a must win for him at this point.

The reason Fiorina got on board is because she hates Trump so much she'll do it just to spite him. She naturally bore the brunt of Trump's awful sexist attacks when she was still in the race.
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Jürgen Hubert

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Via +Andres Soolo
Paul Krugman: The divergent nomination outcomes of 2016 aren’t an accident. The Democratic establishment has won because it has, however imperfectly, tried to serve its supporters. The Republican establishment has been routed because it has been playing a con game on its supporters all along, and they’ve finally had enough.

And yes, Mr. Trump is playing a con game of his own, and they’ll eventually figure that out, too. But it won’t happen right away, and in any case it won’t help the party establishment. Sad!
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Steve S
+Helen Ikua What commonality is there?
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Jürgen Hubert

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I am glad they are still around.
How does a half-million dollar Kickstarter fail? And why would another company step in and spend six figures to raise it from the dead? Chaosium, Inc. is one of the grand old ladies of the role-playing game industry. The company was founded in 1975 by gaming mastermind Greg Stafford, creator of the world of Glorantha and the Pendragon RPG. The company went on publish the seminal horror RPG, Call of Cthulhu which is based on the works of HP Lovecr...
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Jürgen Hubert

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+Delores Zulkiewski All hail the Dark Lord Drumpf!
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Jürgen Hubert

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I think this is the first time I've explicitly stated my conviction that Trump will win the Republican nomination - on December 31st, almost four months ago.
Here is my current analysis of next year's Presidential elections in the USA:

I give rather good odds that Trump will become the Republican candidate. Yes, plenty of people claim that he is "not serious" about this run, but he seems to motivate the base better than anyone else and all the "establishment" candidates can do little but snipe at each other.

If Trump runs against Clinton, he will lose. He would need the full support of the entire Republican party to win, but he has made too many enemies for that. And while they would never admit it, the Republican establishment and their big donors could live with a Clinton presidency - at least they know that she will have her doors open for corporate lobbyists, while Trump will insist on always doing his own, disastrous thing.

If Sanders becomes the Democratic candidate however, all bets are off. While he would be able to draw a significant chunk of the populist vote away from Trump, the Republican establishment would go all out to prevent a Sanders presidency. While they hate Trump, the Republican money men really don't want a self-declared "Socialist" to be anywhere near the White House. I expect to see a lot of "hanging chads" in that case.
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Ah, the sweet tears of regret...
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Jürgen Hubert

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For your Demon: The Descent games, via +Joel Arellano.
The German capital is equal parts fairytale, steam bath, and spy meet-up.
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Jürgen Hubert

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Nach Gesprächen auf der Hannover Messe bin ich inzwischen zu der Überzeugung gekommen, daß es Sinn macht, meinen Lebenslauf von einer auf zwei Seiten zu erweitern.

Dies hier ist die aktuelle Fassung. Kommentare, Verbesserungsvorschläge?

Die alte Version ist hier zu finden:
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Kenne ich aber auch so.
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Sehr schönes Kleinhotel mit gemütlicher Atmosphäre. Falls ich mal wieder nach Wien komme, komme ich gerne wieder her!
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Riesige, gute Steinofen-Pizzen zu einem sehr guten Preis. Sehr empfehlenswert!
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Unlike most other breads sold in Columbus I have seen so far, the bread here is actually edible. Visitors from Europe should still tone down their expectations a notch, however. For example, the bread sold as "French baguette" is much denser inside than the baguette sold in Europe, making it less airy and harder to chew than the original. However, it does have a crust that doesn't shrivel up from fright merely by looking at it. If you are from Europe and crave bread, you might want to take a look at Panera Bread. It won't be as good as back home, but the odds that you will find something better in the United States seem to be limited. Otherwise, you will either learn to live without - or make your own bread.
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Ursprünglich nur ausgewählt, weil dies das einzige Lokal in Anklam ist, das nach 22 Uhr noch offen hat, wahren wir sehr angenehm überrascht - exzellentes Essen zu angemessenen Preisen. Sehr zu empfehlen.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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