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I am fairly active on Google+, and as you may have noticed I like to discuss many political, technological, scientific and other matters. I generally encourage others to join in. However, here is something you should keep in mind for my stream:

If you want to make an argument and cite a YouTube video in support of your claims, I will not watch it.

This is because using a YouTube video to support your claims forces the other people in the discussion (including me) to consume a lengthy piece of media without any prior indication of its quality - I only have your word that the video actually contains useful information or is good at all. I can speed-read text articles, jump to the relevant bits and do Google searches of key phrases and figures mentioned therein, but with YouTube videos I either have to jump around a lot in the hopes of finding the relevant information (hoping that I haven't missed anything relevant) or be forced to watch it all from the beginning - and that may be minutes or even hours of my life wasted that I won't get back. There is too much bullshit on YouTube as it is - and it's much harder to sort it out in advance than with text articles.

The same goes for podcasts. I may be willing to watch videos or listen to podcasts recommended to me by people whose opinions and knowledge I trust, but that list of people is unlikely to include You, Random Internet Stranger who dropped by for an argument.

So give me some text citations, or don't bother.

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Watching the Fox Newsbot start to malfunction as the script was broken was probably the most insane part of this video.

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Leaving the sinking ship.
A detailed account of the decision by the business councils to quit Trump (who snuck his lie that he was disbanding them in before they could issue a statement). Note, GE and Boeing were the biggest shitbags on this one, apparently:

Two in the group — Jim McNerney, the former chief executive of Boeing and Jack Welch, the former leader of General Electric — proposed issuing a statement condemning the president, but keeping the group together.... But most others, including Mr. Fink of BlackRock and Ms. Nooyi of Pepsi, leaned toward disbanding.

On the details of the racist rapist's lie:

By the time the call was over, the group had agreed to disband. After the decision was final, Mr. Schwarzman called the White House to let Mr. Trump know. He was asked to include language that the president had agreed to disband it.

Shortly thereafter, the president claimed on Twitter that he was disbanding the advisory groups.

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Those dastards!

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There may be a day when the Republican party grows a spine, but it is not this day.

"Republican lawmakers and administration aides found themselves again Wednesday weighing the costs and benefits of remaining loyal to President Donald Trump, whose equivocal statements about neo-Nazis and white supremacists marked a dramatic shift in presidential rhetoric."

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Can you be a Nazi without being pathetic? Evidence says "no"!

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Mixed messages.

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'Last year before the election, a young woman Turner described as one of her best friends casually mentioned she hoped for a Trump victory so that he might “do away with some of these African American people.” She quickly clarified that she wasn’t referring to Turner’s “type,” but when Turner sharply asked her what she meant, she couldn’t answer. Another friend assured her that it would be okay if Trump won the election because she would convince her parents to purchase Turner’s family as their new slaves. In a place where a few large plantation-style houses remain scattered through the county, the “joke” feels a lot like a threat.'
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