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History in the making:
During tomorrow’s CRS-3 launch to station, SpaceX will attempt to recover Falcon 9’s first stage. This test is not a primary mission objective and has a low probability of success (30-40%), but we hope to gather as much data as possible to support future testing.

After stage separation, when Dragon is well on its way to the ISS, the first stage will attempt to execute a reentry burn and then a landing burn over the Atlantic Ocean. Falcon 9 is carrying four landing legs, which will deploy partway into the landing burn. Eventually, SpaceX hopes to land the first stage on land.

Though success is unlikely with this test, it represents an exciting effort toward someday developing a reusable rocket.
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In #Ingress I'm #CaptainJyn

+Ingress, there should really be an easier way for consenting ingress players to connect in +Google+ (without having to type their full names in the chat).
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Mobile devices with a human-scale understanding of space and motion...
And able to generate 3D maps of their surroundings...
Well, guess what: They're on their way!

Welcome to the future:
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« Chat échaudé craint l'eau froide... » et pourtant après l'épisode #ExoMars, l'aventure collective reprend avec #InSight : une bonne nouvelle pour l'exploration Martienne !
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CNES and NASA will return to Mars!

+CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall and +NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden signed an agreement formalizing cooperation between CNES and NASA on the #SEIS  seismometer, the main instrument for the #Mars   #InSight  mission.

InSight aims to land a highly sophisticated and capable geophysical observatory on the surface of Mars to study its structure and composition, which are still poorly understood. The SEIS seismometer is the key instrument of this mission that will enable scientists to better understand the processes that shaped the Red Planet during its early formation and evolution by measuring its seismic activity. 

On the occasion of this signing, Jean-Yves Le Gall stated: “CNES is closely involved in the Martian adventure that NASA is pursuing with such success, as its main robotic exploration partner. After #Curiosity , Mars exploration is poised to take a major new step forward with InSight.”

InSight will be launched in March 2016 and arrive on the surface of Mars in September 2016.


Le CNES et la NASA retourneront sur Mars !

Jean-Yves Le Gall, Président du CNES et Charles F. Bolden, Administrateur de la NASA, ont signé un accord qui formalise la coopération entre le CNES et la NASA autour du sismomètre SEIS, le principal instrument de la mission martienne InSight.

InSight a pour objet de déployer un observatoire géophysique extrêmement sophistiqué et performant sur la surface de Mars, afin d’en étudier la structure et la composition, encore très mal connues. Le sismomètre SEIS en est l’instrument clé et il permettra de mieux comprendre la formation et l’évolution de la planète rouge en mesurant son activité sismique. 

A l’occasion de cette signature, Jean-Yves Le Gall a déclaré : « Le CNES est très impliqué dans l’aventure martienne menée avec succès par la NASA, dont il est le principal partenaire pour les missions d’exploration robotique. Après Curiosity, InSight va donner un nouvel et important élan à l’exploration de Mars. »

InSight sera lancée en mars 2016 et arrivera à la surface de Mars en septembre 2016.
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Happy Spacy 2014 +European Space Agency, ESA!
And now a look at the year ahead! Our video preview of 2014. A year that centres on  #Rosetta 's encounter with comet 67P. Other highlights include #Vega#IXV#Soyuz / #Sentinel  and #Ariane5 / #ATV5  launches. From May 2014, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst will fly to the ISS for a six month mission, +Samantha Cristoforetti will follow in November.
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Have him in circles
7,923 people
Happy #Spaceflight Birthday, Humans! 
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happy birthday for you
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At -80%, this is a sale you shouldn't miss:

A great game of [ exploration + ecosystem experimentation ] that let you play a scientist / astronaut (with a jetpack!) in Martian caves.

#Android #AndroidGame
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Tolkien's Silmarillion, in comics!!!
Le Silmarillion de Tolkien, en BD !!!
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Free WiFi for the world, from Space!
Unrestricted & global Internet access; a modern version of shortwave radio: 
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Where #Google, #Music and #BigData meet:
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Big Data's new single is pretty good.
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Public Information Officer - Wave Protocol and Android OS fan - Space Exploration enthusiast
French Webastronaut, I co-op to various blogs, websites, waves, wikis and forums, mostly about: 

• Space Exploration 
• Google Wave and Apache Wave 
• Android OS and Apps 
• Sciences 
• Biology 
• Aerospace and Defense Industry...

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Multimédianaute passionné par l'exploration spatiale, le protocole Wave et la plateforme mobile Android. Contributeur francophone et anglophone sur de nombreux blogs, waves, wikis et forums consacrés aux armées, à l'exploration spatiale et aux nouvelles technologies.

Officier Communication et Information dans un régiment parachutiste de l'Armée de Terre française. Ouvert au retour à la "vie civile" : Chargé de Communication / Attaché de Presse / Community Manager (+ webmaster et infographiste amateur).

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Bragging rights
► I co-founded the Wave-Watchers and Wave-France communities. ► I've been the communication adviser of the Military Representative of France in Afghanistan.
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Le "Blue Lagoon" du Nord de l'Islande, moins touristique, plus authentique.
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Cuisines chinoise, vietnamienne et thaïlandaise délicieuses. Habitué aux restaurants asiatiques parisiens, celui-ci est le meilleur de ceux que j'ai essayé dans le Sud-Ouest. Bravo !
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