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Isa Pagani
Artist, writer, free spirit. Sorta.
Artist, writer, free spirit. Sorta.

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Plum Deluxe's delicious Oregon Breakfast blend - honeybush and black, highly recommended !

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Tea Tasting of Oregon Breakfast by Plum Deluxe, which was created in honor of the founder's mother. Mega feels.

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New post! #GoneGirl Movie Review - this thriller might be the scariest film you watch all month #gonegirlmovie

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Boston is an amazing city to shoot around. Perfect mix of old and new.

This photo is from the spring, exploring the North End which is one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city. 

Taken with a 5100, edited in lightroom. 

I notice that a lot of HDR photos have a glowy halo effect around objects, kind of like this one that was posted here:

What causes that look? Is it an intentional thing or does that just happen sometimes? Really curious

hey photographers and artist types, what is some good gallery software i can install on my host as a means to store and organize photos?

I'm looking for something simple to use, clean, and with the ability to have passwords for clients without needing to sign them up with a username. This is not intended to be a portfolio - just a storage / share service. re-sizing upon upload is a plus but not necessary. 

i am willing to pay for the software if needed, as all the free options i've come across really suck. but i have a budget limit of about 30 ish. 

any suggestions?

Watched the Legend of Korea finale... Holy crap! Season 3 was really something.

Anybody else out there watch it / have thoughts?

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Tasting notes and overview of @ptreetea's Banana Coconut. Sweet & relaxing, this rooibos-based blend is great for after dinner or before bed.  #tea 

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