those who think provocation would only come from gov-related ppl are delusional ..

as for each successful provocation attempt where police end up attacking #bersih participants, the opposition gain advantage ..

take note that i dont deny that there are agent provocateur from gov side ..

my main point is .. both gov and opposition have something to gain from a successful provocation ..
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The main thing from this is not to look at the issues the politicians want for their own agenda's but look at what issues made the 150 thousand or so go out and protest on the streets. One of the voices of reason, UMNO Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah keeps reiterating this important point.

Clean Elections
People care strongly about importance of their vote, and want to make sure it is fair and clean
People don't like large mega factories built in their backyward without their consent
A related to clean elections, but lots of people very angry at the rampant corruption and arrogance of current government.

That was a lot of people, listen to them.
well yeah ..

but social media reactions right now are just focusing on whether gov or bersih should be blamed for provocation..

even the people themselves seems to forget the points above ..
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