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Izhar Aazmi
Chasing Myself...
Chasing Myself...

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Its really tough to cheat me twice. Very few people get that chance. And those who do, I reward them with yet another chance to ruin me.

Atheists only have the courage to accept that God is beyond their understanding. Rest are just boasting as if they know God completely!

Don't Grow Up... Its a Trap! Infinite loop detected...!

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It’s #SaferInternetDay. Get 2GB of free +Google Drive storage when you take your Security Checkup today. #SID2016
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Listen to Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar from the album Hum Dono. #Tribute_Sadhana... +Gaana 

बहुत ही बदनसीब थे वो लम्हे उम्र के,
जिन्हे गुज़ारा था मैंने तुझसे अनजान रहकर।
ख़ुसनसीबी का ये आलम न छीन मुझसे,
पास आ बस जा यहीं, इश्क़ की पहचान बनकर।।

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The marriage day of #Android   and #ChromeOS   may finally be set on the calendar. #Google  

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Programmers' Love, Programmers' Life...

I cannot promise that you will always get it from me, but sure I want to know about it just in case I can! #AskMeAnything

Nothing beats logic... Logic beats not everything...
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