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Blue Elephant Yoga and Mindfulness Center, Palo Alto


Our center offers individual and small group instruction in the practice of mindfulness meditation, and psychospiritual integrative group work.


The mission of the Blue Elephant Yoga & Mindfulness Center is to promote psychospiritual healing by facilitating present-moment awareness and experiencing through the practice of yoga and meditation.


The Blue Elephant Yoga & Mindfulness Center is dedicated to promoting positive psychospiritual healing and development through individual and small group instruction. We are not a yoga studio offering the typical physical practice of yoga, rather we focus on the metaphysical and psychological aspects of yoga and mindfulness practices.

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Izabel Grey

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"To native or not to native?" That's the wrong question!
Mobile first
Regardless of the technology that's chosen to implement a website or app, it must work on mobile for users. Mobile first is a huge requirement for users, since mobile web traffic already exceeds desktop web traffic. And there are so very few mobile optimized websites in existence right now. 

Native mobile, vs Web mobile
Having decided to go mobile first, how do you implement? Most of these discussions tend to degrade into some kind of religious debate about the "openness of the web", "the simplicity / elegance of iOS", or "the power of Android". All those discussions aside, the correct answer for you depends on:
1) do you have development resources to do an excellent job on native mobile?
2) what are the core parts of your experience that need to be done using native mobile?
3) or can you deliver a compelling experience that suits your (business & customer) needs (MVP) across any mobile/tablet platform & web, using HTML5? 

Here's an awesome article by the awesome +Michael Mahemoff about this:

More info: 
- 3 Steps to Awesome:
1) Avoid Machine Narcissism
2) Play Well With Others
3) Avoid Cowboy Design
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Interested in creating amazing companion experiences (Android wear apps) on the Android platform?
Some of our favorite #AndroidWear ideas from the community
by +Roman Nurik

Since we launched the Android Wear Developer Preview back in late March, we’ve seen some amazing wrist-based app ideas and mockups from developers and designers all around the world! A month later, the Android Wear Developer community on Google+ [], Dribbble [], Behance [] and other sites [] are chock full o’ inspirational wearable app ideas.

Today, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite ideas—to help get the creative juices flowing for your next big app idea. The mockups below aim to solve a variety of real-world problems for users, from intelligently delivering the weather forecast, to more ambitious goals like keeping you safe while driving. Check them out below!

The daily routine
· [] Keeping your eyes on the road, via Jeremy Avery in California
· [] Checking on the weather forecast, via Unity Interactive in Croatia
· [] Sheltering the storm, via Kreativa Studio in Croatia
· [] Gearing up for match day, via David Hampshire in London
· [] Getting to your meeting on time, via Michal Galubinski in Poland
· [] Never losing your place, via Jan Schoppenhorst
· [] Counting your calories, via Luka Mlakar in Slovenia

Sights and sounds
· [] Staying on the edge of your seat, via Casey Labatt-Simon
· [] Finally answering “what’s that song?!”, via James Storer in London
· [] Discovering great music around you, via Nicola Felaco in Italy
· [] Remembering the good ol’ days, via Felipe Mendes in Brazil
· [] Rockin’ out to your favorite tunes, via Rico Monteiro in Brazil
· [] Dimming the lights, via Guilherme

And who can forget…
· [] Living in the future, via Beard Chicken

Share your favorites!
We’d love to hear about your favorite ideas… make sure to post them in the Android Wear Developers community on Google+ so other wearable UI “pioneers” can be inspired by your work!
Android Wear Developers
A place for Android Wear developers to meet, share and discuss the latest on Android wearables.
View community
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+Izabel Grey : I'm excited by the possibilities of what android wear can do. But is it really like this? I mean I saw these concepts and was like awestruck. But what I really want to know is, currently, is it really possible with the kit Google launched? I am particularly interested to know about perifery scrolling, multiple options on 1 screen etc?? Please help me understand.
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I recommend this class to all my no -tech friends as a great intro to what cs is all about.
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Izabel Grey

Cognitive Science  - 
The cognitive science behind why Facebook's friend model doesn't work for humans (that aren't in college).
- Excerpt: "The real world is not college, a rare kind of social space that perfectly fits the three conditions many sociologists believe to be the keys to developing lasting friendships: proximity, repeated serendipitous interactions, and a safe setting.

When I arrived at the University of Michigan in fall 2007, everybody said "Facebook me." In the following days, even a passing meeting guaranteed that a friend request would pop up the next time I...
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Izabel Grey

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Thanks +Nazmul Idris for passing on this Buddha wisdom around aspirational design vs the reality of what users need: "Go far in either direction and as the Buddha once said, your user is going to have a bad time :). "
Keepin' it real
There's a lot of discussion and energy spent nowadays on ensuring that people have amazing experiences across a variety of devices (w/ various form factors & platforms), aka a multitude of "screens". While this great, it's important to note that this is on the high-end or inspiration-end of the spectrum (of experiences that users have w/ mobile technology today). 

On the low end (or keepin-it-real end), you have to ensure that even if you have a simple app that runs on a smartphone in a market where the user doesn't have much money to spend on a smartphone or a data plan, that you are taking this user's needs into account.

2 of their most important needs being:
1) preserve my battery life,
2) don't wreck my data plan, aka, give me offline mode

It's amazing how these 2 basic things keep getting lost in prioritization across so many mobile technologies, and this comes back to ruin the experience for so many users worldwide, on a daily, and probably hourly basis! 

We should reach for the stars, sure. But WE MUST BE GROUNDED as well! Go far in either direction, and as the Buddha once said, your user is going to have a bad time :). 

In Season 2 of my UXD show on the Google Android Developers Channel (, I have a 3 part series called "It's all about location" that will delve into this subject in much greater detail! Stay tuned! :) 

For more info: 
- What is UX?

#interactiondesign   #perceivedperformance   #perfmatters #efficiency  
- 3 Steps to Awesome:
1) Avoid Machine Narcissism
2) Play Well With Others
3) Avoid Cowboy Design

#uxd   #perceivedperformance #efficiency #perfmatters  
- Speed, perf, perception-
- The beauty of speed-

/ht: +Patrick Larvie 
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Awesome article by our very own +Laura Klein talking about reframing the conversation of design around problems, solutions, and impact. I thought it would resonate w/ our design-minded-developer & development-minded-designer community! :). 

Watch +Laura Klein's episodes on UXD here:
- What is Lean UX?
- Qual & Quant measurement

#uxd   #awesomeness   #leanux  
Asking the right questions for better user experiences
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Freelance Pure Android UX Designer, UX Design Advocate. Google Developer Expert.
Design portfolio available by request.
  • Freelance Pure Android UX Designer, UX Advocate, present
    If you are interested in my Pure Android design services, please send me a G+ message.
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Sr. Mobile Interaction Designer, Cisco Jabber
  • SAP Labs
    Technology Marketing & UX
    Sr. UX designer for mobile and web.
  • Screaming Toaster, LLC
    Co-Founder, Chief Customer Experience Officer
    Led design, sales, PM, marketing, consulting services, training services.
Freelance Pure Android UX Designer, UX Advocate, UX Design GDE (Google Developer Expert)! I mostly post about cats, UX design, and Android.
If you are interested in Pure Android design services, please send me a G+ message, or email me: izabel (at) screamingtoaster (dot) com.

I spend my days turning complexity into simplicity & magic. I deal with problems so your user doesn't have to. I spend my spare time doing UX advocacy - leading workshops & meetup groups, design mentorship for startups & young designers, and appearing as a guest on the UXD show on the Android Developers Channel on YouTube.

You can find me on my G+ Community - UX Design for Developers:, or on YouTube:
Bragging rights
First UX Design GDE (Google Developer Expert), Google I/O13 presenter - ran a design workshop on the importance of UX design for developers. Co-creator of UX Design for Developers show on Android Developers YouTube channel. Co-founded ScreamingToaster in 2006. Drive in C group at the track.
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