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The view from the dark side of the Moon.

 NASA | A View From The Other Side  of the Moon

This GIF set shows that the dark side of the moon also has phases. NASA has such a beautiful way of explaining science. That UI flip was genius. :D
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Iyel Bey

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21 day Blogging Challenge.  Are you in?
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Another great G+ Team Elite Engager Circle.  Glad to be aboard!
IGNEOUS Team Elite Engager Circle: 

My   #teamelite circles have a Rock theme this time, so they are named Metamorphic, Igneous and Sedimentary and of course my Elite Inner Circle.

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What is aural microsuction?

Aural microsuction is a method of safely and painlessly removing was from the ear.
Oto-irrigation (what used to be known as ear syringing) has been unavailable for a long time through district nurses, as the traditional ear syringe is no longer considered best practice, and the oto-irrigation equipment is quite cumbersome. Also, there is a chance that a preexisting perforated eardrum could be undiagnosed and the irrigation process may push wax, dead skin and bacteria through the eardrum into the middle ear, with the resultant potential for infection. This is why many GP surgeries have stopped ear syringing and oto-irrigation and now refer all patients to their local ENT department for aural microsuction.

This service is free under the NHS, but the usual two week wait for syringing by the GP Practice Nurse has now extended to up to six weeks or more, as ENT clinics struggle to cope with the demand. At London Hearing Aids, we can offer aural microsuction wax removal in London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire. For more information head over to
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Iyel Bey

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#seedlings   #sprouts   #peppers   #urbangarden   #aphids  
Here's an update of my first tray of seedlings (second tray isn't even seeded!), getting a blast of warm sun and breeze today. It seems I can't film an episode or post an update without having to mention....aphids! Thanks for looking!
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Iyel Bey

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Over a dozen university student hospitalized with overdose of #Molly #MDMA
A dozen university students are in hospital after overdosing on "Molly" or MDMA, a popular synthetic party drug, in Connecticut.
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Iyel Bey

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This event sounds awesome! Participants get access to computers, 3D printers, tools, etc! #hackathon
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Iyel Bey

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People as Brands!  What would you be famous for?
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What drink would you be +Iyel Bey?
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Give the New Mcdonald A try!   #nongmo  
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Iyel Bey

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A few simple safety steps to avoid fire caused by heat lamps.
I'm sharing this with you today to keep from having a tragic result like the photo above depicts! As you may or may not know, I own an independent Insurance Adjusting Firm and have had two recent Fire Losses that resulted from heat lamps. I found some information that I wanted to get out to you about heat lamp safety and a simple method to fashion a heat lamp housing to prevent a fire and loss of life. I know how important your animals are to ...
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Iyel Bey

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Mother of four wins 127 million PowerBall prize! Finally they get it right!
A single mother with four children, including one with cerebral palsy, has claimed part of a $564m (£365m) Powerball jackpot.
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Iyel Bey

Art/humor/photography/fitness/philosophy/fiction/whatever...  - 
Thank you for the invitation to join your community.  I look forward to connecting and sharing with all of you!

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Right on, good to have you in the community. 
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Internet Documentation Coordinator & Food Security Critic
  • SCEI-1BLOOD International
    Internet Documentation Coordinator, 2008 - present
  • GlobAllMediaCast
    Producer/Director - A Closer Look - 1BLOOD International - Documentary, 2011 - present
  • Independent Global Food Security News
    Website Multimedia Coordinator - Correspondent, 2012 - present
  • Investigative Journalist, Independent Film Director & Food Security Critic
    Internet Documentation Cooridinator, 2007 - present
Basic Information
A CLOSER LOOK MAGAZINE - Investigative Journalist, Independent Food Security Documentation Coordinator & Independent Film Director
Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me.  I'm an independent film director and internet documentation coordinator working in the area of food security.  I became passionate about food security during my work with the internationally acclaimed NGO, 1BLOOD International while producing media for distribution in West Africa.  I was very impressed with the way they were able to start a food security operation in Sierra Leone before the end of the civil war there and teach people how to resolve their differences and feed themselves.  What they have accomplished without financial assistance from any government is truly credible.  

With a world population around 7 billion, what the world will eat is too serious a question to accept superficial sound bites, unproven scientific theories and lies about what works to produce food.  

I worked with the 1BLOOD organization to create a documentary that would tell the story of how they are producing food in areas of West Africa that have been torn apart by war.  The documentary includes graphic photos of the war that were taken by 1BLOOD founder and CEO, H.E. Apostle Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr., while he was in Sierra Leone starting the food security program during the war in the late 1990's, where he had his boots on the ground spearheading the intervention and supervising the activities on the ground, up to the recent harvest that has made 1BLOOD the largest independent producer of rice in that region.  

You will see raw swamps converted to productive rice farms extending as far as the eye can see.  Without evidence to the contrary, uninformed people will think that people talking in front of cameras and discussing genetically modified organisms is food security.  A Closer Look - 1BLOOD will show you something in food security you may have never seen before - FOOD!  No starving children, no begging for money - you'll see accomplishments!  Not just free meals and handouts but education in farming techniques and conflict resolution that have taken communities from starvation to food surplus.

A Closer Look - 1BLOOD was shot on location in Sierra Leone, Liberia West Africa and Macon, Georgia, U.S. and was completed just prior to Apostle Dr. K. D. Jackson, Sr.'s appointment as Ambassador At Large for The Republic of Gambia.

The documentary shows that it is possible for people to stop killing each other and work together to feed themselves.  You'll see it with your own eyes from the documents, photos and video assembled from the organization's archives at the U.S. Embassy headquarters.

With this documentary, evidence is available of successful organic farming taking people from food insecurity to food security and something that exists nowhere else: A definition for food security that is quantifiable and that makes sense. I will now be examining and reporting on documentation of food security accomplishments available on the internet or the lack thereof.  I guess you could say I'm a food security critic.  

Thanks for checking me out.

I'll see you at the dinner table.

Where's the food?
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