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Manage your D&D 3.5 campaigns.
Manage your D&D 3.5 campaigns.

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I added a simple random name generator to campaigns. When creating an NPC you can now simply hit the random button next to the name and get a random name.

I added all the names from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting to Forgotten Realms based campaigns.

The generator is very simple, just using a list of first and last names to randomly generate the name (using race, region and gender as an input).

It is rather limit at the time. If you know of some code that could easily be reused to extend it or know of some nice lists of first/last names that would be great to have, let me know. 

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I just added all the miniatures I own to the Assistant.
You can now specify what miniature you own and even where to you store them to find them easier.

Now I just need to link these up with the monsters to automatically get a list miniatures I can use for the encounters. I also want to automatically create the list of miniatures I have to bring to a game (and an easy way to return them to their storage after use).

I finally managed to fix the display at least for products. All the rest is unfortunately still broken. 

I'm currently switching infrastructure to use protocol buffers for storage to speed things up (you can already see the speedup for products now). 
I thought that the changes I made were compatible with the old version and both could be served at the same time. Unfortunately, I was wrong, thus most of the pages are now broken while I transition to the new version.

Sorry about that, but after the change, pages should load much faster.

I recently used DMA to create monsters for my current campaign. Since these are are around EL 20 and more, it was quite a task to create a summary for all of them. This help quite a bit when running the game, as I did not have to look up spells or special attacks and qualities of monsters all the time. 

There is still a lot of things missing, though. Most prominent surely properly dealing with class levels. I had to simulate these using some fake monsters for specific monsters, but of course that does not scale.

Guess what I'm working on now... ;-)

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I now managed to add some monsters for the next encounters in our current campaign. Don't want to tell too much to not spoil things for my players, but here is an example what DMA currently can do. This is the summary output for a monster in the campaign. As you can see, there is still quite some things to do and some special qualities are missing. But it should hopefully already speed things up a bit.

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Just updated the server to support monsters now. Not too much there yet, but you can already see what is possible. Of course this is all still in early stages. Now I'm starting with the monsters in my campaign to prepare for you new session...

I just finished creating item lists for characters.
Now I'm working to get monsters into the system. I started by adding qualities for monsters. Feats will come next.

Not having a tool to help you prepare for game sessions is just too painful. In the campaign I'm currently DMing we have EL 16-21 encounters and the adversaries there just have too many skills and abilities to sanely handle manually. And that's before even thinking of different versions of D&D. I just hope I can get monsters in before our next session.

I have just uploaded to a new version which now supports character and has a new main page for logged in users. Not much yet, but coming along step by step. Taking on items next, which will be a bigger part.

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I just updated the server to a new version. This version now supports a first set of items, as found in the player's handbook. More complicated items don't work yet, but I'm working on it.

We also added support for Google authentication. You can now log into the Dungeon Master Assistant using your Google account. You need to pick a nickname and give a real name to register, though. After registration, you only have guest status, so you can't really make any changes, though.

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We are struggling with app engines free quota (the Googlebot uses up all free quota). I did some optimizations yesterday, let's hope this helps a bit.

The app is now also back at its original address at
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