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" Can we stop talking about things 'ruining' our bodies? No one should ever feel like the body they wake up in every morning is ruined just because of some lines on their skin, regardless of what caused them. If you look in the mirror with the mindset that your body is damaged, that negative mentality is going to do much more harm to your confidence"
#bodyimage #bodyconfidence #tf 
Even though it’s estimated that 80 percent of Americans have stretch marks, those familiar lines on our tummies and inner thighs still receive a lot of unnecessary attention — and discovering how to love your stretch marks subsequently becomes even more difficult. I’ve had stretch marks since
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Ivy LaArtista

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Delicious and healthy coconut bliss balls!
#tf #recipes #vegan

Looking for a totally out-of-this-world delicious and guilt-free treat? I’ve got you covered. These coconut bliss balls are made with 100% pure whole foods ingredients and are dairy-free,
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Yes +Nijah Jihad I"m eager to try it. 
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What Is The Topic For This Episode?

This episode is all about MOVEMENT!  Have you ever considered that fitness and movement are ways that you can improve your wellness while still honoring your body?  That is what we will be talking about with our featured guest +Gillian Byers this week.  She will be sharing her insight about  body positive fitness and movement options that still honor your body in a loving way.  Bring your questions and conversation and chat with all of us live! 
More About The Featured Guest

Gillian Byers
Mindfully Active: Exercise training that meets you where you are.

Gillian is on a mission to take the shame and pain out of exercising. Her favorite feedback from clients is “that felt really good!” Teaching people how to safely build strength and endurance through movement they enjoy is what lights her up. Guiding clients to listen to their own body is essential to her programming.
She has helped people become mindfully active in small group settings, a small fitness center, in people’s homes and now via video chat over the internet! She is about to release an on-line course for beginners.

What Is This Show All About?

Chat, Chew and You is an interactive wellness show that promotes the concept of self-care, holistic health, and confident, energetic living.

Who Are The Hosts?

Hosted by 2 PASSIONate health and wellness coaches,  +Ivy LaArtista    and  +Lakesha Brown      The show's mission is to help individuals attain AND maintain optimal health, healthy minds, lovable bodies, and joyful personal and professional lives.

Ivy and Kesha's ultimate desires are that people experience abundant energy while becoming more responsible for their wellness and overall vibrant health.

Who's Invited?

Anyone who is looking to have fun, interactive conversation around health, wellness, and vibrant living!

Tune in and get interactive with the hostesess with the mostess and discuss, explore and create new standards of health for yourself!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ivy LaArtista. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Mindfully Active: Body Positive Movement & Fitness
Wed, April 15, 9:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Ivy LaArtista

Share Your Body | Relationships & Sensuality  - 
It's quite interesting that even if an organic way of living is chosen in every other area of life, a lot of couples will choose chemical birth control options for family planning. Sometimes that is based on fear of reliability and concern over the success rate of natural birth control methods. This article proposes a tested and proven natural method that is rarely listed as an option for couples. 
As a holistic sex and relationship coach, I'm always on the lookout for ideas and concepts to apply to human sexuality that are natural and empowering. ; Birth control is one big area where many
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This brings a new meaning to adding variety to your workout. Lol!!
Dont try this at home...or the gym
#tf #fitness #exercise

World’s Largest Treadmill Dance With Over 40 Treadmills!:
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Have her in circles
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...The same workout every day and every week is not going to be sustainable. (You might already be beating yourself up for not sticking to it all the time!) The reason is that your monthly hormonal patterns require different kind of exercise. One week boot camp class might feel great, but the next you’ll be better suited to yoga.
#hormones #womenshealth #fertility #fitness #tf
So you go to yoga, drink your green smoothies, and read all the best health news outlets. You should be set and 100% healthy, right?
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Are You Perpetuating Fat Prejudice?

Read these 9 facts and see if you learn something that will enlighten you or empower you to embrace body diversity even more! 

"The inter-sectional issues of size, health and weight loss are far more complicated than we've been led to believe, and this lack of understanding has led to weight-based discrimination becoming a serious problem across the world. Widespread anti-fat prejudice typically stems from misconceptions about health, weight and body positivity, and negatively affects millions of people every day. People are allowed to make their own decisions regarding their own bodies, but we need to start treating people of all sizes with respect. We can start by providing some actual information about being fat."

#bodydiversity   #discrimination   #bodyrelationship   #tf  
It's time we treat people of all sizes with respect.
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Here's some simple options for #MeatlessMonday #tf #vegetarian 
In Kristen Miglore's newly released "Genius Recipes," the Executive Editor of Food52 shares recipes that she has found to be sheer genius from chefs both iconic and lesser known — from the perfect
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Why Body Relationship Matters

There's much debate about whether focusing on body image and body love is too superficial. This article considers that question and addresses it in an objective way.

...although your looks should not and do not define your entire worth, you still have a body. And although the conflicting messages about the importance of physical beauty can be painful and confusing, you still have a body. And that body is not separate from your essential self. It is enmeshed with all aspects of your identity. You have a body. You always will. So it certainly couldn't hurt to make your own unique kind of peace with it.

#bodyimage #bodylove #bodyrelationship #tf 
You have a body. You may not like it, you may not want it to matter, you may want to distance yourself from it in every possible way, but you cannot deny that as a human being, you have a body....
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Ivy LaArtista

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Slow and Steady Yoga

I enjoyed this because I love slow yoga, where I get to hold the pose for several breaths and connect with my body. For me it's like deep conversation with my body. Check out this post by +J. Brown

People are discovering again that yoga is not necessarily something you do to yourself so much as something you do with yourself.
#tf #yoga #meditation 
  On the outskirts of the last decade, a small and humble minority has been pushing back against the pumped up power craze that swept through the nineties, and still largely has a hold on modern postural yoga. Now that the longstanding kingdoms that once guarded yoga's legacies have fallen, and individuals are left more to their own devices, this once obscure and unsung song is finding a new chorus of practitioners. Two years ago ...
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Advocating for holistic wellness through a healthy and loving relationship with body and self.
A Certified Holistic Health Coach and #BodyImage expert. The Body Relationship Coach™, advocating for healthy relationship with body and self. 

See Body. Love Self.  was born from my own life experiences with body hate, body abuse, and body bullying due to lack of resources and support.  I faced body challenges related to my body since an early age.  After understanding just how much my relationship with my body impacted my life story, I realized it was necessary to reach out and empower others with my experiences.  As I have journeyed from a negative body relationship to one of enlightenment, I am continuously learning to love myself and my body along the way.  My joy is in helping others discover a healthy, loving relationship with their own bodies and heal from these pain points:

  • Body Hate- feeling strong and consistent anxiety or negative feelings about your body or body parts
  • Body Shame- having negative feelings around your body, that you keep hidden and secret
  • Body Comparison - consistently looking at others and feeling that your own body is not as beautiful, special or physically adequate
  • Body Bullying- mental, emotional, or physical suffering as a result of ridicule or embarrassment about your body

I enjoy a wide range of topics and activities. However, I am most passionate about: 

  • Body Image
  • Body Love
  • Self Love
  • Body Positive Lifestyle
  • HAES- Healthy at Every Size
  • PCOS Awareness
  • Health and Wellness
  • Holistic Living
  • Holistic Wellness
  • Intuitive Eating 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Virtual Connections
  • Global Connections
  • Wanderlust
  • Women's Empowerment  
#BodyDiversity #BodyPositive #SelfLove #BodyLove #HAES #HolisticHealth 
Bragging rights
I thrived through over 25 years of body hate to evolve into a body love activist! I'm a miracle!
Certified Holistic Health Coach & Body Image Expert
Motivational Speaking, Body Image Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Blogging
    Founder & CEO, 2013 - present
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