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What is Podemos?.
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nope - back in the UK again now...all is well with me and my clan!
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Ivor Kellock

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Yoh Rus Happy Easter - keep up the great work ;-) here's a clip that'll cheer you up about Bill O'Reilly you haven't seen before.......
Was at TrewEra Cafe on Thursday - awesome - met & chatted with Max Keiser to boot! Invested my StartCoin with you on StartJoin - keep on rollin' .;-)
PS with election fever building have you also seen this where our laudable prime minister supports the idea of breaking the law & collecting conservative party funds thru tax evasion which is illegal? A surprising admission to camera!
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Ivor Kellock

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Does any large company care - really? 1hr 55 on O2 chat 2day 2 sort out an order placed yesterday & still no resolution. Taken my money & can't fulfil order with no reason given? 3 confirmation emails yesterday. Now told fone out of stock & not restocking = false advertising on website. Was excited about new fone & new network, now left out of pocket & feeling conned & trampled. Where's cust service? Where's the care? For a tech co tech service & support stinks with 0 care 4 the people that keep u there. Your CEO #RonanDunne has #IWill on Twitter. Feels like #IWont #O2
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Ivor Kellock

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“It’s common to say that trees come from seeds. But how could a tiny seed create a huge tree? Seeds do not contain the resources needed to grow a tree. These must come from the medium or environment within which the tree grows. But the seed does provide…
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Ivor Kellock

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and they're back! Sun had us all going! ;-)
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Ivor Kellock

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& the Tories from 2010 to 2015 doubled national best - this isn't an argument about left & right or Labour against Conservatives but time to challenge economic & political dogma where systemic failures continue to repeat because "the system is wrong & broken"

We need to focus on creating a sustainable real economy & curving financial speculation that destroys the real economy whilst hiding its failings........:-)
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Ivor Kellock

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Great work Mark thanks ;-)
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Ivor Kellock

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Mountain Ash Australia’s Tallest Tree Started From A Seed. Planting The Seeds To Sales Success By Odile Faludi, Starting Customer Conversations Specialist “It’s common to say that trees come from seeds. But how could a tiny seed create a huge tree? Seeds…
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Ivor Kellock

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Ivor Kellock

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Cambridge excludes Keynesians from conference on Keynes..
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yes true
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  • Google
    Adwords & online marketing, 2011 - 2011
  • Ecademy Social Media Conference
    Define your message Dominate your internet space Automate your messages Deciding on platforms Formulating online strategies, 2009 - 2009
  • Ashridge Business School Herts UK
    Leadership Mission & Values Process Management Communication People Management Team working Managing through difficult times, 2008 - 2009
  • Cordon Bleu School London
    Cuisine Basic, 2005 - 2005
  • St Georges School Harpenden
    8 O levels & 2 A levels, 1977 - 1984
  • Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs
    Mentorship, 2011 - 2011
  • Edge NLP
    Neuro Linguistic Programming, 2012 - 2012
  • Hootsuite
    Social Media Management, 2011 - 2011
  • Hubspot
    Internet Marketing, 2011 - 2011
  • S3
    Social Selling, 2012 - 2012
    Learning techniques & applying appropriate social tools to prospect & start revenue generating conversations using social media
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Hi and welcome to the profile page of Ivor Kellock !

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I've 7 years social media experience guiding others

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Sales, Marketing, Internet Presence & Social Media Guidance, Strategy, Planning, Training, Implementation

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community builder, social Networking, connecting People, Sales Process, Business Strategy. Business Planning, St Albans District Knowledge, Connecting Brands To People, Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, SEO, Social Media, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Web Marketing, Marketing, New Business Development, Market Research, Marketing Research, Public relations, Project Planning, Brand Management, Social Media Strategist, SMO, Market Planning, Corporate Branding, Retail, Strategic Financial Planning Video Marketing, Social Media Training, Article Marketing, Online Branding, Business Services, Pricing, Segmentation, New Business Generation, Creative Solutions, Organizational Culture, Helping Clients Succeed, Ethics, Open Minded, Free Thinking, Wholesale, New Hire Orientations, Financial Planning, Planning, Contemporary Art, Supportive, Print, Leaflets,
  • St Albans District News
    Founder, 2012 - present
    There is nothing more powerful than an educated electorate - bringing happier healthier viable communities together
  • Community Press Group
    Citizen Journalist, 2013 - present
    I am a recognised journalist having received training about - Reporting accurately & honestly hyper local to international news events Writing & publishing articles Internet marketing & social media distribution Health & Safety Recording official statements Receiving, documenting & storing official evidence Empowering local communities Member - National Association of Public Journalists
  • My Resident News
    Founder, 2014 - present
    Aggregating local news & distributing it locally so that residents are more informed about what matters to them. This stimulates discussion & debate to help inform local decision makers - Politicians, Councillors, Council Officers, Charities, Health, Education, Social, Emergency services. The judiciary, religious groups & individuals. Positive desired outcomes for a healthier, happier, more cohesive, sustainable local community
  • Sales Drive
    Partner, 2012 - 2014
    Sales Drive has developed out of the need for raising the profile & need of improving sales skills with SME's, start ups & large sales teams. We combine sales, marketing, business development, CRM, prospecting, repeat sales & client services to ensure sustainable revenue growth in any organisation We focus on coaching to improve skills - training remains a one size fits all approach - to improve teams you can only focus on individuals - quickly recognising gaps & empowering with kowledge & support to successful outcomes No one else is like you, the way you think & value others You are one in 7 billion which makes you exquisitely unique & perfect We focus on you as an individual recognising your strengths & supporting the gaps you want to be filled We will simplify for you helping you find easy to follow actions that achieve your desired outcomes We coach you evolving you into a great all round client onboarding specialist The only truly interactive sales & client onboarding consultancy that will bring you immediate results & return on investment Sales Drive is the definitive 'no brainer' street smart guide for achieving sales stardom Sales Drive is a complete sales coaching program & collaborative game - taking you on your selling skills journey to give you the abundance, happiness & success you desire Business building with Sales Skills Sales Prospecting - initially telephone cold calling, referral, mailshots, email marketing, networking, Social Media Sales Closing Skills - yes - sales closing skills training Sales Coaching - in the classroom & online with experienced sales professionals Sales Cycle Management - creating your unique sales planner Sales Presentations - Using leaflets & powerpoint & video & other powerful online tools Sales Forecasting - carried out from my sales planner Sales Director - we will bring resilience to your teams Solution Sales - coaching & rapid upskilling Sales Mentoring - provided for teams, individuals & industry groups
  • trainleaders
    Owner, 2009 - 2012
    trainleaders grew out of my increased use of social media & the success I had had promoting climate change issues & winning a competition that meant we had an animation shown repeatedly at the Copenhagen Climate change Summit in December 2009. We provided social media services introducing the concepts of what social media can do for organisations We focussed on coaching, training & campaigns
  • Whats On St Albans
    Partner, 2011 - 2012
    Helping to develop the presence of this great website for St Albans
  • Kellock Wealth Management
    Owner, 2006 - 2009
    Developing a client centric client focussed financial advisory wealth management practice that I sold.
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I have been using Shaun for a few years now - always on the money for price & quality - always has a smile - always gets the job done right - nuff said.......thank you ;-)
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Incredibly knowledgeable specialist friendly opticians - so much more than the norn. Consultants too! Highly recommended you will always feel comfortable & knowing all you need to know about your eyes once visited
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I have used Blitz on many occasions & they have always been extremely friendly & helpful, prompt on delivery when they have had to order parts in & competitive on price. Thank you
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