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great straightforward advice Delton tx ;-) Ivor
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Ivor Kellock

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The secret to juicing is to know which ingredients can help you lose weight successfully. Here are some basic tips on juicing for weight loss for beginners
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Ivor Kellock

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10 effective Marketing tips for real Estate Agents

Effective Marketing is essential for any Real Estate Agent to increase his or her client base...
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Ivor Kellock

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Facebook, Inc. Earnings: Another Monstrous Quarter?

Having beat analyst top-line estimates for six quarters in a row, investors are getting used to quite a show every time Facebook - reports quarterly results. Can investors expect similar excitement from Facebook tomorrow after market close when it releases its first-quarter figures? The answer is more likely than not.

Having beat analyst top-line estimates for six quarters in a row, investors are getting used to quite a show every time Facebook (NASDAQ: FB  ) reports quarterly results. Can investors expect similar excitement from Facebook tomorrow after market close when it releases its first-quarter figures? The answer is more likely than not.

From uncertainty to mobile domination

Going public with zero dollars of mobile ad revenue and a very large and growing mobile user base, Facebook stock initially faced skepticism from the Street: Could Facebook meaningfully monetize mobile? The skepticism sparked a sell-off that sent shares below $20.

But Facebook proved everyone wrong. Not only did the company monetize mobile, it monetized mobile better than anyone expected. At the close of last quarter, mobile ad revenue accounted for more than half of Facebook's total ad revenue. To illustrate just how impressive this gain is, consider the year-over-year changes in Facebook's most recent quarter: Despite total ad revenue growing 76%, mobile ad revenue as a percentage of total ad revenue grew from 23% in the year-ago quarter to 53% today. Of course the stock has followed suit. Shares now trade at about $63.

But can Facebook keep up this impressive transition to mobile for another quarter?

Analyst estimates

Based on the consensus analyst estimates for Facebook's first-quarter results, it looks like the company is set to report yet another monstrous year-over-year gain. Analysts expect revenue of $2.36 billion, up 62% from the year-ago quarter. While that figure comes in below Facebook's Q4 year-over-year top-line growth of 63%, Facebook has delivered upside surprises on revenue every quarter for a year and a half. Analysts expect EPS of $0.24, up from $0.12 last year.

Thanks to two near-term revenue levers, there's a good chance analysts expectations will play out handsomely.

First, Facebook's mobile momentum is driving accelerating growth rates in the company's ad revenue, which accounts for 90% of Facebook's total revenue. Just take a look at this chart tracking Facebook's year-over-year growth rates in ad revenue.

Given the momentum of big marketers shifting their ad spending budgets toward Facebook to capitalize on the mobile opportunity, it's likely that year-over-year ad revenue growth rates could accelerate in Q1 yet again.

The other lever? Higher pricing for mobile ads. Goldman Sachs' analyst Heather Bellini, who has a bullish $78 price target on Facebook stock, sees upside in Q1 thanks to favorable gains in ad pricing. Bellini's "field checks" pointed to year-over-year growth in ad pricing; this is surprising since she originally predicted a decline. Further, she also saw marketers' Facebook ad budgets expanding.

Bellini's observations make sense. After all, Facebook implemented efforts during the last month of the quarter to strengthen ad quality. Such a move not only would suggest Facebook is confident in the quarter's level of ad revenue, but it would also likely lead to higher pricing for ad products.

What should investors do heading into the earnings? While it's definitely likely that Facebook could surprise the Street, it's less certain what the market's reaction will be to the results. With such robust forward-looking assumptions priced into this hot growth stock, beating estimates is basically a prerequisite for Facebook in order to keep the Street happy. Given this risk, investors may be better off waiting to get a pulse check on Facebook's business by analyzing tomorrow's figures and management comments before they consider buying the stock. Predicting which way the stock will go after earnings tomorrow is a fool's errand -- fool with a lowercase "f."

What should current Facebook shareholders do? As long as there are no red flags when Facebook reports results, the best move would likely be to continue holding onto the business for the long haul. For the most part, Zuckerberg and Co. are firing on all cylinders.

Are you ready to profit from this $14.4 trillion revolution?

Let's face it, every investor wants to get in on revolutionary ideas before they hit it big. Like buying PC-maker Dell in the late 1980s, before the consumer computing boom. Or purchasing stock in e-commerce pioneer in the late 1990s, when it was nothing more than an upstart online bookstore. The problem is, most investors don't understand the key to investing in hyper-growth markets. The real trick is to find a small-cap "pure-play" and then watch as it grows in EXPLOSIVE lockstep with its industry. Our expert team of equity analysts has identified one stock that's poised to produce rocket-ship returns with the next $14.4 TRILLION industry.
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Ivor Kellock

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Tx for sharing +Meresha Cube - awesome ;-) Ivor
My first official single "Fool Don't Be" is available on iTunes!  Preview it below.

I wrote this song about 5 years ago as homage to Joss Stone.
It's developed a lot since and is a new version.  All the words, music and instruments on the song are by me.
Michael Fuller who mastered "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart put on the finishing touches #Meresha  
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Ivor Kellock

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tx +Randy Garcia ;-) Ivor
I'm dropping 5,000 VEES+ / 50,000,000 EAVES+ and tons of other good promos to make this the biggest share ever..

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Every business uses a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is the predetermined journey people are taken through before becoming your customer. It can also be referred to as a sales tunnel or sales pipeline.

A sales funnel aims to create effective, measurable and scalable strategies through each major stage in the buying cycle. This enables businesses to create a focused series of events that all point towards the primary objective of sales conversion.

It also allows businesses to ‘sell right’ – a modern twist on traditional sales and marketing practices – by building positive brand awareness and reputation, before qualifying leads.

Before discussing the components of a winning sales funnel, here is an infographic by 9clouds that provides an overview of what a typical sales funnel looks like...

Read full article:

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#Sales #Marketing #Business
Create a winning sales funnel and start turning more prospects to customers. Increase your bottom line by improving each aspect of your sales process.
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Ivor Kellock

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Dream With Open Eyes

The line between success and failure is drawn at the beginning with the germination of an idea and how you consider going about realizing the outcome.

Read the full post here:

I love this quote by T.E. Lawrence and the illustration by Gavin Aung brings it to life.  

Let me know what your favorite sites are for great illustrations like this one!

#smallbiz #strategy 
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Thanks +Ivor Kellock!
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Build Communities with Social Media | Find Exceptional clients with Social Media | Change Agent | Gap Finder & Filler | Prospecting Marketing Sales | Customer Service
community builder, social Networking, connecting People, Sales Process, Business Strategy. Business Planning, St Albans District Knowledge, Connecting Brands To People, Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, SEO, Social Media, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Web Marketing, Marketing, New Business Development, Market Research, Marketing Research, Public relations, Project Planning, Brand Management, Social Media Strategist, SMO, Market Planning, Corporate Branding, Retail, Strategic Financial Planning Video Marketing, Social Media Training, Article Marketing, Online Branding, Business Services, Pricing, Segmentation, New Business Generation, Creative Solutions, Organizational Culture, Helping Clients Succeed, Ethics, Open Minded, Free Thinking, Wholesale, New Hire Orientations, Financial Planning, Planning, Contemporary Art, Supportive, Print, Leaflets,
  • St Albans District News
    Founder, 2012 - present
    There is nothing more powerful than an educated electorate - bringing happier healthier viable communities together
  • Community Press Group
    Citizen Journalist, 2013 - present
    I am a recognised journalist having received training about - Reporting accurately & honestly hyper local to international news events Writing & publishing articles Internet marketing & social media distribution Health & Safety Recording official statements Receiving, documenting & storing official evidence Empowering local communities Member - National Association of Public Journalists
  • My Resident News
    Founder, 2014 - present
    Aggregating local news & distributing it locally so that residents are more informed about what matters to them. This stimulates discussion & debate to help inform local decision makers - Politicians, Councillors, Council Officers, Charities, Health, Education, Social, Emergency services. The judiciary, religious groups & individuals. Positive desired outcomes for a healthier, happier, more cohesive, sustainable local community
  • Sales Drive
    Partner, 2012 - 2014
    Sales Drive has developed out of the need for raising the profile & need of improving sales skills with SME's, start ups & large sales teams. We combine sales, marketing, business development, CRM, prospecting, repeat sales & client services to ensure sustainable revenue growth in any organisation We focus on coaching to improve skills - training remains a one size fits all approach - to improve teams you can only focus on individuals - quickly recognising gaps & empowering with kowledge & support to successful outcomes No one else is like you, the way you think & value others You are one in 7 billion which makes you exquisitely unique & perfect We focus on you as an individual recognising your strengths & supporting the gaps you want to be filled We will simplify for you helping you find easy to follow actions that achieve your desired outcomes We coach you evolving you into a great all round client onboarding specialist The only truly interactive sales & client onboarding consultancy that will bring you immediate results & return on investment Sales Drive is the definitive 'no brainer' street smart guide for achieving sales stardom Sales Drive is a complete sales coaching program & collaborative game - taking you on your selling skills journey to give you the abundance, happiness & success you desire Business building with Sales Skills Sales Prospecting - initially telephone cold calling, referral, mailshots, email marketing, networking, Social Media Sales Closing Skills - yes - sales closing skills training Sales Coaching - in the classroom & online with experienced sales professionals Sales Cycle Management - creating your unique sales planner Sales Presentations - Using leaflets & powerpoint & video & other powerful online tools Sales Forecasting - carried out from my sales planner Sales Director - we will bring resilience to your teams Solution Sales - coaching & rapid upskilling Sales Mentoring - provided for teams, individuals & industry groups
  • trainleaders
    Owner, 2009 - 2012
    trainleaders grew out of my increased use of social media & the success I had had promoting climate change issues & winning a competition that meant we had an animation shown repeatedly at the Copenhagen Climate change Summit in December 2009. We provided social media services introducing the concepts of what social media can do for organisations We focussed on coaching, training & campaigns
  • Whats On St Albans
    Partner, 2011 - 2012
    Helping to develop the presence of this great website for St Albans
  • Kellock Wealth Management
    Owner, 2006 - 2009
    Developing a client centric client focussed financial advisory wealth management practice that I sold.
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Harpenden Herts UK - Bucuresti Romania - Harpenden, St Albans - Sheffield UK - Bradford UK - Cape Town South Africa
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+44 7782193093
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Simplified New Client Acquisition | Revenue Growth | Discover Great New Choices with your social media team | More Clients More Sales More Revenue My network shares Leads Introductions & Knowledge Ivor Kellock 13000+ LinkedIn Endorsements

Hi and welcome to the profile page of Ivor Kellock !

It's not enough to be the best at what you do. You must be perceived as the only one who does what you do - Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead

Like to be interviewed on the Linked Local Radio & TV Network?

Get in touch with your inspiring life story or concept for a new radio show

I'll connect you with the appropriate show host - can't wait ;-)

We all have choices to make on a daily basis - overlapping, confusing complex choices

I can help you now

To simplify the choices you have

Support you in creating new easy to action choices

Help you decide which choice to make now considering immediate outcomes & consequences

That brings you your desired results simply

What is getting in the way of taking on new clients?

Complexity? Lack of action? Fear? Or?

Get in touch ;-) For simplified actions to bring you new clients & more revenue

With 29 years street smart & strategic sales & marketing experience I'll guide you to easy to action personal to dos creating agility, growth & certainty

Utilise the relationships you & I have & choose to cultivate them. Social media is a brilliant tool for this creating new opportunities

I've 7 years social media experience guiding others

Sharing, collaboration & partnership are at the very heart of who I am

I've advised 1000's during my life - all levels of seniority

How do your clients help you innovate & give real time feedback on your performance & products?

As a director looking at your available choices do the options & demands remain complex & confusing?

As a SMB/SME choose simpler choices to action for greater results!

This is how I can help you now!

Coaching you to your success

My unique set of skills help you create a path to your own choice!

I accept you as an individual who has unique needs & desires

Tying in your existing skills

I recognise your fears

I support you to make great choices right in this moment

My life experiences offer you valuable skills to propel your organisation forward

I provide simple solutions to unravel complex issues

I wish you health happiness & success


Specialties:CEO Buddy
Street Smart Sales Coaching
Sales Advice
Creating A Sales Plan
Fun Prospecting
Sales Process
Crafting Great Sales Messages
Integrating Sales + Marketing + Customer Service
Asking valuable questions => creating profitable answers
Getting things done
Google trained
Hootsuite certified
Hubspot Certified
Creating A Marketing Plan
Internet & Social Media Marketing
Email & Text Message Marketing
Offline Marketing

Are you In?

Sales, Marketing, Internet Presence & Social Media Guidance, Strategy, Planning, Training, Implementation

The basics of selling & sales have not changed for millennia - what has changed is how you prospect, how you engage & how your stay in touch with clients. 

Never has the marketing & communications playing field been so level, dynamic & exciting. It is possible as a business or charity to compete with organisations significantly larger than yourself – with much much bigger budgets than you have – to control an internet space for you.

Sales coaching creates your positive future with more income, more success & more confidence.

Internet Presence & 
Social Media Coaching Guides Your Future - a complete simplified social media answer

The internet & social media or the networked economy is now established & here to stay - it's part of our life & our future.

If you think the world is changing too fast, spare a thought for the Victorians, Romans or Bronze age peoples, this has always been a part of our lives as a species. Change that is - it is the only constant

Feeling left behind or unsure where you're at? We can quickly & simply show you how to learn, catch up & overtake your competition! 

Most importantly keep you in touch with current & future trends. We play with with all the new stuff leaving you time to focus on you, your business & your organisation.

Knowledge is power.

We are seasoned coaches & practitioners in the art & science that is making sales, marketing, internet marketing, social media, engagement happen. 

Based in St Albans Herts we are ideally placed to connect you to our rapidly shrinking, connected, barrier free world.

St Albans Herts leading the way in holistic marketing, internet presence & social media guidance, advice, implementation & training.

Reaching out around our world through social networks (on & offline) developing connections, forging relationships & making many new acquaintances, friends & collaborators we inadvertently stumble across a democratic consensual method of stewardship for our planet. Mutual empowerment whilst spreading joy ;-)

Sales = Web Presence + Engagement

Engagement = Creating Collaborative Conversations (CCC)

CCC = Leadership + Analysis + Engagement + Optimisation 

=>sales + talent + delivery + services + systems =>

Where can we help you?

If we all know 44 different people the entire planet is connected! thru 6 degrees of separation

Sales Drive - Traditional methods of working & communication are being abandoned. Our current ways don’t quite seem to work. The next way is here – we just need to learn how to use what's developing daily. 

What is it? Social Selling, Cloud computing, Smatphones, Internet marketing, Social media & tech savvy people of course.......!

The world is quickly changing & evolving, leaving behind all who choose not to engage & learn. Advertising, TV, Radio & the printed word are all struggling to survive changing their business model due to competition from the convergence of the spoken & written word, moving & static images; the internet, social media & mobile phones.

Individuals are driving conversation (content) not large organisations. The communications world is flattening out.

If you learn, master & utilise the internet, social media & mobile communications then at your fingertips you have the most powerful integrated engagement tools available to date.

For welcomed introductions, sales pipeline building, abandoned newsletters, increased visibility, customers coming to you, tracking customer changes, flowing information updates, publicity, PR, fund raising & recruitment please give us a call today to find out how we can add value to your organisation.

Sales = Web Presence + Engagement

Engagement = Creating Collaborative Conversations (CCC)

CCC = Leadership + Analysis + Engagement + Optimisation 

=>sales + talent + delivery + services + systems =>

Where can we help you?

Social Wealth Management -
sustaining, growing & protecting long-term community & family wealth. A Combination of business consultancy, mentoring, financial advice, legal services, raising finance & communication. With consideration of human rights, culture, education, health, environment, governance & economics.

We look forward to working closely with you

Wishing you every success & may 2012 be your Olympic year

  • Google
    Adwords & online marketing, 2011 - 2011
  • Ecademy Social Media Conference
    Define your message Dominate your internet space Automate your messages Deciding on platforms Formulating online strategies, 2009 - 2009
  • Ashridge Business School Herts UK
    Leadership Mission & Values Process Management Communication People Management Team working Managing through difficult times, 2008 - 2009
  • Cordon Bleu School London
    Cuisine Basic, 2005 - 2005
  • St Georges School Harpenden
    8 O levels & 2 A levels, 1977 - 1984
  • Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs
    Mentorship, 2011 - 2011
  • Edge NLP
    Neuro Linguistic Programming, 2012 - 2012
  • Hootsuite
    Social Media Management, 2011 - 2011
  • Hubspot
    Internet Marketing, 2011 - 2011
  • S3
    Social Selling, 2012 - 2012
    Learning techniques & applying appropriate social tools to prospect & start revenue generating conversations using social media
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I have been using Shaun for a few years now - always on the money for price & quality - always has a smile - always gets the job done right - nuff said.......thank you ;-)
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Incredibly knowledgeable specialist friendly opticians - so much more than the norn. Consultants too! Highly recommended you will always feel comfortable & knowing all you need to know about your eyes once visited
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11 reviews
I have used Blitz on many occasions & they have always been extremely friendly & helpful, prompt on delivery when they have had to order parts in & competitive on price. Thank you
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago