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And it turns out I was right: Backify was too good to be true.

I just got an email that they are no longer a reseller of LiveDrive and you even don't have access to the your backups. The irony is off course that yesterday my hard drive crashed and I had a backup of all my ebooks on it...

Anyway here's the email LiveDrive send me:

Dear Ivo Flipse

We are writing to you regarding BACKIFY.COM who you recently created an online backup account with.

BACKIFY.COM was a reseller of Livedrive ( Livedrive provided the technology and service behind the product offered to you by BACKIFY.COM.

We are writing to inform you that BACKIFY.COM is no longer a Livedrive reseller and the services that they purchased from our company on your behalf have been terminated. If you are using a service provided by BACKIFY.COM and powered by Livedrive then this service will now have stopped working.

We would also like to advise you that we have received a number of complaints about BACKIFY.COM from their customers and from industry organizations. We would like to advise you not to provide any credit card information to BACKIFY.COM. If you have provided credit card information to BACKIFY.COM then we would suggest contacting your card provider and informing them that your card may be used fraudulently. If BACKIFY.COM have charged your card for services not provided you should contact your card provider and ask them to initiate a chargeback procedure.

Please note that this advisory is being sent to you in good faith because we feel you should be informed that BACKIFY.COM is no longer a Livedrive reseller and of the complaints we have become aware of. No contract exists between yourself and Livedrive and we are not able to assist further in any dispute you may have with BACKIFY.COM.

If you have installed the online backup software provided by BACKIFY.COM we highly recommend you uninstall it from your computer by following the steps below:

On Windows:
Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs (or ‘Programs and settings’), select Livedrive and select uninstall.

On Mac:
Go to Finder > Applications and delete the Livedrive application.

Please note that any data you backed up using BACKIFY.COM cannot be retrieved and we recommend you establish an alternative backup service immediately.

Livedrive does provide a very similar online backup service to the one provided by BACKIFY.COM and you can read more details and, if you wish, signup for a trial on our website at Please note however that we do not provide a free service as BACKIFY.COM did.

Other online backup vendors you may wish to consider include:

We are sorry for the inconvenience this situation may have caused you.

Kind Regards

Livedrive Limited
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And this is why you should always stick with reputable companies for backups.

I use Dropbox since I have less than 50GB of files needing backup. I'd use Carbonite or Mozy otherwise, or backup to Amazon or Dreamhost.
I'm glad I did have actual copies of all the important files, so its not a major loss. Though not giving users a chance to download there files isn't particularly nice of LiveDrive.

I love my Dropbox, but I simply want an online backup. I already started looking at Amazon S3, if I can live with a lower redundancy, the pricing is pretty decent.
Ouch, bad story.

I've been using CrashPlan ( and they are really very good. Their free client software allows you to make automated backups between your computers, or even to friends' computers. Or, pay $3/month for unlimited hosted backup if your own computers aren't safe enough.

This works fantastically. I have had opportunity to restore from the service, and it worked flawlessly.
just got the same thing. I don't know who's right or wrong here, but i will most probably never use any of these companies again. it's weird that it's livedrive sent me this email and not backify themselves. besides how do they even know my email address?
Carbonite is utter shit, they throttle your upload speed to 100kbps so it takes like 2 years to backup 1TB of data.

Two other great services are JungleDisk and CrashPlan.
Backblaze is great, as is Arq if you're on a Mac and want to go to S3...
I'm using CrashPlan to backup 6 computers for more than 2 TB of data.

They just had an outage, a faulty network connection to one of their datacenters. And well, they managed the crisis very very well, keeping us informed all the time. I trust CrashPlan more then before, sometimes crises are good.

Be aware Backblaze doesn't backup everything right on Mac. resource forks are ignored as well as extended attributes (metadata, tags). CrashPlan does that right as well as Arq.

And as always, the cloud shouldn't be your only backup.
Saw this off HN so wanted to comment. Been using Backblaze ( -- yeah shameless referral plug ;) ) for about 2 years now. Love it. Have almost 300 GB of data stored and works seamlessly. Also use SpiderOak and Dropbox for minor non-critical stuff.
This is terrible! I've been using Dropbox for a few years and can't live without it - Tried JungleDisc but moved to Backblaze recently and would highly recommend both. Sorry you got burned dude : /
Thanks for sharing the LiveDrive email, Ivo -- in my experience, the tone of this letter indicates an apparently terse relationship between Backify and LD. After investing no small amount of effort and wheelbarrows of cash to rectify the situation, one of my Ingk ventures chose to abruptly terminate services for RecycleBank, a poorly run NY startup stocked with plenty of cash and nary a single brain across the entire management team. Shortly after we terminated our services to their members for cause (breach of contract), the VC behind them cleaned house -- firing the founder, CTO, chief rewards officer (whatever the hell that is), and "president". Sounds like Backify was stocked with talentless noobs or worse.
Well I'm comparing some of the options, like Backblaze, Crashplan and even LiveDrive. But its really hard to make a good comparison without actually trying them. I'm most concerned about getting a 'safe' backup location for my photo's (100 Gb), music (150 Gb) and ebooks/study material (100 Gb).

Sadly, due to the floods in Thailand it may actually be cheaper to get either of these services as a redundancy plan, rather than putting several terabytes worth of drives in my computer.

Either way, I guess I'll have to try one of these services until I get my hard drive replaced.

PS: Many thanks for all the suggestions and other comments!
Eddie N
Sorry about that +Ivo Flipse :(

The moral of the story: when using such a service, it should be a backup, not the backup. One of many backups that you make, not the one and only backup.
Yep. A backup without a backup is not really a backup, or how the plan B becomes the plan A and needs a new plan B.
Soonr is a great online backup and storage solution that few people have heard of. It's like DropBox but they specifically focus on small to medium sized businesses!
It would appear to me that LiveDrive is the shady player here:

"Your customers are your customers
As a Livedrive reseller, your customers remain your own. We will never contact your customers for any reason."

I think it would be best to avoid both LiveDrive and Backify. Also the LiveDrive for Resellers sounds too good to be true and makes me think they terminated Backify because LiveDrive couldn't afford/backup their unlimited backups claim to Backify for $60 per month.

Ivo, you may have been right the Backify was too good to be true... but that I believe was because they based their services on LiveDrive's too good to be true services.
Backify has answered on their website. For the record and if it's gone tomorrow, here goes:

LiveDrive Account Closures
As all Backify members know now, LiveDrive has closed all the accounts. We would like to clear the situation up with our customers.

As many of you know, you were unable to change/reset your password for the last 10 days or so. This was due to an error in the LiveDrive API. We made multiple contacts with LiveDrive through email and phone to get this sorted out. Their tech support kept us saying that their "dev team" is working on it. But the "dev team" could not sort out the issue in 10 days.

Apart from this, their payment system failed on November 8. What that means is, we could not create any more new accounts, because their payment system kept declining all of our credit cards. Again, we contacted LiveDrive multiple times, but they could not sort out the issue in over 7 days.

We contacted them again yesterday and protested with strong words about the delay in providing a solution to our problems. We asked them to either resolve the issues, or to close our account and refund us. They responded today by terminating our reseller account and all the accounts we have created.

As for the email they sent to our customers, we assure you that you do not have to worry about your credit cards being used fraudulently. We did not store your credit card numbers in our system. And about the payments that you have already made, we will refund all of them over the next few business days. You do not need to file any disputes or chargebacks with PayPal or your bank.

Quite interesting, sound like drama on all sides!
AGAIN, LiveDrive appears to be the Shady vendor after violating what they state: "As a Livedrive reseller, your customers remain your own. We will never contact your customers for any reason." REPEAT: "We will never contact your customers for any reason."
Just another reason to stick with open software and a LARGE storage provider (personally I like Arq ( + Amazon s3)..
I don't think I'll ever trust LiveDrive. Either they terminated Backify because they have similar backup services or there was in-fighting that we don't know of. In the end, the user/customer lost.
I got that same email aswell, very unsatisfied with LD now. I was even concidering becoming a reseller... Looks like that is a huge waste of time now. Still don't know how they can manage "unlimited" backup plans for such a low cost. And how come so many customers are so unsatisfied with their support ? Why is it that so many customers finds out when they are going to recover the backup that under 30% of their backup actually got retrieved back ? So pissed, when Livedrive has a huge potential and so many customers. It's not looking good for LD. When everyone finds out that if you need your backup.. it turns out... it is not backed up after all.... Someone knows about another good backup company ?
only 1 copy of your data ? risky boy ^^ best value is 2 offline (DVD/ own HD) + 2 online (on the cloud or on your own server)
i crypt my backup online thanks to a commandline and i'm quiet ;)
+Tim Post I did have a copy of my most important files and was planning to buy 2*3 Tb drives. Sadly due to the floods the prices went up with 300% so I held it off.

I did get a replacement disk and am hoping for an RMA repair on the broken disk, so I should at least be able to back things up twice to be safe.

It also the whole problem was caused by the Sandy Bridge motherboard S-ATA bug, so I actually have an even larger problem: no computer as long as my motherboard is in for RMA...
So does anyone have any concerns about data that LD has now. Anyone have assurance that the data was in fact deleted? I'm concerned that my data is "out there" somewhere still. And if it wasn't deleted there's the chance of it being obtained by others.
+Jonathan Hyland dunno any customer which visited every datacenter of his old backup provider and controlled their batch, their tapes and so on..........................
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