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Ivo Bozic
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Darling fascist bullyboy,
If you do exist God, could you give us back Rik Mayall in exchange for Justin Beiber & Nikki Minaj. I know the talent swap isn't fair but you owe us for the shit you have given us recently .. you bastard.
May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman.
Signed .. The population of the world
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Ivo Bozic

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Best gif ever!

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I don't think they're invited.
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Tis the season for the xmas office parties.
May your office party be this awesome!
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Ivo Bozic

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How many of you have done your xmas shopping yet?
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+Wafaa H I thought it was because you were a jew
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So the 70's rang & said "Dude, we want our Mo back!" I said "Hell no 70's .. Donate to the cause or the Mo goes!"
This is the 1st year I'm joining to help raise money for the Movemver cause. If you want to see the Mo remain, donate a little or alot :D
If i get over $500 .. i'll keep the Mo for another month, over $1000 .. i'll keep it for good!
#movember   #movember2013  
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Ivo Bozic

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5, 13, 18
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Aaaaaa I see
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Ivo Bozic

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Seems I won the Google url lotto!
Check your email account associated with your Google account. You need to check a box or 2 to confirm your custom url...
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Its 2:27 am here now
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At work .. Sharing for later viewing ..
Reef Life of the Andaman - THE WHOLE THING!

Here is my DVD about the marine life of Thailand and Burma in its entirety.

It's almost 2 hours long and on a computer is best watched in a big window or full screen at 720p (set under the "cog" at the lower right). Marine life names, dive site names and the narration are available under the "CC" button in multiple languages.

This was a labour of love for me that took over a thousand dives to film, spanning more than 5 years, followed by many months in post-production. If you enjoy it, please like, comment or share here and/or on YouTube.

#marinelife #scubadiving #underwater #underwaterthursday  
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Ivo Bozic

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Very nice!
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Ivo Bozic

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This is how i always picture a perfect xmas ..
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Ivo Bozic

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Its that time of year year again lads. If you forgot about what the true  meaning of xmas is .. let me remind you ..
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Ivo Bozic

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Thor - The Dark World
Penning in November 9 saturday night for a date at the movies ..
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From the scrapbook pics I ..
  • .. am a nerd & love all things Sci-Fi/Fantasy ..
  • .. love to hate all things Apple ..
  • .. love my diving ..
  • .. love my diving some more ..
  • .. don't mind a good coffee!
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I once pulled off the jedi mind trick .. does it still count if they were blonde?
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This Amazing Star Wars Fan Film Is Ruined By Australians

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