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Sitrep of Nanjing Connection Cell: Plan of Changzhou BAF


2 agents went to Danyang and Jiangyin to hack keys.
At about 9 am, Team 1 reached LongBeishan Forest Park in Yixing to hack anchor keys. Portal name: [山顶双龙首]. Unfortunately they got the wrong portal. They rushed to the correct location. After a long-distance hiking, 10:30am,they found the right one, whose name is [右龙尾]. And found delicious shrimp stores at the bottom of the mountain. Agents had a good meal afterwards. 
11:00, Changzhou team cleared the first block link and captured [交通先行]. 3 mins later, some ENL cleared the block themselves by destroying the portal[纳凉小亭]. They went to Changzhou North Railway Station afterwards. 
11:53, Changzhou team reached [江南人民公社] to clear blocks. They linked from the portal to [火炬之光],which is a portal in the city to misguide the ENL. They patiently waited to Jarvis the portal to clear the block they made.
12:00,Team 2 reached [长江之星高尔夫俱乐部]. Meanwhile at 12:35, Team 1 jarvised [杨桥古镇] to clear the blocks when they are on their way to JIangyin.
13:09,Changzhou team went to clear the area around Changzhou North Railway Station. And Team 2 choose to standby at Jiangyin when confirmed that Danyang and Changzhou is safe.
1322, One team of ENL agents appeared in Liyang. Cleared the blue lines from Liyang to Yixing. Somehow our enemies helped us again. After about ten mins, they built some long links. Fortunately that didn’t affect our plan.
14:12, Team1 and Team 2 gathered and exchanged keys. Team 1 rushed to Yixing.
14:35, Team 2 standby at [长江之星高尔夫俱乐部]in JIangyin.
14:36, Portal [总前委旧址] established and upgraded in Danyang.
14:40, Team 1 go to Jarvis Portal[山上有座庙] on their way to Yixing to get rid of blocks. Found that the portal was surrounded by rain water. Agent ksww1986 got stuck in the mud and got his shoes wet. But finally they managed to clear it. Meanwhile, Team 2 also used Jarvis to rebuild the portal长江之星高尔夫俱乐部] to immune the same action by the ENL. 5 mins later, Changzhou Team went to [火炬之光] and used an ADA on it. 
14:52, Team 2 linked from Jiangyin, [长江之星高尔夫俱乐部] to Danyang, [丹阳水仙酒店门口的大石狮、锦轩华庭]. 5 mins later, Team 1 separated to go to Portal[宜兴市汽车客运站] and Longbeishan Forest Park after they cleared the blocks.
15:08, Team 2 linked from Jiangyin [长江之星高尔夫俱乐部] to Yixing [右龙尾]. After 1 mins ,the ENL appeared in Yixing, [宜兴市汽车客运站].
15:13, Changzhou team jarvised [火炬之光] to remove the block. 3 mins later, Team 1 linked Yixing, l[宜兴市汽车客运站] to Danyang, [丹阳水仙酒店门口的大石狮、锦轩华庭] and Jiangyin, [长江之星高尔夫俱乐部], the first BAF established.
15:22,Team 1 had to abandoned one of their plan because the Changzhou Team built a short link when clearing the portal [江南人民公社],which made the link from Yixing[張師橋廣場噴泉] to Danyang unavailable. 2 mins later, they tried to create another CF before next CP by linking from [山上凉亭], also abandoned the plan because they are running out of time. At the same time, The ENL destroyed their BAF by attacking the portal [宜兴市汽车客运站]
15:29, Team 1 linked from Yixing, [右龙尾] to Danyang, [丹阳水仙酒店门口的大石狮、锦轩华庭],Rebuilt the BAF. 2 mins later, Team 2 linked from Portal[万达广场二楼雕塑、江阴万达广场一号门雕塑], increased 2 CFs. They continued to build multiple CFs from Jiangyin by using [The Water Tower of Liyon Cotto、中国裳岛 、曹云码头图].
15:44, Team 1 reunited at Longwei spot.
16:26, Team 1 linked from [右龙尾] to Danyang, [总前委旧址]. Meanwhile, Team 2 continued to build multiple CFs from Jiangyin by using [江阴.南京银行石狮子、朝陽古驛、文明、焰火红球、徐霞客游记].
16:44, The ENL created some futile long links around Longwei.

Basically this plan is carried out well. Somehow some accident made some part of the plan unavailable, thanks to the Nanjing multiple BAF plan is perfect and which made us to win the CC war.





8:40 第一小队到达龙背山森林公园宜兴刷KEY[山顶双龙首](此处省略三百字。)
9:58 发现摸错Portal了,紧急赶往正确的Portal!!!

10:30 第一小队找了半天,翻山越岭总算到达正确的Portal,刷KEY[右龙尾]

11:00 常州小队清理第一处附近阻挡link,占领Portal[交通先行]以及附近几个。
11:03 有绿军三人组帮我们打掉常州Portal[纳凉小亭],去除了几个阻挡link,后赶往常州北站附近,目标不明。
11:53 常州小队到达Portal[江南人民公社]附近清理阻挡link,为了干扰绿军,link一条回市区Portal[火炬之光],计划到时间再毒Portal[火炬之光],清理阻挡。
12:00 第二小队到达江阴Portal[长江之星高尔夫俱乐部],
12:35 第一小队赶往江阴途中去毒Portal[杨桥古镇],去除阻挡link。
13:09 常州小队去清理常州高铁北站附近
13:16 确认丹阳和常州不需要支援后第二小队在江阴留守。
13:22 溧阳出现又一支绿军小队,打掉了溧阳到宜兴的蓝阻挡,再次感谢绿军帮忙。(本来以为这也无所谓,因为连到宜兴的那几个蓝Portal本来也是需要毒的,后来发现这一举动真是帮了大忙,因为我们没有时间按计划一层一层的拉!!!)
13:39 溧阳绿军小组做了几个长link,但不影响我们的计划
14:12 第一小队和第二小队汇合换KEY完毕,赶回宜兴。
14:35 第二小队在江阴Portal[长江之星高尔夫俱乐部]待命。
14:36 丹阳起Portal[总前委旧址]。
14:40 第一小队回宜兴途中毒Portal[山上有座庙],去除阻挡link,发现Portal被淹了,ksww1986前往途中陷入泥潭,鞋子全湿,但最终完成任务。

14:41 第二小队毒江阴Portal[长江之星高尔夫俱乐部]并重新建造,防御绿军病毒。
14:46 常州小队去Portal[火炬之光]待命毒Portal。
14:52 第二小队从江阴Portal[长江之星高尔夫俱乐部]link到丹阳Portal[丹阳水仙酒店门口的大石狮、锦轩华庭]
14:57 第一小队清理完阻挡link分头赶往Portal[宜兴市汽车客运站]和龙背山森林公园。
15:08 第二小队从江阴Portal[长江之星高尔夫俱乐部]link到宜兴Portal[右龙尾]。
15:09 Portal[宜兴市汽车客运站]出现绿军小组。
15:13 常州小队毒掉Portal[火炬之光],去除阻挡link。
15:16 第一小队从宜兴Portal[宜兴市汽车客运站]link丹阳Portal[丹阳水仙酒店门口的大石狮、锦轩华庭]和江阴Portal[长江之星高尔夫俱乐部],第一个大Control Field成功。
15:22 第一小队前往宜兴Portal[張師橋廣場噴泉]发现无法link到丹阳,检查地图,原来是常州小队在清理Portal[江南人民公社]时做了一个小link挡住了,放弃。
15:24 第一小队赶往宜兴Portal[山上凉亭]尝试在CP前再拿一层Control Field,但是时间不够,任务失败。
15:24 绿军小人组打掉了宜兴Portal[宜兴市汽车客运站],去除了第一小队拉的第一个Control Field。
15:29 第一小队分队从宜兴Portal[右龙尾]link丹阳Portal[丹阳水仙酒店门口的大石狮、锦轩华庭]再次做成Control Field。(时间掐的真是太紧了)
15:31 第二小队从江阴Portal[万达广场二楼雕塑、江阴万达广场一号门雕塑]两个Portal再做两层Control Field。
15:46 第二小队从江阴Portal[The Water Tower of Liyon Cotto、中国裳岛 、曹云码头图]继续做多重。

15:44 第一小队全部人员在龙尾景区门口碰头。
16:26 第一小队从宜兴Portal[右龙尾]link丹阳Portal[总前委旧址]。
16:26 第二小队继续从江阴Portal[江阴.南京银行石狮子、朝陽古驛、文明、焰火红球、徐霞客游记]等等继续做多重。
16:44 发现绿军小组在龙尾附近拉了几个长link。
17:00 活动结束,商议聚餐。

本次计划基本实行成功,但是由于一些意外没能完成预计的30多层的Control field。还好南京总部的超大多重Control field实施顺利,使得本区域的比分大幅度领先。

1, 千万要找对Portal!!!
2, 千万要找对Portal!!!
3, 千万要……找对Portal!!!
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