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Ivaylo Gogov
.. този, който гледа с очите на сърцето си, вижда всичко ...
.. този, който гледа с очите на сърцето си, вижда всичко ...
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Useful free addon - Smart Cursor! 
Another useful free addon : "smart cursor" (snap cursor to vertices, edges, faces, grid...) from Cédric Lepiller.

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They did it!!!
#3DtoAll can make you crazy! Now, this is available to shift your scenes and setup from Max and Vray to #blender3d inlcuding Cycles and BI, #cinema4D, #maya!!! Super Cool check it out!!!

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First Render with our Nature Assets in #b3d Cycles using three different Ground Assets and mix Uhr with particle setup
JLE Studios Amsterdam
#blender3d #nature 

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#blender3D #add-on

Yusuf Umar with his great add-on!
Check it out!
After one 1+ year of development, I present you yPanel, addon that helped me create characters with realtime materials. It contains many tools from layer manager, baking tools, and many more.

yPanel Github:
yPanel BA thread:

yPanel guide videos:
2.Paint Slots:
3.Material Override:
4.Bake Tools:

This addon is free but currently only support Blender Internal and Blender Game. If you want to help further development or perhaps like my artworks, you can support me on my Patreon:

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Last preview of my next addon. It will be called yPanel.

With yPanel material override, you can mask your materials to see only its diffuse, specular, or normal value. It can also do matcap with normal map!

Btw, this addon should be out by tomorrow. :)
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#blender #particles #CGCOOKIE

CGcookie with really useful tip again, this time - particle flow - simulation along a curve in curve in blender!

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Jan Hamernik created some really good looking HMIs using Blender.

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#blender3d #vfx

Jan Hamernik uses Blender to create some awesome stuff. Enjoy

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