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Ivar Choi Espedalen
Works at The social service. I'm a Social Worker with a Master degree in Community Work, Google+ user, open minded, like discussing various topics, love to listening to music. Always open for making new friends. Like to hangout on G+. Time zone: GMT +1 (+2 European "Summer time")
Attended Bergen University College
Lives in Bergen, Norway
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Are you a new Google user or interested in Google+?
This is a post from +martin shervington which is worth to read or to take a closer look at if you are a new Google+ user and want to get a grasp of what Google+ has to offer.

+martin shervington

#googleplustips #googleplus #gplustips #googleplustipsandtricks #tipsfornewbies #evang+ #evang #worthtoread
The Power of Google Plus. (NEW SUPER BLOG!)
This is very VISUAL and FUN article describing my personal journey of building relationships on and off line, all through Google+
There are also LOADS of tips on how to AMPLIFY your own content/story.
#googleplustips   #relationships  
The article includes the themes...
You cannot outsource relationships
"There is nothing more conceited that quoting yourself", Martin Shervington
It's not the thing, it's what you do with the thing.
And much more!
If you are keen to use social media for marketing then Google+ will connect you to the right people with whom you want to build relationships.
martin shervington's profile photoHelloTanya Gregory's profile photo
Thank you +Ivar Choi Espedalen! Hope the family are all doing well mate :)
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Are you interested in Google and Google's services?
Do you use Google Keep?

This is a post regarding a little nice Google Keep update which may be of your interest.


#google #googlekeep #googleupdates #keep #keepupdate #googleservices
#googleupdate #tipoftheday #tipsfornewbies

Google Keep just got a little easier. If you add new images with text in Keep, search now finds printed text within those image so you can find what you're looking for even quicker. A new 'Trash' view in your Keep drawer comes in handy in case you delete something by mistake (where you'll now have an extra 7 days before it's permanently gone). And for the list-makers, your checked items now automatically move to the bottom of your lists so you can easily see what still needs to get done.

Try Keep today on the web (, on Android ( and on Chrome (
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Yes +Sean Guenther keep is a nice feature/service indeed. It is probably one of my most used "mini apps". :O)
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Here´s the direct link for tomorrow´s live event. Tune in at 8 pm GMT / 4 pm EDT for an unforgettable soulful live experience with the amazing HIGH RED! Tomorrow!

#artistsintheplus   #intheplus   #intheplusmarch2014   #intheplusbiblioteketbar   #biblioteketbar   #countdown   #countdownbegins   #highred   #liveevents  
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The spring has finally
This is some mobile phone photos of Ulriken mountain , Bergen , Norway, today, 24.03.2014.

You can read more about Ulriken mountain and Bergen city here;
Ulriken mountain
Visit Bergen
Visit Norway - Bergen


#bergen #bergensiana #bergennorway #norway #norge #ulriken #ulrikenmountain #hordaland #scandinavia #norgerundt #mobilephonephoto #bergencity #norgerundt #statusupdate #statusupdates #statusoppdatering #statusoppdateringer #spring #springphotos 
Ivar Choi Espedalen's profile photoKandkaye Thomas's profile photoyves montand's profile photo
Hehehe. .. yes "Spring indeed" :O)
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Are you a new Google+ user? Are you interested in Google or social media in general?
If you answered yes to these questions, then, this is a Hangout on Air show, which may be worth to watch.
This is +Dan McDermott's
Google Plus Week episode from last friday.
If you are interested in Google+ or social media, this is a HOA show which I recommend.

#Googleplus #gplus #googleplusweek #gplusweek #googleplusweekshow #hangoutonair #hoa #tipsfornewbies #socialmedia #gpw #tips #recommendation

LIVE VIDEO: Google Plus Week 3/14/2014 (Please comment!) 

0:00:45 •  Welcome the panel

Google and Google+

•  New Google+ Link format 
•  Complete with broken API

•  New Google Search results page 
•  Which not everyone likes:
•  Save more with Google Drive 
•  Google Drive adds add-ons 
•  Google Wallet tap-to-pay for KitKat and up
•  Phishing page hosted on Google: A true dog-bites-man scam
•  Google Glass shows trailers when you look at a movie poster

Other News

•  You can actually help look for the missing plane with current radar
•  25 years of the World Wide Web’s invention 
•  Windows XP support ends April 8
•  Elon Musk Takes His Fight Right to Chris Christie
•  New Study Shows Instagram And Snapchat Beating Twitter Among Teens And Young Adults
•  Sprint Chairman wants to bring 200mbps to your home wirelessly


•  Idaho hockey fans suing after discovering 'small' and 'large' cups held same amount of beer
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Have him in circles
28,806 people
Are you interested in Google Glass or Google in general?
This is a post which may be worth to read if you are interested in Google Glass.
(and living in the US....)

+Google Glass

#googleglass #glass #glassexplorers #google #tipsfornewbies #tipoftheday
Welcome to our new Explorers! All spots in the Explorer Program have been claimed for now, but if you missed it this time, don’t worry. We’ll be trying new ways to expand the Explorer program in the future. You can sign up below to stay updated. That's all for now, folks.
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This is a well written post
from +Giselle Minoli which is worth to read!
Equal pay for equal work , is a goal many countries should strive to achieve.
Equal pay for equal education degree as well....
From my point of view this is also the case within various professions in the health and social sector or the education sector in general....

+Giselle Minoli

#women #men #gender #equality #diversity #equalpayforequalwork #equalpayforequaleducation
#salary #society #workpolicy #policy #politics #worthtoread
Dear Men of Google+:

I've been on G+ since the second week of its existence, and from the very beginning I've felt welcomed by men on this platform. This was eye-opening, because, as a writer of literary nonfiction, some of which explores social, cultural and political issues that affect the lives of women (in which I'm naturally interested given that my father died when I was young, and my mother became a working mom within 24 hours), I'd always been warned to stay away from anything on social media that could ignite the dreaded fear of feminism - you know, all that ooga booga booga about politics and religion at the dinner table.

Stay away, for instance, from raising the issue that it's 2014, but women still make, on average, only 77 cents for every dollar that a man earns.

But G+ is a long table at which interesting people talk about things that are important to them, and I have had the continual pleasure of meeting scores of men here who are just as concerned about and interested in issues that effect women as they are in issues that affect men...primarily, I assume, because they know that life cannot be harmonious, happy and healthy when major issues throw life out of serious balance for one of the human two genders walking Mother Earth.

These men have mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and daughters about whom they care and their concern for their well being is evident when I post about how education, employment opportunities, healthcare, and religious and cultural beliefs that affect the women they love. Often the most interesting conversation comes from men who are concerned that women are still fighting for equality.

So...consider this my open letter to you men, some of whom are married to women in the work force, some of whom are fathers to daughters going through school and dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up, some of whom are brothers to women who have decided to take a risk and start their own businesses after years of working for someone else, some of whom may have been, like me, the child of a working mother and who watched her struggle to get a raise, who watched her have to pay higher interest rates for her mortgage, her car loan and her credit cards - because she was a credit risk - some of whom may witness on a day-to-day basis something that makes life less than equal for the women your the workplace.

You might be aware of a woman who is absolutely qualified for a promotion and she needs a champion. You could be that champion. You might be aware that a woman is not getting paid what she should be paid, and you could speak up on her behalf. You might work with a woman whose title does not befit her actual role, and you could help her shape her argument for one that does reflect her contribution. You may know a woman who could use a mentor in your organization. You could be that mentor.

When I was growing up I watched as my older brother was essentially surrounded by older male mentors, who brought him into their businesses, who mentored him, who coached him, who were there for him after our father died. This is often not the case for young women, because even though the work force is now growing with the talents of women, those women are still working in less skilled positions, rather than in high level management positions where they can act as mentors to emerging women.

I was captivated before the Winter Olympics by the story of Jessica Jerome, who told her father when she was in second grade that she wanted to be a ski jumper, and his initial reaction was that he didn't want his daughter getting hurt. But her ambition, her talent and her perseverance eventually won him over and her father, Peter, ultimately became her champion, spending ten years fighting for the right for women to compete as ski jumpers in the Olympics.

I was particularly interested in this story because Peter Jerome is a pilot for Delta, and aviation is yet another field where there are few women (only 6%). As a general aviation private pilot, every week I find myself asking, "Where are the women pilots?"

I don't blame Peter Jerome for not getting actively involved championing something that affects women until he was confronted with having to help his own daughter. I don't blame him because I think that Father/Son bond and mentorship is something that women have not had access to because not every mother works outside of the home, or wants to work outside of the home, and that is a choice I respect.

But...for the young woman who does need that mentorship, step out, won't you? And help us change the sad fact that in 2014 women still only make .77cents on each dollar that a man earns.

Think about what it would mean for the emotional and psychological health of boys and girls raised together if they knew their work "worth" were equally valued. If your daughters could dream as big as your sons. If the challenges that face your wives and daughters only relate to their willingness to roll up their sleeves and work hard, but not some invisible ceiling above which they will never be allowed to climb, the stratosphere in which the pay is stellar.

Think about what our economy would be like if men and women worked toward the same goal of parity and mutual respect.

Think about the things that are hard to imagine: how such parity would affect peace, economic growth, our individual and collective physical health. Think about the businesses that would be created.

Think about what it would be like to live and work in a country where women and men make equal pay for equal work.

Think about the smiles on the faces of your wives. Think about how it will shift the conversations you will have with your daughters about their futures. Think about how it will shift virtually...everything!

For good order's sake, below is the link to the most recent article about this issue, which inspired this post:

Thanks so much for reading.


chris coughran's profile photo
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Are you a woman? Are you interested in feminism or womens physical and psychological health?
If you answered yes to one of these questions, this video clip should be of your interest, and worth to take a closer look at!;
"Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women - Trailer"

This may be a sensitive topic for somebody, but It will raise some important questions around normality, our and the fashion industry's views on deviant body shapes, and what's healty or not...

If you found this video  interesting you shoulld also read this news article:
"Most runway models meet the BMI criteria for anorexia', claims plus-size magazine in powerful comment on body image in the fashion industry" :
This news article is also relevant for both men and women, and it may give you something to think about. And it probably will raise some (new) questions about our fashion and our entertainment industry.

You may also want to take a look at this Hangout on Air  discussion, called "Speech club" , from +Christa Laser :
Speech Club - 1

All of these links This should also be interesting if you are interested in topics regarding preconceptions, cultural differences, "cultural feminism", feminism, gender roles, gender stereotypes, self presentation, and social networks/medias, etc....

Thank you +Peter Sødahl for making me aware of this YouTube clip trailer!
#killingussoftly   #trailer   #health   #healthyliving   #normality   #bodyimage   #fashionindustry   #preconception   #culturaldifferences   #culturalfeminism   #feminism   #gender   #genderissues   #genderroles   #genderstereotype   #selfpresentation   #women   #womenshealth   #psychologicalhealth   
#commercial   #commercialindustrytrends   #usandthem   #stigma   #sociology   #divergent #deviant   #worthwatching   #tipoftheday  
Ivar Choi Espedalen's profile photoTieu Lam Nguyen's profile photo
you are welcome +Tieu Lam Nguyen . I hope you found this interesting :O) I wish you a happy weekend! :O)
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Are you interested in Social media in general?
This is a "must read" post which I recommend, and which is worth to take a closer look at if you are interested
in social media in general or just want to expand your perspective, or point of view, regarding Google+ .

If you found this post insteresting you should also take a closer look at these posts:
" Have you ever heard about Hangouts? How about Human Media? " :

" Google Plus For Business and Individuals "

" Discover the world of Google "

H/t :
+martin shervington

#googleplus #gplus #googleplustips #googleplustipsandtricks #tipsandtricks #evang+
#evang #humanmedia   #hangoutonair  #hangoutsonair #hangout  #hoa   #googleplusexperience   #gplusexperience   #socialmedia #socialmedias   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #socialmediastrategy #SoMe #googleplus #tipsfornewbies   #worthreading   #worthsharing
Content is King; Community is Kingdom. (NEW BLOG)
And Google+ has enabled the King to expand its reach and grow its Kingdom...

Using the tools of Google Hangouts and Google Drive we can create content faster, smarter, and then distribute it further using Google+ and YouTube. Read more on the blog...

#googlepluscommunity   #contentmarketing   #community   #EvanG  
Ellen Øiesvold Palsén's profile photomartin shervington's profile photoIvar Choi Espedalen's profile photo
Tusen takk +Ellen Øiesvold Palsén . Det har til nå vært en fantastisk tid, og jeg trives godt i papparollen. Så jeg regner med at slik vil det fortsette å være en stund til? Heheh ; O)
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"The next..."?
This is a funny " must see" video.
Happy weekend!

+Harald Jacob Blixhavn Skaarn

#funny #funnyvideo #parody #weekend
En av de bedre fra The Onion
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Happy Weekend Ivar ... :-)
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Have him in circles
28,806 people
Social Worker/Counsellor/Community worker
Community Work/Community Development/Empowerment/Critical consciousness/Critical consciousness raising/Social work/Counselling
  • The social service. I'm a Social Worker with a Master degree in Community Work, Google+ user, open minded, like discussing various topics, love to listening to music. Always open for making new friends. Like to hangout on G+. Time zone: GMT +1 (+2 European "Summer time")
    Social Worker, 2006 - present
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Bergen, Norway
Tysnes, Norway - Hitra, Norway - Fjellhamar, Norway
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Valkendorfsgaten 6
I am looking for new friends and interesting discussions. So feel free to contact me! Or join me in a Hangout :O)

English / Norsk (Norwegian)


I'm using G+ mainly to discover and meet new people, get to know them, and discuss various topics. That is why I also use Hangout a lot, and I also try to join a HIRL when I can.

I have been using G+ every day since late summer 2011 since it was in closed "beta", so as you may understand i 'm very interested in Google+ and the future of G+. (If you are a new Google user, please scroll down to my recommended links, there you will find some useful posts regarding G+).

I like to discuss various themes and topics, regarding society, science, politics, and of course more informal themes and topics.

I like to listen to music, so if you also like or love to listen to music, then you and me have a common interest.   ( Here you can see Scandinavia and Norway's first Hangout on Air Concert and broadcast which was broadcasted 22.09.2012: )

I like to watch soccer (Some information about my favourite team; )

play various board games and games on computers and console.

I also  like to watch TV-series and movies.

(My favourite TV show is Babylon 5 )

I do like to train, when the time allows it, and I have been training martial arts. 

And of course, i'm very interested in Google+, Google+ Hangout, and Hangout on Air (HOA).

For more information about me, see further down, check out my recommended links, and try to join a hangout with me. 

If you are new  here on G+, here is a good advice from me to you;  Please fill out your profile, and be active, honest, engaging, and share your thoughts, your interest, etc. 



Jeg er en person som liker å bli kjent med nye mennesker, og jeg bruker G+ nettopp på grunn av dette.

Google+ med spesielt kretser, og muligheten til hangouts er ypperlig om man ønsker å prate og komme i kontakt med nye mennesker. 

Er Google+ et ukjent landskap for deg? 

Kanskje du tidligere er vant med å bruke et annet sosialt medium?  

Da anbefaler jeg deg, og håper du leser denne norske innføringsposten, som kan være til hjelp, og som gir nyttige G+ tips:

Så, her kan du se noen videoopptak og noen bilder fra skandinavia og Norges aller første Hangout on Air konsert og hangoutsending som ble kombinert med en HIRL, fra 22. september 2012:

Så nå som du har sett og lest disse postene, her er også noen viktige nybegynnertips til deg;

- Du kan gjerne starte med å fylle ut din profil slik at folk kan få et inntrykk av hvem du er, og hva du er interessert i.

- Du bør lese litt på hjelpesidene til G+ for en introduksjon til G+ og hvordan en kan bruke det. Det er også mange som ønsker å være til hjelp. Her er for eksempel tre gode innlegg, samt en "how-to" guide, som du kan lese;​​​​​​​​u/0/​​​106393478695568433143/​​​​​​​​posts/fbZJVjtJMZE​​​​​​​​106734796011714755852/​​​posts/​​​​​ePpfbevetXP​​​​​​​​103038287804535196503/​​​posts/​​​​​gLd3WjM4bBQ​​​​​​​​google/

(For flere G+ tips, og innføringer på både på engelsk og norsk, se mine anbefalte linker nederst på denne siden. )

- Du bør samtidig begynne å følge folk, opprett kretser du kan plassere dem i, og bla igjennom profilen og streamen deres for å få et bilde av hva de vanligvis poster. Et godt tips er å bruke søkevinduet i G+. Prøv å søke på steder,  ulike tema, interesser, hashtags( # ) og lignende, som du brenner for, eller synes er interessante. Du vil da finne ulike folk som deler eller skriver om dette. Ofte er dette en god måte for å finne folk du kan følge, og kommunisere med. på den måten kan du utforme filtrere strømmene dine som du vil. Her er noen tips for hvordan du kan få mest mulig ut av sirkelorganisering, søk og filtrering av strømmer ved søk og hashtags;

- Om du engasjerer deg, og er aktiv er sjansene større for at du vil få en hyggelig og interessant Google+ hverdag, og du vil oppleve at mulighetene Google + gir deg er mange! 

En god begynnelse er å være vennlig med et åpent sinn i møte med nye mennesker. Det slår sjeldent feil, og åpner opp for nye muligheter!

Så når du allikevel besøker min profil kan du jo gjerne vite dette om meg:

Jeg er sosionom og ble ferdig med min mastergrad i samfunnsarbeid  august 2011.

Jeg liker å diskutere ulike tema både samfunnsrelaterte og faglige, men også de tema som er av mer triviell karakter synes jeg er underholdende å diskutere.

Jeg liker å høre på musikk, men har ikke hatt tid til å "henge" med det siste nye, så har dere noen tips innen for dette er det bare å tipse meg.

Se fotball er noe jeg liker, og da særlig å følge med på Rosenborg Ballklub . (se; )

Jeg har også en interesse for gaming, men har ikke vært særlig aktiv de siste åtte årene. Jeg har forøvrig begynt å spille så smått igjen, og spiller det meste alt fra små "mobilspill" til mer pc og konsoll. Strategispill og rollespill er nok sjangerfavorittene.

Gode Brettspill spilles også, og da gjerne innen strategi.

Jeg ser også en del på film, og TV-serier, så om det er noen som har lyst til å diskutere eller vet om noen i typen "must see" så er det bare å tipse.

Trening er den siste interessen jeg velger å trekke frem.Jeg har trent kampsport. Jeg er fortsatt interessert i å trene, men har ikke hatt tid til dette det siste året. Har forøvrig tatt dette opp igjen etter at studiene ble ferdig.

Legg meg gjerne i en krets, både om du deler noe av mine interesser men også om du bare vil bli kjent og prate eller diskutere i en hangout.

  • Bergen University College
    Master in Community Work, 2007 - 2011
  • Bergen University College
    Bachelor in Social Work, 2003 - 2006
  • Os Gymnas
    Allmenne fag, 2000 - 2003
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A clean good hotel, serving good food and a very good breakfast. The bar on the 8th floor is worth a visit.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Barfot er en kafé som bør besøkes om man er i Bergen og ønsker en god lunsj eller gode småretter. Anbefales!
Public - 12 months ago
reviewed 12 months ago
Dr. Wiesener is a nice place to relax and talk. It seems to be a meeting point for those who live nearby. The food is good, and you get "value" for your money so to speak. They have some norwegian craft beers as well, and that's a plus.
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Finnegans er en pub/utested som er verdt et besøk om du vil sitte ute og ta et glass eller to med noe godt å drikke. Det er ikke et sted med stort ølutvalg men de har et helt greit utvalg om man vil ha noe annet enn pils. Er du interessert i fotball er stedet ypperlig og verdt et besøk. Engelsktalende ansatte/bartendere.
Food: Poor to fairDecor: Poor to fairService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
19 reviews
BarBarista is a nice "cozy" place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffe or something good to drink. The decor is relaxing and makes you feel that you want to spend some more hours, or the whole day at this cafe/bar. They are selling some certain foreign beer brands on tap, which is hard to find elsewhere in Bergen and which is worth to taste. The menu is written in nynorsk(New norwegian) :O)
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Excellent
Public - 12 months ago
reviewed 12 months ago
Ichiban is a great place to visit if you want to eat take away sushi. The food is quite good for a take-away sushi restaurant. I recommend you to try out Ichiban's various sushi party trays . It is better places/restaurants to visit if you want to eat sushi in Bergen, but if you want to get some "value for your money" , Ichiban is worth to visit
Food: Very goodDecor: Poor to fairService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
"Elefanten" ligger rett ved Cafe Opera, og er et behagelig sted å tilbringe noen timer om du vil slappe av i hverdagen for en kopp kaffe, eller for å gå ut for å nyte noe godt i glasset. "Elefanten" har et greit utvalg av øltyper, og prisen er ikke avskrekkende. For røykere går det an å sitte i bakgården.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago