As I said in +Dave Besbris '  post, the race for perfect photo(hyper)realism in games has been quiet in the last few years (four years actually, and it's a lot if you think about the difference between games in 2002 and games in 2006, for example). 

While this eternal war was temporarily suspended, the gaming world welcomed a nice age of indie games that reminded us of a time when fun and creativity were important, and games like Limbo would be triple A titles retailing at the same price you pay now for humongous, hollywood-like budget "games". 

Now after E3 2012, with this nice video and that Ubisoft thing, it seems like the gears of war (no pun intended) are grinding again in the game tech field: enter ps4, xbox 720, and new nvidia/amd cards with real time ray-tracing - and please, bring along a virtual reality headset that actually works and the end of my life, thank you! 

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I also would like to know what +Felicia Day +Richard Garriott de Cayeux +Tim Schafer +Jeff Gerstmann +Greg Kasavin +Veronica Belmont +Ron Gilbert (and feel free to add any other exponent of the gaming industry or press) think of this. 

Also, what happened to gaming in the cloud? Now I think it's not the future by itself, I think it will remain as a complement of gaming, I see a future where I get a special edition of a game and purchase with it the right to play it in the cloud, too, through a service like +OnLive or that other thing by Dave Perry. It is convenient when you're not home, but I don't see it making "local gaming" obsolete in the near future, not anytime soon.
My god it's amazing what they continue to squeeze out of previous generation hardware (or is this just running on a modern PC devstation?). The PS3 is six years old now Sony, get with it.

Edit: this is targeted at the next-gen HW, not the PS3. 
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