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Shall we connect?
This time for our children

Protecting our Sons is a real Challenge in this ever changing Digital World.

Threats like Cyberbullying, Cybersafety, Online Harassment, Internet Addiction and many others are systemic issues: while we suppose to fight them on one channel, it's already happening on another one.
And our sons are really good at switching from one to another with a so high speed we find hard to keep the pace.

This is why I created many online channels: I want to stay where our sons are, and I suggest you to connect to the most of them in order to be there.

Together we can create an umbrella for our kids:

Support my Crowdfunding Campaign on Patreon here:
If you think I'm doing a good work, then you can support me by clicking the link above: you find pledges and offers for my services too.

Google Plus: Digital Education Tips Collection ( )
News, thoughts, advice for Digital Parents in troubles.

Twitter:@IvanPsy( )
A stream of consciousness: here I share with you the posts and reflections of my searches.

Instagram:@ivanpsy( )
Visual, with a bit of poetry and much awareness.

YouTube: ( )
Curated playlists and my videos to talk about our preferred topics.

Facebook: Digital Parenting Advice ( )
A place to talk and share our reflections.

SnapChat: ivan_psy ( )
The backstage of my digital researches: a more intimate connection.


Medium: Digital Parenting Tips Publication ( )
In the middle of a newspaper and a textbook, here you find my longer (and short...) curations.

Let's stay in contact: click the links above and get connected!

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+Doctor Ivan Ferrero - Digital Psychologist My personal observations based on designing and using computer systems since the 1980s etc.

My feeling is that these systems have evolved to be LESS user friendly.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Facebook is using shills and other dishonest approaches notably in group environments etc.

Dialogs are too clever and seem to be arranged apriori.

My website has resources and I explain my views on the aspects of WWW designs from the purely cosmetic points of view with some mention of use of energy, being wasteful that is.
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If your kids are behaving in a strange way, look at their friends.

Emotions are contagious, a new study confirms.

Culture, crowding and social influence all tied to aggressive driving behavior.
A study of angry, competitive and aggressive driving suggests that these dangerous behaviors are becoming a worldwide phenomenon of almost epidemic proportions, and are a reflection of a person's surrounding culture, both on the road and on a broader social level.

Of course this is not the only factor, anyway kids have a strong sense of belonging, and as they enter the teenage hood the group becomes part of their Identity.

A study of angry, competitive and aggressive driving suggests that these dangerous behaviors are becoming a worldwide phenomenon of almost epidemic proportions, and are a reflection of a person's surrounding culture, both on the road and on a broader social level.
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How to use Snapchat to stay connected with your Children.

Whether it’s for College, University or an Internship, here we are: after some vacation your teens are ready to go away…again.

If your children use #Snapchat, you can have its features as allies in order to stay connected with them:

- It’s visual and fast to use
- It’s forgetful
- Don’t merely send a message: tell your Story to your teens
- Humanize your role and lower the barriers

Here I explain how...

How about you?
Do you use Snapchat with your children? How?
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Is Social Fame just an illusion? Now Live at my #snapchat ivan_psy 👈👈👈
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Procrastinare Online: Statistiche e Costi
Spesso quando si ricercano le cause della perdita di produttività di un'azienda si analizzano macro-fattori quali la logistica, la turnazione del personale, l'adeguatezza degli strumenti di lavoro.

Allora si corre alla ricerca di nuovi modelli di business e/o organizzativi che siano in grado di ottimizzare meglio le risorse a disposizione.

Tuttavia ci si accorge presto che rimane un nucleo di perdita di produttività che sembra sfuggire ai riflettori degli strumenti di analisi, una zona apparentemente difficile da contattare e quindi nella quale pare impossibile entrare.

La procrastinazione è tanto difficile da individuare quanto da analizzare in quanto si compone di numerosi micro-fattori, tanti piccoli pezzetti di perdita di produttività i quali possono nella loro somma danneggiare seriamente la vostra azienda.

Facciamo insieme un calcolo...

Un lavoratore spende in media 43 minuti al giorno procrastinando, pari a quasi il 10% di una giornata lavorativa media di 7,5 ore, quindi raggiungendo le 3 ore e 35 minuti in una settimana di lavoro.

Questa analisi tratta di una procrastinazione che potremmo definire fisiologica nell'essere umano: piccole micro-pause aiutano la nostra mente ad organizzare le informazioni precedentemente ricevute, a rielaborare cognitivamente un lavoro appena svolto, a prepararsi nello switch verso un altro compito.

All'interno di una normale giornata lavorativa può tuttavia presentarsi una forma di procrastinazione più sotterranea e che ha i toni di una pratica socialmente accettata, e quindi decisamente più difficile da risolvere: la procrastinazione attraverso l'attività online.

Snoccioliamo un po' di statistiche e di fatti, e nei prossimi articoli scenderemo nei dettagli di ogni singolo punto.

La perdita di produttività dovuta al tempo trascorso online è stata rilevata nelle seguenti percentuali:

- Telefonare/inviare messaggi: 52%
- Navigare su Internet: 44%
- Gossip: 37%
- Social media: 36%
- E-mail: 31%

Come potete osservare sono state rilevate alte percentuali anche in attività che spesso non rientrano nella normale gestione del lavoro, e che richiedono al collaboratore un ruolo attivo.

Se inoltre pensate che un lavoratore dipendente da Internet può arrivare a trascorrere numerose ore al giorno online senza un obiettivo preciso, anche sul luogo di lavoro, il danno arrecato all'azienda risulta evidente.

In particolare la perdita di produttività per l’azienda dovuta ad una distorta attività online è stata rilevata nelle seguenti percentuali:

- Compromissione della qualità del lavoro svolto: 45%
- Abbassamento del grado di motivazione negli altri collaboratori per via di rallentamenti nell’esecuzione dei Progetti: 30%
- Impatto negativo nei committenti e nei collaboratori: 25%
- Ritardi nelle consegne dei lavori assegnati: 24%
- Perdita diretta di guadagni: 21%

Il problema quindi non riguarda solamente il collaboratore in sé, ma colpisce anche i suoi colleghi, e l'azienda stessa.

La Dipendenza da Internet comporta inoltre una serie di perdite per l’azienda meno quantificabili, tuttavia altrettanto dannose:

- Fuga di notizie sensibili dell’azienda attraverso i Social Media.
- Danno all’immagine del lavoratore e dell’azienda.
- Rottura dell’equilibrio lavoro/vita privata, con le conseguenti ripercussioni sulla produttività

Voi cosa ne pensate?
Avete altri elementi da suggerire?


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Top 10 #cyberbullying fighters to follow on Twitter, now Live at my #snapchat ivan_psy 👈 #FF
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Emotion detector: Facial expression recognition to improve learning, gaming

A computer algorithm that can tell whether you are happy or sad, angry or expressing almost any other emotion would be a boon to the games industry. New research describes such a system that is almost 99 percent accurate.

Along with these, I see benefits in #cyberbullying and online harassment: think about an App that detects that you are upset and it stops you from typing harassing words, or it detects that you are worried for a message and suggests you to talk with your parents.
A computer algorithm that can tell whether you are happy or sad, angry or expressing almost any other emotion would be a boon to the games industry. New research describes such a system that is almost 99 percent accurate.
Jake Utah's profile photoDoctor Ivan Ferrero - Digital Psychologist's profile photo
+Jake Utah I see all of this as just the beginning.
I believe AIs will become smarter and smarter, and they'll be able to add more and more complexity as our understanding of human beings go deeper and deeper.
Furthermore we humans are limited beings, so we aren't able to detect the whole complexity.
And joking with a famous dilemma: when a machine is able to detect emotions with an accuracy as like as ours, can we then say it's able to detect emotions as we humans are? ;-)
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How to protect your Children from Cyberbullying, Sexting, Internet Addiction and other Cyberthreats?

Children have a smartphone, and if you think you need to understand this in order to protect your children then you are almost wrong.

In fact, this is just a mean, a tool your kids use in order to get what’s happening in the clouds.

The Web is about relationship…but what happens when these relationships go bad?

Here you discover the main Cyberthreats and the steps you have to do to help your Children.

As you can see it's all about relationship.

In the video I also show you a test drive on the Familoop Parental Control Software, that I have the opportunity to partner with, and you have a taste of how a this kind of software works and may help you.

Furthermore they wrote me they are offering an April only 30% discount on annual subscription on Familoop Safeguard for 10 devices – US $48.9 instead of $69.99. Coupon code – “FXZ-TDS-PB4” at

I really think it's a great opportunity to test the full platform by yourself at a discounted price, but you have to hurry up for the offer ends the last day of April!

Hope it will help!

See you next!
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Now Live at my #snapchat ivan_psy 👈👈👈 #Socialmedia and the great disillusion.
How can you help your children when they discover they aren't able to make a living with their online activity and need to get a full time job?

Follow my EduSnaps here:

#parenting #parentingadvice
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Ready for the #challenge? Time to make your brain involved: Want to remember something? Draw it #neurosciences
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Top 10 #cyberbullying fighters to follow on Twitter, now Live at my #snapchat ivan_psy 👈 #ff
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More than #cyberbullying itself is the uncertainty of the act, not knowing if and when it will strike again, not being able to control and predict their extent and effects.
A UCL study has found that the chance of getting a painful electric shock can lead to significantly more stress than knowing that you will definitely be shocked
Jaime Kaplan's profile photo
I see this as a learned behavior. Picture the pigeons in the Skinner box and the ones who are given routine pellets are likely to peck (in this case, be anxious) as close to the minimum as possible to get the reward (the shock is the signal that anxiety can stop for a time in this group). Those under the variable ratio condition will peck the most (exhibit the most anxiety) because they are bracing themselves for the shock (which does not end anxiety for a time due to unpredictability of the next shock).

It's one take on it, the actual mechanism has more layers, I'm citing only one potential component.
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Kristen Medeiros's profile photo
Kristen Medeiros
a year ago
Doctor Ivan Ferrero Digital Psychologist has been the G+ K10 Network's preferred psychology expert since 2013. Dr. Ivan's unique ability to link the traditional practices and theories with the rapidly changing dynamics of human communication and expression with digital devices makes him exceptional in his field. He is able to speak in lay terms. Dr. Ivan's achievements in educating the general public in the areas of suicide prevention and social media bullying makes him a pillar of good in our social media and digital world. We have worked together closely on many projects. He is goal driven and organized. When Dr. Ivan says that he will complete something by a certain time, he always makes that mark. A pleasure to work with because he is innovative, friendly and reliable.
• • •
Response from the owner - a year ago
Thank you Kris for your kind words! It was a great experience, and I really hope for the second reply! :-) It's a honor to be reviewed by a Professional like you: you were able to build a great team, and I'm proud to be part of it. And now let's go back to work: there's still so much to do to protect our sons and teach their parents how to deal with the new devices! :-)
Simon Green's profile photo
Simon Green
10 months ago
I have little direct knowledge of Dr Ferrero myself. I do however have recent knowledge and personal experience of the Mike O'Brien who has left a review on here. He is becoming a well known troll on G+ and Youtube, and will fire off libelous, false, totally inaccurate accusations at anyone that he has taken a dislike to or views the world differently than himself. Mr O'Brien gives himself away a bit not even sticking to it being a review, he feels it necessary to attack the the body shape of the mans girlfriend? Pathetic. I therefor would support and take far more notice of Dr Ferrero's reply to Mr O'Briens review.
• • •
Tony Girgenti's profile photo
Tony Girgenti
10 months ago
Hello, I read the About page here and a few of the posts, but I don't see anything that explains the purpose of this site. I do have a slight interest in this subject. Thanks, Tony
Response from the owner - 10 months ago
Hello Tony thank you for your review! What you say suggest me to edit the About page in order to make the purpose clearer. This is my professional online alter ego, so it's not a classical website. I prefer the Social Network format for it lets me to create a direct contact with my readers. More than writing essays (that I do) I prefer to talk to people and have dialogues with them. I interact with others posts too, of course. This format allows me to interact with people as I would do in real life. So if you have any question you can comment my posts or ask me in private. The purpose of this account is to help people by giving them right informations about their issues (I'm focused on Cyberbullying, Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attack, though I'm setting up new topics). Then, if they need an individual support, they are allowed to contact me private at where we talk about their issues and the suggested path. Hope this answers your question. How about you: what topics are you interested the most? Psychology is a so broad field of study! :-)
Rosa Sadeghian's profile photo
Rosa Sadeghian
2 years ago
DR. Ivan Ferrero is an active Digital Psychologist. He is smart, humble, friendly and very talented psychologist that trying to share scientific information about this new vision of psychology. I like his point of view and quotes. - My best wishes, for the continuing good job, and success in World on line Society. By Dr.Rosa Sadeghian Canada
Response from the owner - a year ago
Thank you Rosa for your kind review. After one year from your writing may I ask you if I respected your expectations and what would you like to read from me? What topics would you like me to talk about?
English Briton's profile photo
English Briton
10 months ago
Dr Ferrero, Ivan, is without doubt a real asset to anyone online who needs assistance. His selfless attitude and caring mannerism are second to none. It is not just what he says to one directly but how he constructs his posts so that you know exactly what he refers to. Personally I can not thank him enough, even though the person who introduced us is a very deluded individual, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. This is why I highly recommend Dr Ferrero to anyone seeking help or advice. His countless posts which combat cyber-bullying are without doubt totally commendable. I am so glad to not only have Dr Ferrero as a contact but also a decent man who I regard as a friend. Thank you Ivan, best regards, Aiden.
• • •
Response from the owner - 10 months ago
Thank you Aiden for your kind review: it's a real motivation to me! :-) I'm glad you find my posts and my Online activity useful for it's my goal. So please go on following my posts/videos and if you find something I'd like to talk about please let me know. See you soon!
E.G. Haas's profile photo
E.G. Haas
7 months ago
Doctor Ivan Ferrero is a resourceful practitioner. His advise is invaluable. He is the epitome of compassion, and professionalism!
Silvia Delariva's profile photo
Silvia Delariva
a year ago
Italiano?! I had to know better than this!! Cyber? As soon as I read your comment was able to get a signal point of view. Scientific Doctor. it seems that your site is full of it just like you..............If you were answering my post just to get ahead, you are totally wrong doctor you have to stop going cyber bar hoping........see you around when the job is done by others, thEn you can come in with your web knowledge...PUNK! CYBER IGNORANCE!!!!
Dott.ssa Sonia Bertinat Psicologa's profile photo
Dott.ssa Sonia Bertinat Psicologa
2 years ago
Collaboro con il Dr Ivan Ferrero da ormai un anno. Da neofita del web sono da subito stata accolta in modo caloroso sul suo portale. Oltre ad essere un professionista competente e disponibile è sempre pronto a rispondere ad una richiesta di aiuto, pronto a confrontarsi in modo costruttivo e proficuo nonchè a condividere il suo sapere stimolando riflessioni sempre nuove. Curioso e ricettivo nei confronti di tutto ciò che è nuovo e stimolante, pronto ad esplorare in modo critico nuovi campi di intervento professionale e disposto (oserei dire desideroso) di cambiare le lenti usuali per indossarne di nuove con cui ampliare la sua (e altrui) visione delle cose. Seguitelo e scoprirete sicuramente qualcosa di più. Consigliato decisamente.
• • •
Response from the owner - a year ago
Grazie Collega per la recensione. E' bello avere Colleghi così distanti ma validi con i quali collaborare! :-)
Ho avuto il piacere di collaborare con la Dott.ssa Sonia Bertinat per numerosi progetti e sono rimasto davvero colpito per la sua professionalità così attenta e precisa, pur mantenendo una umanità in grado di metterti subito a tuo agio. Notevole inoltre la sua naturale propensione verso idee e tecniche innovative e all'avanguardia. Da professionista la consiglio vivamente.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
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