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How To Empower Your Child and Prevent Cyberbullying
Useful parenting tips and some awareness

As I'm used to say, we are not able to follow our sons inside their devices, but we may (and should) create a trust environment so that they feel comfortable to tell us their virtual stories.

Here some useful #parentingtips :
- Know what sites your kids visit and how they spend time online
- Try out the devices and applications that they use and ask them questions about how they use them and why
- Be respectful of your child’s privacy (and let him know it)
- Keep computers and other devices in the common areas of your home such as the living room or office
- Set up your own social media accounts and ask your kids to be their friends or to “follow” them

So what should you do when your sons are ready to talk to you?
- Talk about what is appropriate to post or write on social media
- Give guidelines or establish rules about privacy settings and who can see what your children post
- Tell your children to keep their passwords safe and private and to not share them with others
- Help establish the mantra of “think before you post.”
- Encourage your kids to tell you immediately if they or someone they know is being bullied online
- Talk about all the good things involving social media and online tools and entertainment

But before all this: are you ready to have a so intimate relationship with your sons? ;-)

#cyberbullying #cybersafety #parenting #teenslife
Technology is morally neutral. Computers, cell phones, websites and social media applications — they can all be used for immense good or in ways that do others great harm. Cyberbullying is not a new phenomenon but rather is a growing and alarming occurrence in the lives of young people today. As parents and as educators, it is important to know how to empower children to use technology (especially social media) in healthy and wise ways. Though so...
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#askmeanything about #depression. Reply here. Periscope chat coming soon. #asktherapist
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What do you want to know about #depression? Reply here! #asktherapist on #periscope coming soon @IvanPsy
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What do you want to know about #depression? Reply here! #asktherapist on #periscope coming soon @IvanPsy
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I feel that in life we have so many ups but maybe more downs, as in, if you lose a sibling it's such trauma and this changes perception completely, I speak from experience and it's really bordering on PTSD.

In my case, I'll be frank, my younger brother died in a drowning accident some years ago and I witnessed him being found by police frogmen and wrapped in a body bag. He was only 7.

I can't get that out of my head ever, it really does consume me so much, though I tend to conceal how I feel inside.

So, when you are online and encounter cyber-bullying it probably has a more damaging effect.

I really do feel PTSD and depression are quite good companions, as in one feeds off the other.
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What does Obesity mean?
Not only eating disorder

We are used to think about #obesity  as the result of eating disorder or physiological impairment.
Have you ever considered the Psychological causes?

If we think about our body as the center of our Self, then the fat is something that create a barrier and a distance, so it has two benefits:
1) it protects us from the outer World
2) it keeps the harming and scaring World away from us

Above all if the threat is physical, like #bullying  .

We should study the effects of #cyberbullying  then, a more mental/psychological threat.
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Parents’ guide to the latest social media and instant messaging trends
Including Whatsapp,, Whisper, Secret, Yik Yak and Meow Chat, a good explanation of 9 most used Apps from our sons

Our sons are very fast, too fast for us to follow them wherever they go, above all when we talk about the #virtualworlds .

Nor we should enter their private World without consent: first we have to ask them the key.

But they lack of Life experiences.
This is where we can help them.

We should talk of #cybersafety , then #cyberbullying, starting by their preferred Apps.

The Apps you will find in this article:
- Whisper
- Yik Yak
- Secret
- Snapchat
- Whatsapp
- Instagram
- BlackBerry Messenger
- Meow Chat

Do you know all of them?
But above all: do you know what Apps are your sons using?

#whisper #yikyak #secret #askfm #snapchat #whatsapp #instagram #bbm #meowchat
Anuradha Kaloji's profile photoDoctor Ivan Ferrero - Digital Psychologist's profile photo
+Anuradha Kaloji you're welcome!
What do you want to know about this topic?
I'm taking note for my next posts and videos.
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The future of our memory? It's in the nanotechnology #neuroscience #nanotechnology

As tech improves, people will be more and more connected to their devices.
We already "dialogue" with Google or Siri, toward a Hybrid Mind.

It's time to go forward: what happens when our long term memory will be stored in an external box, or in the Cloud?

You can find the new discovery here:
Ingress players move in a Mixed Reality and Hybrid Ecologies. Have we entered a Cyber Reality where Human Beings and Machines blend together as a whole?
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Take action to push Twitter to enforce its rules against #cyberbullying . Join us HERE! @DEvilRegal_92
“Twitter, Inc: Take a stronger position against cyberbullying via @Change #StopCyberBullying”
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What do you want to know about #depression? Reply here! #asktherapist on #periscope coming soon
Doctor Ivan Ferrero - Digital Psychologist's profile photoMUG for Trusting Fakes Idiot!'s profile photo
+Doctor Ivan Ferrero - Digital Psychologist. Thank you for that, your support is much appreciated. I went to your review tab but as I mainly use my smartphone the option of writing a review is not available, I have both a windows and android tablet and laptop so would it be best using one of them. Its just my phone is handier as it's always with me.

I'd really like to write a review though.
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A Family in Troubles and its Cyberbullying story
Meet the Jennings Family

A son is confused whether to suicide or not, and ask or help to the Web.
A worried sister has suspects and share her feelings on a Tumblr.
Two parents still don't know what's happening to their son.

This is the starting point of The Jennings A Cyberbullying Affair , the first #transmedia #storytelling project about #cyberbullying.

What happens to the Family from this moment on is up to you, with your comments, your suggestions, your feedback.

You follow the characters here:

- The parents Facebook Fanpage

- Josh Tumblr

- Jayne Tumblr
Something's happening to our son Josh. Will you help us?
Dr Dean Kos's profile photoJoseph Nobody's profile photoDoctor Ivan Ferrero - Digital Psychologist's profile photoPatrick Cockman's profile photo
+Joseph Nobody I agree we have to teach our sons the responsibility principles.
And often the family is the fiorst bad examples.
This issue is a real System, a net made of many nods.
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Helping children to develop Emotional Intelligence #parentingtips  
Why should we?
Because #cyberbullying  comes from Moral Disengagement, when a teen is unable to empathize with his peers.
When you feel their struggles and their pains, then you feel unable to make any harm.

Nice #parentingadvice !
TNX +Sue Scheff !
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It's not that Twitter billed a troll after #cyberbullying: it's a cyberbully was able to create an ad! #hatespeech
Twitter has been heavily criticised after a troll was able to impersonate a feminist blogger and post a 'Promoted Tweet' advert containing anti-transgender hate speech.
Doctor Ivan Ferrero - Digital Psychologist's profile photoMUG for Trusting Fakes Idiot!'s profile photo
Thanks again. I totally agree with how it was handled, your friend made a valid point but just got blocked by doing so.

I feel individuals mask themselves behind false credentials in order to gain trust.

I'm afraid, his credentials clouded my judgement in my revealing certain traumatic events, yet he so easily attacked me verbally. It's really uncalled for.
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K10 Slevin's profile photo
K10 Slevin
a month ago
Doctor Ivan Ferrero Digital Psychologist has been the G+ K10 Network's preferred psychology expert since 2013. Dr. Ivan's unique ability to link the traditional practices and theories with the rapidly changing dynamics of human communication and expression with digital devices makes him exceptional in his field. He is able to speak in lay terms. Dr. Ivan's achievements in educating the general public in the areas of suicide prevention and social media bullying makes him a pillar of good in our social media and digital world. We have worked together closely on many projects. He is goal driven and organized. When Dr. Ivan says that he will complete something by a certain time, he always makes that mark. A pleasure to work with because he is innovative, friendly and reliable.
• • •
Response from the owner - a month ago
Thank you Kris for your kind words! It was a great experience, and I really hope for the second reply! :-) It's a honor to be reviewed by a Professional like you: you were able to build a great team, and I'm proud to be part of it. And now let's go back to work: there's still so much to do to protect our sons and teach their parents how to deal with the new devices! :-)
Silvia Delariva's profile photo
Silvia Delariva
10 months ago
Italiano?! I had to know better than this!! Cyber? As soon as I read your comment was able to get a signal point of view. Scientific Doctor. it seems that your site is full of it just like you..............If you were answering my post just to get ahead, you are totally wrong doctor you have to stop going cyber bar hoping........see you around when the job is done by others, thEn you can come in with your web knowledge...PUNK! CYBER IGNORANCE!!!!
Dott.ssa Sonia Bertinat Psicologa's profile photo
Dott.ssa Sonia Bertinat Psicologa
a year ago
Collaboro con il Dr Ivan Ferrero da ormai un anno. Da neofita del web sono da subito stata accolta in modo caloroso sul suo portale. Oltre ad essere un professionista competente e disponibile è sempre pronto a rispondere ad una richiesta di aiuto, pronto a confrontarsi in modo costruttivo e proficuo nonchè a condividere il suo sapere stimolando riflessioni sempre nuove. Curioso e ricettivo nei confronti di tutto ciò che è nuovo e stimolante, pronto ad esplorare in modo critico nuovi campi di intervento professionale e disposto (oserei dire desideroso) di cambiare le lenti usuali per indossarne di nuove con cui ampliare la sua (e altrui) visione delle cose. Seguitelo e scoprirete sicuramente qualcosa di più. Consigliato decisamente.
• • •
Response from the owner - 2 months ago
Grazie Collega per la recensione. E' bello avere Colleghi così distanti ma validi con i quali collaborare! :-)
Mike O'Brien's profile photo
Mike O'Brien
a month ago
Having joined g+ at it's inception, clearly there is a great deal of wisdom on g+ compared with other social media. I joined certain communities and was commensurately circumspect (and sceptical). Upon joining an Academic community of Psychology (as an Applied Psychologist myself) upon my own introduction, I immediately was welcomed by way of introduction by a fellow Applied Psychologist by the kind introduction to Dr Ivan Ferrero - "The Digital Psychologist" - I wondered - is he "on and off?" - I was shortly to be proven naive in that view. Clearly a man who is trusted to moderate a community of over 300,000 members is worth looking at? Dr Ferrero is a D.Psy (A clinician) in Psychology - an non-prescribing professional who chooses to work with the Youth and other people affected by problems of living in depression, anxiety and I was intrigued; given that I have evidenced so many "nostrums" - quack cures in terms of "talking therapies" , I was interested to know if Dr Ferrero was the genuine article with efficacy on his side. Some "Doctors" can lack some humility, or even, genuine altruistic motive. Ivan Ferrero, following my own efforts to research him is ever a source of intrigue, he conveys a sense of concern to others, he is of course a Psychology professional.He also does a great deal of pro-bono online work (possibly more than his paid hours), he has perhaps a unique interest in new technology and problems of "cyber-living" in which we all now reside (and navigate) - perhaps too often! These problems become all the more relevant in time with technological development. Following perhaps a lengthy and objective appraisal of "The Digital Psychologist" I become a professional acquaintance of Dr Ferrero - (or Ivan as I now know him) - and I felt that perhaps it would be fair to offer my services pro-bono to assist him in his new website project - a "service to the public" at his own expense, in altruistic service to the public (in addition to his already popular Google+ group - for ANXIETY/DEPRESSION/PANIC sufferers) - once again, at his own expense in particular with his personal given for free. Clearly this is a grossly biased review - but then again - it takes a certain special individual to inspire such bias in myself, as perhaps one of the most sceptical Applied Psychologists one could meet - I can only be biased with difficulty! I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to take a look at any of Dr Ferrero's projects " the Digital Psychologist" is his latest, which I believe, unlike so many internet projects, I am fully confident one can so safely without fear of trickery, undue cost (nor indeed any) - and a genuine altruism and caring - so rare - even in the Psychologists of today. The Digital Psychologist is always a "1" and never a "0" in my view. M.J. O'Brien MSc(Eng) BSc Human-Factors/Applied Psych.
• • •
Response from the owner - a month ago
Thank you Mike for your review! It's always a pleasure to collaborate with Professionals like you. I really think together we can do a lot for our Psychology, a great field of study that needs to evolve! :-)
Rosa Sadeghian's profile photo
Rosa Sadeghian
a year ago
DR. Ivan Ferrero is an active Digital Psychologist. He is smart, humble, friendly and very talented psychologist that trying to share scientific information about this new vision of psychology. I like his point of view and quotes. - My best wishes, for the continuing good job, and success in World on line Society. By Dr.Rosa Sadeghian Canada
Response from the owner - 2 months ago
Thank you Rosa for your kind review. After one year from your writing may I ask you if I respected your expectations and what would you like to read from me? What topics would you like me to talk about?
Sudesh Roul's profile photo
Sudesh Roul
a year ago
Response from the owner - a year ago
Thank you Sudesh Roul for the review!
Ho avuto il piacere di collaborare con la Dott.ssa Sonia Bertinat per numerosi progetti e sono rimasto davvero colpito per la sua professionalità così attenta e precisa, pur mantenendo una umanità in grado di metterti subito a tuo agio. Notevole inoltre la sua naturale propensione verso idee e tecniche innovative e all'avanguardia. Da professionista la consiglio vivamente.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
1 review