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my #Supermoon pic. for some reason it doesn't look very 'super' from here...
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Oh, and the reason is because this year's Supermoon is in fact a lame one.

"This is the closest and largest full Moon of 2012, though not remarkably so. The Moon is 8% closer and larger than average, and only 0.16 magnitude brighter than average, so you'd need measuring tools to really tell."
check out #supermoon .. plenty of great shots there.. and supposedly it's supposed to be the biggest at 11:30 PM EST... I guess I missed it..
Thanks. Looking at them right now =).

I saw it at around 9 PM... so only about half an hour late... but it still didn't look that big to me.

So I guess the "large moon on the horizon illusion" has a much greater effect to our eyes than even an actual size increase. (Re:
Oh maybe they're not different after all... one says 8% closer (distance), the other says 14% bigger (apparent size).

Confusing, haha.
I can't even see it from here, so yours is more super than mine
Clouds clouds and more clouds, anyway from the images that a saw from Singapore, not so super as well.
ahh ok... I actually managed to see some stars as well... pretty clear night from where I took this pic..
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