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Why I Use Google+

Well, one of the reasons anyway. We often see articles by so called 'experts' claiming that Google+ is a ghost town. As someone that has been using the platform since beta, I can't share that sentiment. I've met so many awesome people in here, online and offline. It's quite influential that a big percentage of my life actually revolve around the platform. This is something that I can't replicate in other social platforms. This is a brief recap of my offline experience recently.

It's been about a month since I returned from my trip to Indonesia, Singapore, and a short layover in Tokyo. Every time I go out of town/country, I like to contact a few people that I regularly interact on G+. See if they want to meet up for a coffee or just hang out. Below you can find a brief story about how I started my interaction with them, and my experience of meeting these amazing individuals.

I first interacted with +Hitoshi Mitani within the Android Collectibles community here in G+. He buy blank Android minis and customize them with his creation, usually in limited quantities. I told him before my trip last year that I would be be in Tokyo for a short layover, and ask him if I could personally pick up the Kit Kat Android mini he was selling. So I met him for lunch.. He was also kind enough to show me where to find some exotic flavor Kit Kats and took me around town. If you're into Android mini, make sure to follow him to follow his creations.

+Yansen Kamto and I have known each other since early last year in G+. We both added each other, but we didn't talk much. Most of the time we just coolly plus one each other's post. In real life it's probably the same as two guys passing each other saying 'sup' and nothing else. He was coming to SF from Jakarta for a conference last year and asked me if I'm interested in meeting up. It turns out that he's doing a lot of projects that I'm also interested in. When I was in Jakarta he invited me to visit his communal working space and talk with a few startups. He also invited me to give a talk about Google Glass to a bunch of people. 

I know +Irvan Putra and +Adi Wahyu Pribadi from the IT Indonesian Community in G+. Living in US for so long, I don't really know anybody on the tech community in Indonesia. The community is pretty engaging and they sometime do meetups, whether it's in real life or using video Hangouts. I was able to met both of them one evening for a small and meetup while I was in Jakarta. It was quite a short meeting, but we had a great time trading ideas and knowledge. Hopefully next time I'm in Jakarta we can have a bigger meetup. 

I always like to tell the story about how I met +Evan Sidarto. He's my first HIRL (Hangout In Real Life), when the concept of HIRL wasn't that common yet. This was way back in December of 2011, when I was working from Singapore. Bored, I opened my tablet and start browsing G+ posts using the 'Nearby' feature. It basically showed the posts that are tagged with locations around my area. I happened to see Evan's post and wrote some comments. He quickly noticed from the mutual friend list that I know his coworker in Mountain View, and his brother in law that went to the same school as I did.Now, whenever I'm in Singapore I always contact him to see if he can grab some dinner or just hangout.

I know +Daniel Foo. around the same time as Evan through G+, but we didn't meet until about a year ago. He's an avid cyclist and foodie. Although not very active in G+ these days. he still drop by once in a while to my posts. When I eventually met him, he took me to a bike rental to explore the city. Singapore is a beautiful city, but it's quite more fun to see if while biking. We were going to go again on my last trip, but I got sick and had to cancel. He is actually in San Francisco right now for work, and we've been having great time going around the city and biking and Golden Gate park.

I can't recall how I started interacting with +Wilfrid Wong and +Cynthia Arianto. Somehow we just added each other and started talking to each other. It's probably sometime when Diablo 3 was launched. Wilfrid and Cynthia are both passionate gamers. Wilfrid even helped me a few times when we play Diablo 3 and Marvel Heroes. I've met them a few times during my visit to Singapore, and on my last visit they took me hiking. I told my friends and family about it and they were surprised that you can actually hike in Singapore. Definitely a fun experience. 

Same with +Alihana Md. Salleh. I couldn't recall when we start interacting with each other, but she's probably one of the most friendliest person I've met so far (not only on G+). I've met her a few times during my visit to SG, and she always have exciting stories to share. She's also a very active Ingress player. Too bad we're on different faction :)

I didn't realize it was going to be this long. I tried to make it shorter, but I feel every single sentences are important to express how I feel about them, and about G+ in general. I consider myself an introvert, and don't usually like to meet with strangers. These people I mentioned above weren't strangers even before we meet in real life. I've been following them on G+ beforehand, so there was no sense of awkwardness when we finally meet n person. Having common interests definitely help. It's definitely a new experience and out of my comfort zone. 

But I can definitely get used to it. 

 Tagging a few people that might be interested:
+Vic Gundotra +Dave Besbris +Adam Lasnik +Guy Kawasaki +Elisa Samantha Tobing +Eunike Kartini 

An article for +Ziliun maybe +Putri Izzati ? :)
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"Do you mind if I take a photo of your food?"

"It looks so good", asked the girl sitting next to me, after my food arrived (it was counter seating). I told her to go ahead. And guess what, it didn't just look good, it taste good too!

The one I got is actually a bit different compared to usual unagi/eel dishes served in most Japanese restaurants. It didn't come with the sauce, but with wasabi and soy sauce. I actually witnessed the wasabi freshly grinded right in front of my eyes. Seriously though, we've been deceived a LOT all this time (most of the time we're served horseradish as "wasabi").

When you visit Japan you might think of eating sushi, ramen, but don't forget to find some good unagi as well. I highly recommend this place

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Udacity Alumni Reception @ Google Garage

I got a chance to attend the Udacity Intersect pre-event for alumni at Google Garage earlier today. It's basically a networking event and about 45 minutes of workshop by Google’s Chief Innovation Evangelist Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt.

I must say it's a pretty interesting workshop. Dr. Frederik mentioned the fact that the older people are generally no longer confident in their creativity. What he did during the workshop was quite simple, but it really brought the point across. I've been feeling quite stuck lately, and after attending this event, it really opened my mind a bit more.

Tomorrow's the actual Udacity Intersect conference. Hopefully it will be even better.

For photos and brief story from tonight's event, check out my Bulletin story below.
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San Francisco Shock. The city's new team!

No, it's not a sports team. Well sort of. San Francisco Shock is an e-sport team for Blizzard's game Overwatch, playing in the Overwatch League.

I had a chance to attend their viewing party earlier today when they played the Florida Mayhem. Fans were cheering like they do with professional sports team and everybody were having a great time.

All for a video game.

You can read the full story from my Bulletin post below :)

Cc +Corrie Davidson
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Bulletin, by Google

Google just launched a new product called Bulletin, and I got a chance to attend their kick-off event in Oakland.

I must say, there are so many questions that needs to be answered coming into this event. At first glance, it feels like just another social media platform (it's not). But from what I gather so far, the idea is to use the platform to showcase interesting things that's happening around your community. Something cool that might be missed by the media.

But again, it's not a social media. So photos of your lunch might not be suitable to be published on Bulletin. But if you're attending a lunch event for charity in the city where you live, for example, that's probably something that can be shared by Bulletin. After you created the post, it will then viewable publicly on the web. You can also share it by link (which won't change as you add more content) or usual social media. This will also (eventually) be used for local publications to generate content.

As for now, Google is doing a limited launch in just two cities. Oakland, California and Nashville, Tennessee. If you happen to live in these two cities and would like to get a chance to try out the app, you can sign up at the link below:

As for an example of a Bulletin post, you can check out below. Yes it's a Bulletin post covering Bulletin event. So meta I know :p
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Super Mario cereal anyone?

Can't believe finding this thing has such been a challenge. I actually managed to get one by trading a few Mario swags I got from Japan to someone.

Taste test anyone? From what I heard it tastes pretty bad, so I'm not really hoping too much.
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Sushi for breakfast? Yes please!

It's been a while since I post for #FoodFriday , so I figure I'll do it with something special.

I arrived in Tokyo yesterday as part of my 3 days layover. Had quite a bit of a jetlag and woke up at 4:30 AM this morning. Since the hotel I'm staying in is very close to Tsukiji fish market, I figure I'll swing by to get some sushi.

I know there's two very well known sushi shop in the market. Whether it's a tourist trap or not, it's debatable. I arrived at the market around 5 AM and the line for more well known sushi shop, Sushi Dai was already around 50-60 people long. They only have approx 13 seats in the shop and an average of 45 minutes per seating. I glanced and noticed most people lining up were foreign tourists.

I decided it's not really worth the wait, so I decided to check out the second shop, Daiwa Sushi. I was 7th in the line when I arrived, which means guaranteed first batch of seating when they open at 5:30 AM, and noticed everyone lining up were Japanese. I'm guessing their not locals, but tourists from another cities from their behavior. I figure this is a better choice.

And boy I was not wrong. There's only one set menu, which is omakase (chef's choice), which consists of 8-9 pieces of nigiri sushi and miso soup, with the option of adding more. The winner was definitely otoro (fatty tuna) though. So smooth and melts in your mouth. I actually ordered a second serving.

Total damage was around 5400 yen (I ordered two extra nigiris), which is pretty reasonable for sushi this good. Definitely can't go wrong with that.
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The size of a donut. The power of a superhero

At least that's what was said on the window.

Google has been doing this in a few cities across US where you can show up, play a little game, and get a chance of either getting two donuts or a Google Home Mini. There's no catch, and no money involved. You just show up, line up for an absurdly long time, and play the game.

A few of us went early this morning in SF to do it. Most of us didn't really need a Google Home Mini, but we just went anyway to check out the event. 5 out of 6 people ended up with minis. So pretty good odds I'd say (or really bad odds if you were going for the donuts :p)

The wait was relatively short for us, clocking for about 1.5 hours. The wait got MUCH longer for people showing up later in the day. The event was scheduled up to 5pm, but I heard they were capping the line at 3pm.

All in all it was a good fun. I would've bailed if I was doing it alone, but having friends to chat with during the wait was actually quite fun. Definitely not a bad way to spend Sunday morning.

I got the mini btw. But I also got a donut since they were also giving out those that didn't get them in the box (not the other way around unfortunately).

Did any of you go to the event? What did you get? :)

More info on the event -
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Overwatch voice actor panel at Blizzcon - I'm on the video!

Still feeling from the post BlizzCon blues, I woke up reading one of my friend's messages this morning

"Holy shit, dude, you're on YouTube!"

Go to 6:49 and it will bring you straight to the part where I'm asking the question at the end of the panel. But I really suggest watching the whole thing from beginning, where they started to do their lines from the game. It's an absolute delight. This is actually not the full recording of the panel. If you have a BlizzCon virtual ticket, you can watch the whole thing from the beginning.

Blizzard might have positioned Overwatch to be a premium e-sports came, with Overwatch League starting next January, but it's the lore, the voice acting, background story that really makes you so invested and engaged in the game. Watching these voice actors share their experience working on the game has really been a blast.

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G+ HIRL (Hangouts in Real Life) at Blizzcon!

I mainly interact with +Rennie Allen and +Leo Deegan through G+, and it's always great to be able to meet them in person, this time at BlizzCon. We've been trying to sync up during the con, but busy schedules and too many interesting things going on prevented us from doing so, but we managed to grouped up last night just right before the closing ceremony.

Rennie actually works for Blizzard on the Heroes of the Storm team. We knew each other way through Google Glass and also through a mutual friend. We met each other for the first time last year where he gave me a tour of the Blizzard campus in Santa Ana while I was in town.

Leo works for the Google+ team. We met for the first time during Google+ 5th year anniversary photowalk last year. We're actually going to see each other again in a few days for the Top Contributor Summit!

It's really great to see you guys. BlizzCon was amazing. It was definitely one of (if not the most) best convention/conference experience I've had. It truly shows how much care they put into their community, and it truly shows throughout the event. I'm very impressed. Hopefully we'll be able to do this again next year :)
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