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City of the Brotherly Love

A view from my hotel room. Got a free upgrade to the corner executive room at the top floor.

I can get used to this.
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SoGE SF Photowalk / Outing

Had a blast hanging out with some Glass Explorers yesterday at the Cherry Blossom festival in Japantown SF. It was originally planned to be a photowalk, but we underestimated the amount of crowd during the festival. There wasn't much photo taking happening. Or walking. I'll explain.

Having a bunch of Glass Explorers walking around in a group during a festival really stands out. We ended up getting stopped frequently asking about Glass. Contrary to the popular belief, not everybody in SF know about Glass. Whenever someone stop me asking about Glass, I always try my best answering their questions. If they look curious enough, I asked if they want to try it. I feel the best explanation is to actually try the device yourself. Otherwise you might leave with wrong impressions.

Without even noticing, we basically got stuck in one area. People kept coming in to ask about Glass. Then an overseas TV reporter came in to interview some of us for a documentary.

After some time there were some guys with event uniforms came to talk to us. Originally they just asked about Glass like anybody else. At the end they expressed their concern of what we're doing. They had no idea what it is and thought we're doing promotion to sell Glass (which isn't allowed at the event). Some of them even though we're politicians doing some campaigning! We told them that we don't get paid for doing this, and it's purely voluntary. Glass is not even available for sale yet. They finally understood but still reluctantly (and politely) asked us to disperse. We understand they probably were also concerned about our safety and wanted us to enjoy the festival as well.

There's a general understanding that it's the Glass Explorer's job to educate public about Google Glass. I realized that's not exactly true anymore. It's Google's job to educate public. We only have rights to do so if we want to. So next time someone stopped me asking whether I'm wearing Glass, I know I have the option to just politely smile, nod, and move along.

Don't get me wrong though, we still had a blast at the event. It's great to see some faces that I usually just interact with in Google+. We get to attend a few Japanese traditional performances and ate some delicious Japanese food. A few of us stayed behind to watch an awesome Japanese movie at the Sundance Kabuki Theater in the evening. Definitely great times!
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Awesome +Daniel Gunabe. You're going to have a great time.
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So they will announce the lottery winners for Google I/O on April 21st. Same date for those that find hidden codes in Google Developers page. And now there's something as well for those that collected all 151 Pokemons during the April Fools joke.

April 21st is shaping up to be an interesting day. And of course that's the same day I will be spending 6 hours in a plane. It's going to be a loooooong flight.
Thanks for an Absol-utely amazing #pokemonchallenge, trainers.

Though we aren't hiring any Pokémon Masters this #AprilFools, leave a comment of where you found the 150th (or 151st) Pokémon by 12 am on 4/21 for a surprise. 
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I always happily pay for WiFi... If they're available. Unfortunately United doesn't think it's a top priority..
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Ivan Yudhi

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Nexus Camera got an update!

Anyone tried the new camera update yet? I believe it's also available for all phones with Android 4.4. Non Nexus users can download it from the Play Store. I'm digging this Lens Blur feature. Rendering is not really fast, but not slow either. By default the center of focus will be the middle, but you can always change it.

Will not replace my dSLR or Mirrorless camera, but it's definitely quite fun to play around with. Oh, and I think this image is proper considering +Google Glass  just went to Android 4.4 a few days ago.
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+Ivan Yudhi Thank you so much!
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Ivan Yudhi

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I/O is going to be legend...wait for it...

First of all, my apology of the amount of Google I/O related posts lately. You can tell I'm pretty excited about this.

So apparently registration won't begin this morning like what most people assume. We still need to wait until 4 PM PDT to submit our application.

I mean, after a one week delay. what's another few hours eh?

#googleio   #io14  
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Hopefully I can get ticket +Daniel Foo 
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Ivan Yudhi

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Pre-flight breakfast. I always forget how expensive these airport foods are. The new United terminal is quite nice, and TSA Pre Check is always appreciated. Now if they just catch up with the times and put WiFi on their planes, that would be perfect.

Edit: Aaand they do have WiFi! Good job +United!
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you still get 140 pies.........
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Ivan Yudhi

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Glass selfie to end the photowalk. Fun times, more stories coming tonight or tomorrow :)

Some of us still at the Kabuki Theater. Please tag yourself.
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I still have plenty. I'll bring more when I see you again :)
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Another reminder for those living/currently visiting the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend. Society of Glass Enthusiasts of San Francisco is hosting a photowalk / outing at the Cherry Blossom festival in Japantown tomorrow (Saturday, 4/19).

This event is not restricted for those that own Google Glass, and all are invited. Whether you take photos with high end cameras, point and shoot, or cellphone, all are invited! Or if you just want to hang out with a bunch of cool people.

GPOP ( will be at the event and they're doing a giveaways of a few limited edition Cherry Blossom themed skin for Google Glass. Don't miss it!

For those without Google Glass, come find me to get a few exotic flavored Japanese Kit Kats (Wasabi flavor anyone?). While supplies last, or before they melt (please don't let them melt), or before they all end up in my stomach. Whichever goes first.

We have a few activities scheduled for the event, including a movie screening in the evening (event attendees got special discount!). Check out the event page to RSVP and find out the details. Looking forward to see you there!

Ivan Yudhi originally shared:
Join us for the first SoGE SF photowalk at the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival at Japantown, SF on April 19th!

Whether you take pictures with high end dSLR cameras, point and shoot, phone, or just basically want to have some fun and meet cool people, make sure not to miss this event. This will also be an unofficial collaboration with Google Local SF so be prepared to meet some new, cool people!

Tentative schedule
1 PM - Group meet at a TBD location somewhere in Japantown. We will then start walking around the venue. Feel free to come earlier and grab some food around the festival. They usually have delicious Japanese delicacies. 
3 PM - Take group photos, then it's basically free event. You can stick with the big group, or go with smaller groups to explore the varieties of events happening in the area
6-10 PM - Meet at Kabuki theater for movie

Make sure to RSVP to the event and turn on Party Mode to share all the fun!

Japantown, of course! Our meeting spot will be at intersection of Webster and Sutter, just at the edge of all the food stalls. That way people can grab something to eat while waiting for others

What if I'm late?
Don't worry if you can't come on time. You'll be able to find roughly where people at by checking the event page at the day of the event.

Extra activities
Some of us are going for the movie screening of Seven Souls in The Skull Castle (aka Dokuro-jo no Shichinin) on Saturday evening, and also for the after party on Sunday. You can use the code GoogleGlassSpecial to bring down the price to $8 (for both the movie and after party).

Review of the movie:

Link to purchase movie ticket on Saturday 4/19

Link to purchase after party tickets on Sunday 4/20

I will update this event with more information closer to the event. Hope to see you all there!

More info about the event:

P.S. Banner graphic generously provided by +Virginia Poltrack :)
SoGE SF Cherry Blossom Photo Walk / Outing
Sat, April 19, 4:00 PM
Webster St & Sutter St (

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There might be another one in August +Bryan Nabong. Stay tuned.
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Looks like I'm I/O bound...

Very sneaky Google.. Very sneaky. Apparently if you go the Google Developers page, you'll see hidden urls directing you to play a text adventure game. If you're lucky enough to find an unused one, you'll get a message that says that a registration code will be sent within 48 hours.

I can relax a bit now.. Until I actually see the code in my mailbox.

#googleio   #io14  
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For those still looking, don't give up! Google Developers posted this in someone's comment:

There are still codes out there, but they may be a little harder to find--we knew you guys would get clever with your scripts!  We're moving as fast as we can to remove the used links. Can you do us a favor and stop finding them so quickly? :)
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Hope to see you there!

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Stayed at this hotel during our trip to Osaka. It's a nice hotel conveniently located next to a train station. The downside is that the train station is not JR, for JR pass holders you still have to pay more money. It takes about half and hour and one exchange to reach the nearest JR station at shin Osaka. The hotel itself is great, with nice convenient room. I really have no complain. There's nothing much around the area though. The happening place Dotonbori is about 30-40 minutes walk, so it isn't that close.
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They have great tonkatsu. Nothing like what you will ever find in US, or in any other places in the world. Their cut is thick, juicy and with crunchy breading. It's absolutely delicious. Get the kurobuta pork cut if you happen to eat there. It's a bit expensive sitting at 2700 yen but absolutely worth it. They also have the tonkatsu sandwich that's also sold at train stations. Perfect for snack or light lunch.
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Had a great lunch with my coworker and a client earlier today. The place is uniquely located in the middle of a residential area. Don't get the wrong impression though because when you go inside, the place looks quite fancy. I had the oxtail dish (forgot the name) with some tomatoes, onions and sweet potatoes. It was quite delicious. My coworker had the seared tuna and he didn't enjoy it as much. Too much sesame he said. My client had the steak and lobster and he thought it was really good. Overall it was a good lunch although it's on the expensive side. It's good to treat yourself or your family once in a while.
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I was bored Friday night (so sad, I know), and was planning to go to my usual ramen place. Before that, I searched around at that other reviewing place to see if there's anything new. That's how I found out about this place. This place must be new since apparently I will be the first reviewer. Allow me to share my experience. I heard the word 'Tsukumen' for the first time from my Japanese colleague. It's basically a dipping style ramen, so it's quite different from the usual soupy based ramen you find elsewhere. I found out that Yokohama Iekei Ramen actually serves this, and it's near where I live. Fun! They have different levels of spiciness for the ramen. I asked the waitress how hot the second level is, and she said it's quite hot. I decided to order it anyway. It's basically a red, oily broth with pork, egg, and some other ingredients. I actually quite enjoyed it. It has a sharp flavor, and the spiciness level is perfect for me (I have quite strong tolerance to spicy food). One thing is that the broth is really oily. I almost had to wipe my mouth with napkins after a few bites. Overall it's a good meal, but I wasn't that impressed. This is my first time eating Tsukemen so I don't really have other preferences. I'm going to Tokyo next month so will definitely find some place that serves good Tsukemen for comparison.
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A few of us had the pleasure of visiting Sukiyabashi Jiro at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo during our visit to Japan last week. This is not the main restaurant by the 85 year old father located in Ginza, but instead it's a mirror restaurant owned by his younger son (Ono Takashi). Both are featured in the documentary 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi'. If you enjoy sushi, I'm pretty sure you've watched, or at least heard about this documentary. (If you haven't, it's available in Netflix) We tried so hard to get a reservation at the main location in Ginza, but we weren't able to get reservations. We weren't even able to call in. I asked my coworker in Tokyo to help us make a reservation, but the phone call never went through. This was months before our trip. Roppongi Hills it is then. We came in with high expectations. We were also afraid that the place might just be another tourist trap. There's also the question if we will be disappointed by not going to the main location in Ginza. The food is not cheap, with pricing ranging around $200-300 per sitting. I don't want this to be a long review, but I must say food and experience is really worth the price of admission. You don't just pay for the item/food, but you're also buying the experience. Takashi's English is pretty good, so he took his time explaining every single sushi he served us. He really paid attention to details as well. What I noticed is that for the shrimp, he left the tails for all the guys, but cut it for the one served to one of my female friends. Same thing for the tamago served at the end. It was left as a whole for the guys, cut in half for the girls. The food itself was amazing. I don't have a very sensitive tongue, and although I enjoy sushi very much, I'm usually quite indifferent. This one is not case. I can see that the sushi he served us is on a much different level. Everything is fresh, and they all taste delicious, unlike anything I've tasted before. Even the wasabi was freshly grated. The uni was really soft and sweet. He gave us some fish that I've never eaten before. Or even heard of. This was also the first time I didn't feel the need of dipping my sushi into the soy sauce, since I'm afraid it will spoil the taste of the fish (I poured some, but didn't use it). He asked us to chew the octopus slowly and feel the taste changes as we chew. Yes, this is the octopus that was massaged for 40 minutes before being served. The texture is very different to the octopus I've ever had before. I wore my +Google Glass and asked for permission to take photos and videos (he was quite fascinated by it). He said it's alright as long as it doesn't show other customers. You can see from the albums a few videos I took when he was making some of the sushi. It's quite an art I'd say, the amount of precision involved during the process. So is it worth it? The total damage for my meal is 26500 Yen, which is equivalent to about $265. And I think it's worth every single Yen. The problem is now I'm spoiled. I'm not sure I will be able to find a better sushi anywhere else anytime soon.
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I seriously love this place. Went back for the second time in two weeks, and the owner Bill and his wife (which is Indonesian!) greeted us happily. They still remember us! What's interesting is their opening hours. They're only open for dinner on Friday. and brunch for Saturday and Sunday. Had a big, hearty meal of prime rib earlier this evening. I asked for medium and the meat is cooked perfectly. The bread was served warm from the oven, and there's this Yorkshire pudding served with the meat that is out of this world! The meal comes with dessert of creme brulee but I took it home since my stomach was just too full. Overall they serve great food, friendly atmosphere. Will definitely come back again.
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This place is a decent place to get Thai food. The interior is a bit on the fancy side, and lights a bit dimmed. Perfect for first dates or just a night out with your friends. I've seen big groups taking the long table as well. The food is good, but doesn't feel that authentic. They serve varieties of beer and wine as well. I would go once in a while if I happen to be in Embarcadero area, but to be honest there are other Thai places that I'd more willing to go.
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