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Why I Use Google+

Well, one of the reasons anyway. We often see articles by so called 'experts' claiming that Google+ is a ghost town. As someone that has been using the platform since beta, I can't share that sentiment. I've met so many awesome people in here, online and offline. It's quite influential that a big percentage of my life actually revolve around the platform. This is something that I can't replicate in other social platforms. This is a brief recap of my offline experience recently.

It's been about a month since I returned from my trip to Indonesia, Singapore, and a short layover in Tokyo. Every time I go out of town/country, I like to contact a few people that I regularly interact on G+. See if they want to meet up for a coffee or just hang out. Below you can find a brief story about how I started my interaction with them, and my experience of meeting these amazing individuals.

I first interacted with +Hitoshi Mitani within the Android Collectibles community here in G+. He buy blank Android minis and customize them with his creation, usually in limited quantities. I told him before my trip last year that I would be be in Tokyo for a short layover, and ask him if I could personally pick up the Kit Kat Android mini he was selling. So I met him for lunch.. He was also kind enough to show me where to find some exotic flavor Kit Kats and took me around town. If you're into Android mini, make sure to follow him to follow his creations.

+Yansen Kamto and I have known each other since early last year in G+. We both added each other, but we didn't talk much. Most of the time we just coolly plus one each other's post. In real life it's probably the same as two guys passing each other saying 'sup' and nothing else. He was coming to SF from Jakarta for a conference last year and asked me if I'm interested in meeting up. It turns out that he's doing a lot of projects that I'm also interested in. When I was in Jakarta he invited me to visit his communal working space and talk with a few startups. He also invited me to give a talk about Google Glass to a bunch of people. 

I know +Irvan Putra and +Adi Wahyu Pribadi from the IT Indonesian Community in G+. Living in US for so long, I don't really know anybody on the tech community in Indonesia. The community is pretty engaging and they sometime do meetups, whether it's in real life or using video Hangouts. I was able to met both of them one evening for a small and meetup while I was in Jakarta. It was quite a short meeting, but we had a great time trading ideas and knowledge. Hopefully next time I'm in Jakarta we can have a bigger meetup. 

I always like to tell the story about how I met +Evan Sidarto. He's my first HIRL (Hangout In Real Life), when the concept of HIRL wasn't that common yet. This was way back in December of 2011, when I was working from Singapore. Bored, I opened my tablet and start browsing G+ posts using the 'Nearby' feature. It basically showed the posts that are tagged with locations around my area. I happened to see Evan's post and wrote some comments. He quickly noticed from the mutual friend list that I know his coworker in Mountain View, and his brother in law that went to the same school as I did.Now, whenever I'm in Singapore I always contact him to see if he can grab some dinner or just hangout.

I know +Daniel Foo. around the same time as Evan through G+, but we didn't meet until about a year ago. He's an avid cyclist and foodie. Although not very active in G+ these days. he still drop by once in a while to my posts. When I eventually met him, he took me to a bike rental to explore the city. Singapore is a beautiful city, but it's quite more fun to see if while biking. We were going to go again on my last trip, but I got sick and had to cancel. He is actually in San Francisco right now for work, and we've been having great time going around the city and biking and Golden Gate park.

I can't recall how I started interacting with +Wilfrid Wong and +Cynthia Arianto. Somehow we just added each other and started talking to each other. It's probably sometime when Diablo 3 was launched. Wilfrid and Cynthia are both passionate gamers. Wilfrid even helped me a few times when we play Diablo 3 and Marvel Heroes. I've met them a few times during my visit to Singapore, and on my last visit they took me hiking. I told my friends and family about it and they were surprised that you can actually hike in Singapore. Definitely a fun experience. 

Same with +Alihana Md. Salleh. I couldn't recall when we start interacting with each other, but she's probably one of the most friendliest person I've met so far (not only on G+). I've met her a few times during my visit to SG, and she always have exciting stories to share. She's also a very active Ingress player. Too bad we're on different faction :)

I didn't realize it was going to be this long. I tried to make it shorter, but I feel every single sentences are important to express how I feel about them, and about G+ in general. I consider myself an introvert, and don't usually like to meet with strangers. These people I mentioned above weren't strangers even before we meet in real life. I've been following them on G+ beforehand, so there was no sense of awkwardness when we finally meet n person. Having common interests definitely help. It's definitely a new experience and out of my comfort zone. 

But I can definitely get used to it. 

 Tagging a few people that might be interested:
+Vic Gundotra +Dave Besbris +Adam Lasnik +Guy Kawasaki +Elisa Samantha Tobing +Eunike Kartini 

An article for +Ziliun maybe +Putri Izzati ? :)
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Hi Ivan:). How are you? Hope you didn't mind me adding you as friends:). Hope to hear from you very soon:). Monte

Ivan Yudhi

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Ramen Mutekiya

I had a chance to try out this famous ramen during my visit to Tokyo on Sunday. I came around 3pm and the line was around 30-45 mins. It never got any shorter even as I was about to get seated.

The hype was definitely justified. It was easily one of the best ramen I've ever tasted. The broth was rich with flavor and had this addictive taste. The noodle has the perfect texture. Not too soft, not too chewy, just the way I like it. The meat is so tender and falls off easily with chopsticks without much effort. So delicious.

If you happen to visit Tokyo it's definitely worth to try. Just allow yourself some waiting time.
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+Wahyu Sudiro Yeah lining up seems to be the trend for a lot of popular restaurants here. Most can only seat around 10 people.
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Ivan Yudhi

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LG V20 - first phone that comes with Nougat?

This was featured on the official Android page. Now I have to admit I haven't been following the leak about the new Nexus, but this one didn't say anything about being a Nexus?
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My nx6p already updated yesterday to Nougat 
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Ivan Yudhi

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Best Lucio?

I know it's only a game, but it's always nice when you get recognized :) This game just keeps getting better and better. Met a few awesome random strangers on the net last night and we've been wrecking havoc.

If you play Overwatch on PC, maybe we can pair up sometimes. I'm always up for a game or two (or twenty...). My Battle net ID: fokusfocus #1656 and I play mostly as (surprise.. surprise..) Lucio.

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+Ivan Yudhi Exactly! 
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Ivan Yudhi

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Take me out to the ball game.. in Seoul!

P.S. for more pics of the cheering squad, cheerleaders, check out my Instagram page below

They're somewhere between my food posts :p

Whether you like baseball or not, you need to go to a baseball game while visiting Korea. It's a very difference experience compared to MLB (and maybe other countries..)

Rather than relaxing under the sun, eating hot dogs and socializing, spectating baseball in Korea is a LOT more involved. Each team has their own cheering squads, leading spectators to sing the songs/chants designated to each players. Each players have their own motions as well. Also, cheerleaders. Let's just say if you like K-pop girl groups, you will like this as well :P

Security is very relaxed, as you're able to bring food and alcohol from outside the stadium. Inside the stadium there are food vendors selling American/Korean food and snacks at regular prices. No upcharge!

It was a really fun experience and I'm glad I had a chance to experience it. I notice baseball is really big in the country. On the subways I notice everyone, boys, girls, old, young, tuning in to the baseball game on their phones, or just checking stats for games.

Make sure to set aside one night to watch a game if you're visiting Korea.
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Ivan Yudhi

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Noryangjin Fish Market

Another thing that shouldn't be missed for your visit to Seoul. In this fish market, you can get your fishes cut on the spot, then bring them to one of the restaurants on the second floor to enjoy it. The restaurants themselves don't serve the main course, but only to cook the seafood that you buy from the market, serves banchan (side dishes), and drinks (soju, soda, etc). This reminds me of a similar experience in muara angke wet market in Jakarta.

This plate of fish cost 10k won (~USD $10), and the cost of the banchan and dining at the restaurant was 7k won. I feel like I got the 'tourist tax', considering from what I read online, the cost of sitting in the restaurant is 5k won. Also, I might be able to haggle down the cost of the fish, but the sellers speak really little English. Still worth it I think. The fishes didn't smell at all, meaning they're really fresh.

This is a bit different from Japanese sashimi, where you just enjoy it with wasabi and soy sauce (you can do that here as well, of course). But what I love is to dip the fish into the gochujang (spicy sauce), put it on the leaf with the green chili and garlic, and put some of the brown sauce in it (forgot what it's called). Wrap it and put it in your mouth. Delicious.

I'm seriously thinking of going back there again for breakfast tomorrow.
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Sushi in Sapporo

I got a chance to visit a local sushi joint last night in Sapporo. The restaurant is located tucked away in some neighborhood. It's a small shop and there were no tourists inside.

The shop was cozy and it seems there are plenty of regulars. The sushi chef seems to know most of the customers. It's a very comforting feeling.

As for the sushi itself, it was definitely one of the best sushi I've ever eaten in my entire life. It was decently priced too, and definitely much cheaper than any of the sushi restaurants I had in Tokyo or outside Japan. They were all so fresh and the uni was really smooth. So delicious.

Thanks to +Yumi S and +Yoshihiro Miura for taking me here last night :)
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+Yumi S​ thank you :) so many places I want to go, so little time! (And money)
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Ivan Yudhi

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Back In Glass

"Is that Google Glass?"

It's been a while since I hear those words. I dusted off my Glass yesterday (like, literally... had to wipe it for a good amount of time to get the dust off) for biking.

We were waiting for a ferry in Tiburon to Angel Island while a family approached me asking about Glass. I gave a bit of demo and let the dad and his two sons tried on Glass. So much excitement on their faces and they kept asking questions while we're on the Ferry. It's awesome to know that there are still some people out there interested in Glass.

It didn't take much time for me readjusting for wearing Glass again. I really love the fact that I was able to take photos and videos hands free while biking. Even used the GPS while we got a bit lost on our way to Tiburon. Much better option than holding a phone in your one hand.

One thing I know for sure is that whenever they release the 2nd gen version for consumer, I'll be getting it day one.

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hmm ... XE working ok here
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Exploring Vancouver!

I got a chance to visit Vancouver this long weekend to visit some Local Guides friends. Please check the post below for the full story :)

#LocalGuides #LGSummit16
I got a chance to visit Vancouver this past weekend, and it was all thanks to Local Guides* :)   and I have known each other for about a few months now. We were two of the 75 Local Guides that were selected for the upcoming Local Guides Summit in San Francisco. At first we were just trying to b...
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I'll be there Saturday! See you guys soon +Kimberly Ann Graham+Ivan Yudhi​ 
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Ivan Yudhi

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No Man's Sky

I pre-ordered the explorer's edition, and while the physical goodies have been delayed, I should be able to play the game on time. The code was sent to me by email earlier today, but I won't be able to install the game until Friday (PC version got delayed.. sigh).

I know the game is already out on PS4 today. Anyone reading this got the game? If yes, how is it? I've been avoiding game footages so far, but I doubt there's much to spoil anyway, considering it's mostly an exploration and open ended game. I'm really looking forward to play this during my Overwatch breaks :)
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Ivan Yudhi

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Prime rib at Colby's

I was a bit bummed when I was scheduled for work in Owensboro, Kentucky last week. My knee jerk reaction was that it was going to be a small town in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and bad food.

I could not be more wrong. The hotel I stayed in was probably the nicest Hampton Inn I've ever stayed in, complete with waterfront next to the Smothers Park right in front of it. The area is being utilized properly by the town's residents (thanks to Pokemon Go!). On Tuesday night there was a country band playing music, and people just pulled lawn chairs and were able to enjoy it for free. Very nice atmosphere.

My coworker and I tried this restaurant recommended by our client (location is attached), and it certainly didn't disappoint. Prime rib was juicy and cooked just the way I like it (medium rare) with proper seasoning. Sweet potato fries was fresh and cooked perfectly (crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside). You can find my full review on Maps.

Overall it felt a bit like mini-vacation rather than a full work trip.

+FoodFriday #FoodFriday
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I've come to learn that being in the "middle of nowhere" isn't so bad. In fact, I prefer living in a smaller city and then visiting the big cities for more food.
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Black bean sauce noodle. At first I thought this is a Korean dish, since it's featured in Korean variety shows. Apparently it's originated from China but became very popular in Korea. I tasted the Chinese version before and like the Korean version better. The one I got here is so much better than any Jajangmyeon I found in US.

Served with radish, raw onions, and kimchi, the flavors really complement each other. I need to hunt for a more authentic Jajangmyeon in US.
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This is a no frills hotel. It's okay if you just need a place to crash for the night. The room looks really old and not well maintained. My biggest issue is that it smells like cigarette everywhere, even in the elevator. The receptionist doesn't speak much English (they do try). In the morning there's this constant beeping sound keeping me awake. A bit annoying. One good thing about this place is the location. It's right across JR Hakodate train station. For the price i guess it's okay, although I feel it's a bit expensive considering what's given. I will look for better options next time I'm visiting Hakodate.
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I didn't know how good Hawaiian bun is on a burger until I visited this place. I'm surprised more burger joints don't offer this. This is my second visit to Utah in two weeks, and for some reason I kept being drawn to this place. They serve variety of burgers and hot dogs with crazy toppings. Love them! I like that they put eggs on burgers, and you can also add it to your hot dogs. For the hot dogs they didn't use regular hot dog buns as well, opting for a different kind of bread (which is also delicious). Overall I like this no frills hot dog / burger joint. I'm probably going to come back here a few more times before going back home.
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We went straight here to get late lunch / early dinner from the airport last Sunday. It was one of the few BBQ places that were actually open on a Sunday. I ordered the two entree meal, with pulled pork and beef brisket. Both were juicy and delicious. For the sides I had fried okra which was just meh, and the creamed corn which was super amazing! It also comes with a very unique cornbread, and it's also super tasty. So it's more of a BBQ chain, but I have never seen it anywhere else. Personally I loved it (can't find good BBQ in California) and would definitely go back if I have a chance.
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This is a Korean fusion eatery, serving all sorts kind of interesting food that you don't usually find in regular Korean restaurants. I went here while looking for kimbab. Ordered a few rolls, and must say wasn't too impressed. But the other day I tried ordering the Seoul burger and sweet potato fries, now those were pretty good. Beef patty, bulgogi beef, egg inside of a burger bun, served with the sweet potato fries (which is just okay), pretty good food. All in all, if you're bored with regular Korean restaurants, you can try the food in here. The also serve larvae, which I don't event think of trying. But hey maybe some of you are adventurous enough? :)
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