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Why I Use Google+

Well, one of the reasons anyway. We often see articles by so called 'experts' claiming that Google+ is a ghost town. As someone that has been using the platform since beta, I can't share that sentiment. I've met so many awesome people in here, online and offline. It's quite influential that a big percentage of my life actually revolve around the platform. This is something that I can't replicate in other social platforms. This is a brief recap of my offline experience recently.

It's been about a month since I returned from my trip to Indonesia, Singapore, and a short layover in Tokyo. Every time I go out of town/country, I like to contact a few people that I regularly interact on G+. See if they want to meet up for a coffee or just hang out. Below you can find a brief story about how I started my interaction with them, and my experience of meeting these amazing individuals.

I first interacted with +Hitoshi Mitani within the Android Collectibles community here in G+. He buy blank Android minis and customize them with his creation, usually in limited quantities. I told him before my trip last year that I would be be in Tokyo for a short layover, and ask him if I could personally pick up the Kit Kat Android mini he was selling. So I met him for lunch.. He was also kind enough to show me where to find some exotic flavor Kit Kats and took me around town. If you're into Android mini, make sure to follow him to follow his creations.

+Yansen Kamto and I have known each other since early last year in G+. We both added each other, but we didn't talk much. Most of the time we just coolly plus one each other's post. In real life it's probably the same as two guys passing each other saying 'sup' and nothing else. He was coming to SF from Jakarta for a conference last year and asked me if I'm interested in meeting up. It turns out that he's doing a lot of projects that I'm also interested in. When I was in Jakarta he invited me to visit his communal working space and talk with a few startups. He also invited me to give a talk about Google Glass to a bunch of people. 

I know +Irvan Putra and +Adi Wahyu Pribadi from the IT Indonesian Community in G+. Living in US for so long, I don't really know anybody on the tech community in Indonesia. The community is pretty engaging and they sometime do meetups, whether it's in real life or using video Hangouts. I was able to met both of them one evening for a small and meetup while I was in Jakarta. It was quite a short meeting, but we had a great time trading ideas and knowledge. Hopefully next time I'm in Jakarta we can have a bigger meetup. 

I always like to tell the story about how I met +Evan Sidarto. He's my first HIRL (Hangout In Real Life), when the concept of HIRL wasn't that common yet. This was way back in December of 2011, when I was working from Singapore. Bored, I opened my tablet and start browsing G+ posts using the 'Nearby' feature. It basically showed the posts that are tagged with locations around my area. I happened to see Evan's post and wrote some comments. He quickly noticed from the mutual friend list that I know his coworker in Mountain View, and his brother in law that went to the same school as I did.Now, whenever I'm in Singapore I always contact him to see if he can grab some dinner or just hangout.

I know +Daniel Foo. around the same time as Evan through G+, but we didn't meet until about a year ago. He's an avid cyclist and foodie. Although not very active in G+ these days. he still drop by once in a while to my posts. When I eventually met him, he took me to a bike rental to explore the city. Singapore is a beautiful city, but it's quite more fun to see if while biking. We were going to go again on my last trip, but I got sick and had to cancel. He is actually in San Francisco right now for work, and we've been having great time going around the city and biking and Golden Gate park.

I can't recall how I started interacting with +Wilfrid Wong and +Cynthia Arianto. Somehow we just added each other and started talking to each other. It's probably sometime when Diablo 3 was launched. Wilfrid and Cynthia are both passionate gamers. Wilfrid even helped me a few times when we play Diablo 3 and Marvel Heroes. I've met them a few times during my visit to Singapore, and on my last visit they took me hiking. I told my friends and family about it and they were surprised that you can actually hike in Singapore. Definitely a fun experience. 

Same with +Alihana Md. Salleh. I couldn't recall when we start interacting with each other, but she's probably one of the most friendliest person I've met so far (not only on G+). I've met her a few times during my visit to SG, and she always have exciting stories to share. She's also a very active Ingress player. Too bad we're on different faction :)

I didn't realize it was going to be this long. I tried to make it shorter, but I feel every single sentences are important to express how I feel about them, and about G+ in general. I consider myself an introvert, and don't usually like to meet with strangers. These people I mentioned above weren't strangers even before we meet in real life. I've been following them on G+ beforehand, so there was no sense of awkwardness when we finally meet n person. Having common interests definitely help. It's definitely a new experience and out of my comfort zone. 

But I can definitely get used to it. 

 Tagging a few people that might be interested:
+Vic Gundotra +Dave Besbris +Adam Lasnik +Guy Kawasaki +Elisa Samantha Tobing +Eunike Kartini 

An article for +Ziliun maybe +Putri Izzati ? :)
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Hi Ivan:). How are you? Hope you didn't mind me adding you as friends:). Hope to hear from you very soon:). Monte

Ivan Yudhi

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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone! Greetings from Hong Kong! Rather than doing my yearly trip back home to meet my family, we decided to do something different this time.

Considering we live in three different countries, we decided to meet in the middle. Ok 'middle' might be a stretch, since my trip is much longer than theirs. I really don't mind it though.

In any case, hopefully you all have a wonderful holidays! Let 2017 be better than ever :)
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+Leo Deegan happy holidays! Hope you have a good one :)
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Ivan Yudhi

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Who's ready for Rogue One?

Finished my work early and decided to check out tickets for Rogue One. Surprisingly there are still many seats available. Assigned seating and recliner chair as well. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Anyone else watching it this weekend as well? No Spoilers please :)
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Might go and see this tomorrow... all being well ;) 
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Ivan Yudhi

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Poutine Tots

Who says stadium food has to suck? This poutine tots is delicious. It's official Levi's Stadium has the best stadium food. Watching the Pac 12 Championship game between Washington Huskies and Colorado Buffaloes and it's been a great game so far

#foodfriday +FoodFriday 
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+Ivan Yudhi I've never had poutine, but I'm very excited to give it a go! Thank you for sharing this variation with us. Yum!
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Ivan Yudhi

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Who's ready for BlizzCon 2016?

Just got my goody bag today, just in time for the start of BlizzCon tomorrow :) I won't be going in person though. As much as I want to go, it's just too much time and energy invested to go to these kind of events. I'm not particularly a big fan of all the waiting and standing in endless lines.

Instead, I got the virtual ticket, which allows me to watch most of the sessions and competitive matches from the comfort of my home. I'll be definitely tuning in, especially for the Overwatch stuff. Should be a fun weekend!

I honestly haven't had this much interest in gaming for so many years. Yes I do buy games here and there (as you can see in this collection), but honestly I didn't really play them a lot. Nothing really hits home for me in terms of excitement. Well, until Overwatch..

Overwatch is actually the only game I play almost daily these days, and whenever I'm out of town, I actually miss the ability of not playing it.

I've had much respect with Blizzard as a company as well. It's not often that a company can maintain support for a game for years, while keeping interest in the community.

Blizzard also has one of the most dedicated fans in the gaming community. I feel like the community is just amazing (aside from a few bad apples during online play).

I came across this post on one of their forums and I must say it almost made my shed some tears:

Very heartwarming replies as well. I'm hoping this guy will have an amazing time at BlizzCon.

Anyone reading this going to be at BlizzCon? If yes please share plenty of photos so I can enjoy it too! +Rennie Allen maybe? :)

P.S. The Tracer and Pharah figurines aren't part of the goody box. I happened to have it on my desk, so I decided to include it in the photo.

#BlizzCon   #BlizzCon2016  
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We had a great time +Rennie Allen as we do every year. You throw quite a show. We leave always wishing there was a third day :)
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Ivan Yudhi

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Oh hey there Pixel!

Woke up this morning and got a notification that my Pixel XL has been delivered to the FedEx distribution center. So I made the quick drive to pick it up. Talk about a reason to wake up in the morning eh?

Setup was a breeze. Rather than importing everything from my 6P, I decided to set it up as a new device and start fresh.

I'm thinking if I want to do a written review or a video review, maybe after 1-2 weeks of usage. No unboxing video though. If you have any questions or if you want me to test anything, let me know in the comments below and I'll see if I can find the answers.
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hai sangat bagus
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Ivan Yudhi

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Happy New Year 2017!

It's already 10am here on the 1st and I just woke up. This was taken last night while we were waiting for the New Year's eve fireworks with +Juliana K​, her husband and her friends :)

Juliana and I met through the +Google Local Guides​ program when she came to SF for the Local Guides Summit last year. She's been showing me around Hong Kong these past few days and took me to some places and restaurants where I wouldn't be able to go otherwise. And now thanks to her we were able to find a spot with (relatively) less crowd to enjoy the turn of the year!

2016 has been a really interesting year. I'm looking forward to see what 2017 has for us. Less drama would be nice, I think many of us can agree to that.

Happy New year all! And for those still waiting for the countdown, stay safe! Don't go too crazy! :)
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Is that weight loss part of the plans for 2017? .😉 Belated new year greetings !
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Ivan Yudhi

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A few weeks ago, in a galaxy not so far far away...

Me: Hey, can you put me on the ground for the rest of the year? I think I've had enough work travel for this year..
Manager: I was about to schedule you for this trip in Hawaii. Do you not...
Me: YES! I'll take it! Sign me up! I'll do it! Forget what I just said!!!!
Manager: Uhh.. Okay then...

So that's how I ended up in Hawaii this past week for work. Most of the time was spent on the client's site (of course), but I did get around 1.5 days exploring the island, plus the evenings walking around Waikiki beach, the hotel where I stayed.

It's not nearly enough of course, but I had a lot of fun. Wasn't looking forward to going back, considering how cold SF is right now.

I took this picture yesterday in Sunset beach before my flight at midnight. No filtered applied and I think I'm quite satisfied with the results. Hopefully I'll get to visit again in the future

P.S. I shared many photos during the trip on my Instagram, so if you're interested feel free to check it out below :)

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ALoha ♥ gorgeous image 
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Ivan Yudhi

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Super Mario Run and Nintendo Switch

You know how they say when you're a kid you have all the time in the world to play games, but you don't have money to buy games, but as an adult actually have money to buy games but no time to play? I feel like that's pretty much true in my case.

Watching Jimmy's reactions, whether it was genuine or not, really made me smile and gave me a warm feeling. So jealous that he's able to meet Mr. Miyamoto. Nintendo hasn't been doing well lately, but I've always been a fan of them. They always try to make games that makes you happy.
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+Ivan Yudhi I was tempted by FF XV. But because Playstation is not backward compatible, I don't think I will ever buy a PS again. 
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Ivan Yudhi

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First things first. If you're on Snapchat, please add me. My username: fokusfocus

So yeah, my curiosity got the best of me this time. Ended up getting this on eBay. Quite less than the average selling price, but still a bit more than what I would've wanted to pay for it.

I contemplated hard whether I really want to spend the money or not, but I figure there are worse things I could've spent the money on. Like funding election campaign for certain political party*. At least this way the money is spent on silliness and may bring laughter to some people.


I'm not a big Snapchat user, but I've always been interested with wearables. After this was introduced, I'm very curious to find out why it's so popular and accepted to public quite easily.

After I got it I realized that I wasn't able to use it optimally due to two reasons:
1. I wear prescription glasses (no way I'm stacking them)
2. It only comes in shades (can't wear them when it's dark)

So I looked around to find if anyone's able to put prescription lenses on it. Unsurprisingly, Rochester Optical came to the rescue. They did the same thing for Google Glass after all.

The result can be seen on the image on this post. Pardon the selfie, I promise not to do this a lot.

Anyway, please add me on Snapchat if you have one. I'll be experimenting with this a lot to see why people are so hooked into it. Let's see how it goes :)

* Any political comments will be deleted. Welcome to my walled garden.

** For those that don't know what this is all about, check out the following article
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+Ivan Yudhi they are pretty easy to pop in and out? doesn't feel like your might break them? maybe i should just try w/o lenses for a day
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Ivan Yudhi

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Welcome home, Google Home!

And good bye Alexa? Well, let's find out.

I finally got my Google Home earlier today and have been playing around with it after work. I've seen early reports that there are currently some functionalities in Amazon Echo that haven't quite make it to Home just yet. Just an FYI, I consider Amazon Echo to be my best gadget purchase of 2014.

So I went ahead and tested three things that I'm using Echo for daily:

- Stream music
- Set alarm
- Turning on and off lights

One thing that annoys me about Echo is that it only supports Amazon music. As a Prime subscriber I get free access to their music library, but it's very lacking. I ended up uploading songs manually so I can listen them through Echo. Not very convenient. With Home I'm able to access my Play music and Youtube content easily, which how I usually listen to music.

Set alarm - I tested this and no issue whatsoever. Nothing special here.

Philips Hue bulb integration. Now this is a bit interesting. I found that certain keywords might mess up with the voice recognition. With Echo I was able to say 'Alexa, turn lamps on' and it would turn on both of my lights (I named them 'lamp one' and 'lamp two'.. not very good I know)

With Home, it wasn't really working. When I said 'Ok Google, turn lamps on, it responded with something in the line of 'I'm sorry I don't understand what you want me to do'. And let's say when I have light two off, and I say 'Ok Google, turn on lamp two', it responded with 'Dimming lights to 1%', then it would go ahead and set both of my lights to 1%. I had no problem with Echo on this.

So I played around with the keywords, and changed them to 'light one' and 'light two'. After this change, everything works fine. I was able to say 'Ok Google, turn lights off / on' and it would to the action correctly. Same with 'turn on/off light one/two'. Small glitch but nothing serious.

I also found the voice recognition is much better on Home, with faster response. I have a music playlist called 'Korean' on Amazon Prime Music, and whenever I say 'Alexa, play Korean playlist' it will respond with 'I can't find a playlist called Korean BBQ, would you like me to create one?' Look, I know I speak English with an accent, but I didn't think it's that bad. I'm glad to find out that this is not an issue with Google Home.

The responses are also more natural to hear. For example when I say 'Ok Google/Alexa, shuffle songs'. With Echo, the respond is 'Shuffling songs'. With Home, it''s 'Alright, music will start shuffling after this track''. It might be little things, but it definitely makes the experience more enjoyable.

So that's my short experience with Google Home. I'll keep playing around and see if anything breaks, but at this point I'm almost pretty sure I'll be retiring my Amazon Echo soon..

If you're curious about anything or have any cool tips and tricks you want to share, please feel free to comment below :)
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Can you get them to talk to each other?
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Ivan Yudhi

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Happy Halloween!

Alright, I don't celebrate Halloween in general, nor usually make these kind of posts. But this just gives me an excuse to share my latest Android mini collectible :)

Meet Frank. He's in tech support, and well, you know how it can be a nightmare sometime dealing with them :P Definitely one of my favorites.

If you're interested in acquiring Frank you can get it from the following link (among other collections):

The ghost one was a custom creation I acquired a few years ago. Boo!

Disclaimer: I don't get paid for posting the link above (although that would be nice :p ). Most of the times I get at least one person asking where to get this from whenever I make these kind of posts. i.e. this is NOT a sponsored post.
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