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Where is the LinkedIn Publishing Platform Application Form?

And how can you use it to develop your business? I just got access and did a quick experiment this morning. I wrote a blog post that took 30 min. Look at the number of visitors the article got.

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Ivan Walsh

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Are you a grammar nazi? 

Slate has a recent article on how to stop being a grammar bully. Interesting in many ways but one of the things it overlooks – it can’t cover every angle, I guess – it when and how you can correct another’s grammar. Or should you just let it go?

@denise_bryson– I’m such a grammar nazi that if I spell something wrong in a tweet, I have to delete it.

From Slate: “Those who engage in public corrections of this sort often are looking to feel good about themselves, and, according to Benoît Monin, a psychology professor at Stanford University. “Another is to give myself evidence that other people’s language skills suck. So by putting down other people, I can feel better about myself.”

Here’s another example from NPR.

John Hicks-Courant from Palm Harbor, FL, recently wrote:

“NPR’s journalists routinely use the word “decimate” when they mean to denote “completely ruined or destroyed.” “Decimate” means to kill every tenth person or soldier as a means of mass punishment.
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thanks for that +Milan Davidovic I love this kind of stuff. says a lot about me, huh? :)
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Ivan Walsh

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13 guidelines for web writing

1. Learn how write interesting headlines. Headlines are the ad for your article. If it’s not interesting enough to get a reader to click on it, what you’ve written doesn’t get read.

2. Open with an interesting question, fact, opinion that draws the reader in. Make them want to read on.

3. Understand how links should work. Be selective in where and how you add links to your article. You don’t want reader leaving your site too early. But, remember, at some point they will leave. With this in mind, add links that direct them to the sites YOU indirectly benefit if they visit.

4. Write short sentences. Read Hemingway to get a feel for concise prose.

5. Understand the pyramid writing technique. Journalists will explain this to you. Most magazine articles, especially on newspapers use this structure.

6. Create a hierarchy. Build from the top and expand your article as you go down. Neil Patel suggests that you finish with a Summary paragraph. This works very well for longer articles

7. Trigger Emotions. Write to evokes fear, inspiration, or jealousy. Sharing secrets is another way to draw readers in.

8. Use statistics, facts, research findings to give your articles more depth. Good examples of this are on the sites.

9. Make is scannable.
Create an editorial calendar. Without this your content will have no structure, no consistency, no unique voice. You’ll look back at it after a year and wonder, ‘what was that about?’ Tip: use Google Calendar to share your calendar across teams.

10; Give readers a reason to come back again. Remember, there are millions of sites out there, so what you write really has to stand out. Write content that is so impressive/interesting/unique that they feel that HAVE TO share it.

11. Examine Google Analytics to identify the types of posts that get the most traffic, shares, and comments. This helps you examine your materials objectively and avoid gut feelings about what’s working. Facts don’t lie!

12. Solve problems. Barry Feldman suggests that you should, “Zero in our goal. The discipline of writing content may resemble journalism more so than advertising, but you need to remind yourself what you’re doing is marketing. You want the reader to respond.”

13. Give other hope. Trust me on this :)

What else would you add? 

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Thanks Ivan. I'm much better at tweets! I'll take a look, anything has to help :)
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Ivan Walsh

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Most ebooks are sold for under 10 dollars. While this seems to make sense at first -it's only an ebook, right? - this low price strategy tends to backfire. 

You'd actually sell MORE ebooks if you doubled the price.


Read the 3 mistakes to avoid when pricing ebooks. See if you agree. Love to hear what you think, Ivan
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Ivan Walsh

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It's going to be tough for the social media company to face off against an innovative Chinese giant.
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Ivan Walsh

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Tutorial from +Matt Cutts on how to address unnatural links on your site. Example are included, included excessive link exchanges, dodgy forum link, and selling links.

Selling links is bad juju - you know that right? 

Ok, here's what you need to do next.
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Ivan Walsh

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Over 50? How to Start a Web Business That Matches Your Skills

In the coming weeks, I’ll give you examples of the different types of businesses that suit over 50s (and under 50s can run with these ideas too). Some are obvious, whereas others you may not have thought of.

Before We Start

Before I do that, there something you can do to get started.

Make a list of the three things that give you the most pleasure in life. Maybe it’s taking care of animals, coin collecting, photography, classic cars, embroidery, dtp, ceramics, musical instruments or another field.

Then type the name of that field and the word Blog (for example, Coin Collecting Blog) into Google and see what comes back. What may surprise you are the number of people already running web businesses about these fields.

But here’s the next step.
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Ivan Walsh

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wonderful pic of abandoned cemetery. h/t +John Paul Aguiar 
I love finding old abandoned cemeteries!!
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How much do you think probloggers really make per hour? More than you?  
Kristi Hines, one of the most successful bloggers, looked at the hidden costs of running a blog, especially for those who want to make the leap into full-time professional blogging. See if you agree.
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Ivan Walsh

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  Published last year (23 April 2013), Mason Currey's Daily Rituals: How Artists Work took an in-depth look at the daily routines of 161 of history's most inspiring minds. Data visualization a...
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Makes you think, doesn't it?
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