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Ivan Rojas
Engineer, Photographer, Father and very human.
Engineer, Photographer, Father and very human.

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Sign the petition!

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WVIL, the way of the future. Any bets on what OS does this run?

UPDATE: As +Robert Scoble said "it was a video shot last year. So [it's] obviously fake. Yes, I'm a sucker for interesting stuff."

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Chase's focuses our attention to focus.

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Last night I heard about Katie, a 22 yr old mother of 13 and in charge of other 1600+ kids. Her story is beyond comprehension, it's simply awesome.

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If you missed the hangout.

Google is a teenager now. Congratulations!

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Another great idea from +Colby Brown

Because Google+ does not currently offer nested/public groups, I have created a Photo Critiquing List on Group.As.

The idea is to add your name to this list so that you can find other individuals that want to learn to be better photographers as well. From here you can can create your own circle and then post images that you wish to be critiqued to your "Photo Critiquing" Circle.

Click on the link below and add your name if you are interested. By joining this list, you are allowing others in the list to post images to you and in turn you, you can do the same. However this only works if you both give and receive critiques. Everyone loves engagement. By learning to train your eye to see what you like and do not like about an image, you can then apply that to your own work.


1.) Add your name to the List
2.) Check back in 1 hour
3.) Create a new circle on G+
4.) Go back to the list and added everyone on this list to your "Photo Critiquing" circle
5.) When you are ready and want a critique, add "BEHIND THE LENS - PHOTO CRITIQUE" to the very top of your post (MAKE SURE TO ONLY POST TO YOUR "PHOTO CRITIQUE" CIRCLE. WE DON"T WANT TO ANNOY OUR OTHER FOLLOWERS)
6.) If you are part of this list, you then need to give some feedback to the poster

Then we all win! :)

This is for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM feedback. This means that you have to explain WHY you don't like something or want it changed. Just random feedback with no explanation doesn't help anyone learn.


If you sign into Group.As and verify your profile (its very easy and there are instructions) then when you go to this list, it will tell you who you have in your circles and who you don't. Your G+ account has to publicly show who you have in circles though.

It is great for staying active in the Photo Critique Group


BEHIND THE LENS is the name of my photo education workshops, webinars and behind the scenes information on all my work.

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Here's my first photo. Off we go! Godspeed Atlantis!

I'll be honest, the tears were streaming down my face. It's unlike anything I have viewed ever before and I've viewed some awesome things.

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Love this idea.
hi all,

we, at google+ are passionate about bringing people together. and for us on hangouts it’s about really connecting small groups together face to face (to face to face... ). bringing people together from around the world... and bringing them together in a new way. we all have a human need to connect and communicate. some find communicating in this world easier than others.

one area that i'm personally quite passionate about is facilitating communications and community for the deaf. my grandfather, aunt, and uncle were/are all deaf. while i’m very much a novice, i find ASL to be a beautiful expressive language. i hope that hangouts can be awesome for the deaf & hh community as well as the hearing.

that said, i know that Hangouts aren’t good enough yet for this purpose. voice switching on the loudest speaker isn’t the right cue in this world; we need an indicator for who has the floor; i’m sure there are subtle issues that i don’t know.

so i’m asking for help. i’d like to invite a set of deaf/hh users and their signing families into Google+. we need folks who will actively dogfood Hangouts with their friends and family. we need folks who will partner with us, giving us feedback and iterating with us. i’ll jump them to the front of the invite line to get into Google+. (don’t tell Vic!)

so... how?

if you sign and are yourself deaf or are friend/family to someone who is, and you're willing to help... let's get your signing friends & family into g+. send me a private post letting me know.

we’ll hold a few signing hangouts with you to verify, and then give a set of invites for those verified to give out.

as always, thanks for being part of the overall community, and thanks for those would be willing to help us with this effort.

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