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A useful programming language is a small language with rich core library. C++ is a massive language, with little in the core library ...

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The best overview of rights and freedoms in the internet age!

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#‎nerdalert‬ Lately I started using cmake to create Visual Studio C++ projects. Is something wrong with me, or with Visual Studio? Somehow it doesn't feel right, yet it works nicely compared to the alternatives. :)

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Looks like I, or Google, is missing something obvious here. Let me try: Google owns two of the most popular email applications - the one running on their web site, and the one running on Android. Isn't it much more easier, fool-proof and even more secure, if they add a little check box (for simplest use) and a bunch of options (for the power users and the one who seriously care) to add encryption to Gmail?! Honestly, what is the advantage of a browser extension?!

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Writing Quick Code in C++, Quickly
If you like, follow up with the other similar videos.

In terms of libraries, C++ is worse than hell. Today's discovery - Microsoft's libraries don't support strptime! Folks, I understand you don't think much of Unix, but how about some alternative date/time handling?! Unmanaged if possible ...

Who gives a f@#$* about JSON when you have property_tree!
That's how C++ supports JSON, at least in the "main" two libraries: nothing in std (the first tier), as a side product of boost::property_tree (to me boost is sort of the second tier).
Good enough you say? Well it would have been, but to keep the awesomeness of the boost::property_tree the gang behind boost had to sacrifice a bit of otherwise useless JSON (who wouldn't). Variable names containing "." (like "min.value") are illegal in the C++ JSON.

Can't opt out from Google ads, changing settings "fails". Dafuq Google, hard to believe this is unintentional?!

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