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                              SPHINX Circle

I’m honored to have all these fantastic people inside this historic circle! People inside the Sphinx circle are top active and first class google+ engagers and help you to supercharge your google+ network with historic themes.
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Fairytale circles have now changed into historic themed circles. So let's make a small journey into the past and enlarge our google+ engagement with some amazing,cruel & beautiful people from the past.
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This is my newest circle with historic theme and
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SPHINX is the following circle of
Pharaohs Circle:

Join my Amazing pictures & circles community to have a better chance to be included in the next circle!

The largest and most famous sphinx is the Great Sphinx of Giza, situated at the Giza Plateau adjacent to the Great Pyramids of Giza on the west bank of the Nile River and facing due east (29°58′31″N 31°08′15″E). The sphinx is located to the east of and below the pyramids. Although the date of its construction is uncertain, the head of the Great Sphinx now is believed to be that of the pharaoh Khafra.
What names their builders gave to these statues is not known. At the Great Sphinx site, the inscription on a stele by Thutmose IV in 1400 BCE, lists the names of three aspects of the local sun deity of that period, Khepera–Rê–Atum. The inclusion of these figures in tomb and temple complexes quickly became traditional and many pharaohs had their heads carved atop the guardian statues for their tombs to show their close relationship with the powerful solar deity, Sekhmet, a lioness. Other famous Egyptian sphinxes include one bearing the head of the pharaoh Hatshepsut, with her likeness carved in granite, which is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the alabaster sphinx of Memphis, Memphis, Egypt, currently located within the open-air museum at that site. The theme was expanded to form great avenues of guardian sphinxes lining the approaches to tombs and temples as well as serving as details atop the posts of flights of stairs to very grand complexes. Nine hundred with ram heads, representing Amon, were built in Thebes, where his cult was strongest.
Perhaps the first sphinx in Egypt was one depicting Queen Hetepheres II, of the fourth dynasty that lasted from 2723 BCE to 2563. She was one of the longest-lived members of the royal family of that dynasty.
The Great Sphinx has become an emblem of Egypt, frequently appearing on its stamps, coins, and official documents

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I apologize if I made any mistake!

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Understanding the Effects of Bullying!

Short-term Effects of Bullying
Short-term effects with regards to physical bullying may be considered as temporary consequences. However one should always be aware of them as they may have relevance to future psychological disorders or difficulties. The short-term effects would describe the healing process after a beating. It would refer to the body’s natural ability to mend itself following a laceration or bruising. The reduction in a “bump” or re-growth of pulled out hair. A need to wear a wrist-guard after suffering a sprained wrist, or using crutches after enduring broken bones or dislocated joints.
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Precious Tiny Kittens Discovering the Wonders of Straws!
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cute puppy puzzled by the hose..
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It's more of the fact how that is hitting closer to home than I'd like to admit.... I thank you for the words of wisdom.

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Don't leave me....don't don't....don't.......

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Have him in circles
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