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Ivan Nikolov
Exploring the Boundaries of Human Potential
Exploring the Boundaries of Human Potential

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Why I Never Use the Word DIET!

I make an important distinction between the word "diet" and the word "lifestyle" as it comes to nutrition. In this vide, I share what I see as a diet and what to me is lifestyle - - and why I almost never use the word "diet".


About me:

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Overweight? The ONLY Reason Why! The ONLY Solution! How to Prevent It!


The ONLY reason why!
The ONLY solution!
What can go wrong!
How to prevent it!

I’m giving you everything I know!

Even what I kept for paying clients only!

Radical knowledge...

NOT what the gym trainer tells you
NOT what the fitness industry wants you to know
NOT what gvmt tells you
NOT what weight loss gurus tell you

All the tools. Everything you’ll ever need to know. I’m holding nothing back.

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A Great Alternative to Bodyweight Barbell Rows, Bodyweight Barbell Row Alternative

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x10 Horizontal Pull-ups - Pull-Up To Front Lever [I didn't make it!!!]

The horizontal pull-up is an exercise where you start from a hang, then as you begin to do a pull-up you raise your body until it is parallel to the ground and you are completely pulled up. Basically, when your chest touches the pull-up bar your body is in a horizontal position.

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Most Epic Super Slow Motion Muscle-Up

Watch as I struggle to do a super slow motion muscle-up. Do I make it happen or not?! This time... I don't know. You will tell!

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The No.1 reason why people don't succeed when they start something is this: THEY DON'T HAVE A STRONG MOTIVATION TO SUCCEED!

Question: Do you know WHY you want to achieve what you want to achieve in whatever project you're embarking on?

Here's a tool that will help you determine exactly how motivated you are to achieve the results that you want - in fitness or in anything else in life.

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Training Fundamentals #3: Know your why's [Your motivation]

There are reasons why people succeed when they embark on a project - whatever the project might be.. including fat loss, muscle gain, getting fit - and there are reasons why people fail.

These reasons have a specific name and there is a way to determine the level of these reasons. The truth is the level must be high if you want to have a great chance at succeeding with your project - whether it is to alter how you look or any other project.

Watch this video to learn what these reasons are called and to learn how easily to check the level at which you are on your reasons.
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