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List of +Google Play games with Google Play Games Services Cloud Save capability (as of Jan. 19 2014):

• Frontline Commando: D-Day
• Reaper
• Marble Blast - Zodiac Online
• Jewels 2
• Sheep Happens
• The Square - Puzzle Game
• Cyclone 2000
• Space Saw
• Riptide GP2
• Need A Hero
• Slingshot Racing
• FallDown HD
• Arkanoid style game - Krakoid
• Quell Reflect+
• Sprinkle Island
• Beach Buggy Blitz
• Wind-Up Knight
• Eternity Warriors 2
• Grandpa's Table
• Maze Legends: The Beginning
• Sheep Happens
• Real Racing 3
• Giant Boulder of Death
• Ball Maze
• Super Stickman 2
• Plants vs Zombies 2
• Combo Crew
• Adventure Town
• Clash of the Clans
• Archangel

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10/8 - Added the following 4:
• Sprinkle Island
• Beach Buggy Blitz
• Wind-Up Knight
• Eternity Warriors 2
+Scott Miller Thanks for the recommendation Scott, if you do confirm, let me know and I'll update the list.
+Ivan Martinez they have told me it is in the works, but they said that months ago. Shouldn't take this long. 
Giant Boulder of Death has cloud saves.  It doesn't list it in the description but it's listed in the what’s new section.
+'Ammar Ismail Cloud Save isn't listed in Real Racing 3's features, just achievements.

+Josh Haug Saw it in the "What's New" and I've added Giant Boulder of Death to the list. Thanks!
+Ivan Martinez cloud save is often not a listed feature unfortunately. They need to make a badge for it. 
Adventure Town has cloudsaves
Dungeon Keeper by EA has cloud saves, but non us only
Shame this list hasn't been updated in so long :'(
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