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Campaign for Plus One Magazine - need your input

Let's throw around some ideas and launch this thing next week!

Most of you said let's go ahead and try Kickstarter campaign for the first issue of Plus One Magazine. Can't see any downside to trying, so why not?

First, what should be our goal? I'm thinking $5,000. Why? No idea. But sounds like a good goal to set. What do you think?

Second, Kickstarter has levels of support, and here's what I think and where I hope you can provide feedback.

By pledge amounts -

$5 - PDF of the magazine
$15 - same as above + print version mailed to US/Canada address
$20 - same as above - international shipping
$25 - same as abobe + sponsor level (name will be included in sponsors online page on our website + link to sponsors' website)
$75 - sponsor print level - same as above + name will be included in PDF and print version of the magazine
$100 - fine art limited edition issue - same as above + each issue mailed will include one limited edition print from the issue
$500 - advertising - full page ad in the issue of the magazine.

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That sounds like a great plan! The pricing is great, and though I know nothing about Kickstarter, I've heard some buzz about it, and think it seems good choice. I can't wait for the first issue! :)
Ivan, I think the above represents a solid breakdown of the levels. One minor suggestion on the breakdown - there seems to be a price point missing in the $50 range as you go from $25 to $75. Perhaps you could offer a $50 pledge level and the benefit would be 2 copies of the print, 1 for you and another for a friend?

Kickstart is great for getting rapid funding and no one looses anything if the project doesn't happen (accept the project doesn't get funded). Kickstart projects that do well generally are accompanied by a well done and polished video explaining the project. I know there is some professionally doen video on the book project - do you think that could be made available for the kickstart project? Alternatively there may be some folks in the G+ community willing to donate time on filming, and post production on a piece specific for the Kickstart project.
+Chris Smith good point on the $50 and great idea about two copies. Or even three?

Yes, agree with you on the video. We should put one together - though I don't have any experience in that area. I can try to piece one together if no one steps up.
I like the levels but I have a question about advertising. Any company could advertise in the magazine or the company must be related to photography?
exactly I was thinking the same. I never use Kickstarter, so my question is, could you reject a plegde?
Sounds great. I love the projects on Kickstarter and I think this project will have no problem with a $5,000 goal, in fact I would not be surprised to see this amount doubled by the end of the three months. However I thought they had a policy that the project cannot be for charity as the platform for kickstarter was to make sure the donations when to help artist and their projects not raise funds for Non-profit- you will want to just check on this.
+piper mackay yes, you're right. I was just reading through the terms, and it appears they're pretty clean on that. I did just discover a similar platform - - which is probably the route we will go.
Great +Ivan Makarov I was sure there was another platform that would work for this great project I just did not of one to mention so I am glad you discovered Start some good.
Sounds like a really good plan, glad your found an alternative to Kickstarter.
Have you looked to see how much money successful projects similar to yours have raised?
Glad you found something else too Startsomegood seems a cool alternative.
As for the pricing plans they sound good too
Looks good to me and thank you for that alternative site, something else to look at
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