Plus One Collection News + New Project

It's been a while since the last update, so here it is.

First, the Limited Edition version of the book is now in full production - meaning, the copies are being printed this week. We hope they will ship soon, which means those of you who ordered them will get them few days after I receive the shipment. I'll pack and ship right away.

Second, standard edition, ebook and the app will be released in the next couple of weeks. We're almost there - just need to finalize the final details.

Third, we created Facebook page for the project. Facebook is our second largest source of traffic on our website, so why not create a page for the book? It will help us spread the news to our friends who are not yet active on Google+. Please "like" our Facebook page if you have a FB account - link is below.

Fourth, later this week we'll be launching a new project in connection with our book. We have quite a few in the works, but this one will be an offshoot of the book that will help us promote some of the artists who are sharing their work in the book.

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