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Interested in being published for charity? Read this

A bit of a background. Few years ago like most of you I was very active on Flickr. The community was great there and we got together several times and published our own magazine, and a few books focused on photography. Below is a sample of that effort. I had my photos in there, so did +Thomas Hawk , +Ingo Meckmann , +Jerry Lorengo , +Jeremy Brooks and many others. We also wrote articles, interviews, etc.

We never did it for profit. The main goal was to see each other's work in print, which is a whole different experience than seeing it on a monitor. As a result, I still have those books and memories. Loved the result of those efforts.

Who's interested in doing this again? I'm happy to lead the effort as I did in the past, as long as there are those who are willing to participate in the project.

G+Book or something like this - with community so active and generous here, I think we could produce something great.

We can even go one more step further, and donate few bucks from each book or magazine to a charity.

Leave your comment here if you're interested, and I'll add you to the circle for follow up. Also feel free to re-share this post. The more, the merrier.

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I`m interested...would be nice if you add me to that circle that i stay updated what will develop...
I'm interested, just not sure I have the chops. :^)
I would certainly be interested in this depending on the details. Look forward to hearing more +Ivan Makarov
I'll be in it +Ivan Makarov Sounds like a hoot! and the donations to charity is a good thought too
Thanks for great response everyone. Will start working on the details little later today, and will keep everyone posted.
Ivan, this sounds like fun. I'm interested
+Mihailo Radičević awesome man. welcome!

Glad to see such a great response from everyone. Also feel free to share it to your circles.
+Jim Davis thanks Jim. Welcome on board. Will post the details about the project later today.
Great to see so much interest in this.
But - being a graphic designer - I'm already 2 steps in front of most people.

Who in the end is going to be responsible for the layout of the book?
Who is going to print this and is this going to be sold?

If this is a blurb book or equivalent, I'm defenitely out. I'm not the biggest fan of digital printing. I'm saying this as a professional not a photographer. If your actually doing a book that is going to be printed on a real press then I'm in.
I've seem too much bad things happening with this digital printing shite especially in B&W by companies that 'produce' instead of 'making with love'. To much companies are getting involved with this that don't know anything about printing techniques. It's just sad to see really how a great looking piece of art can transform into a drab piece of crap.

Please don't see this as a negative comment. I'm just putting down my 2 professional cents.

For what it's worth. 
I'm interested - please add me to your list and keep me posted. Looking forward to seeing this develop!
That sounds like a fantastic idea so please count me in.
What a question! Of course I'm in again. I still have a few of the old magazines so if anybody is interested buying them let me know ;-)
I don't know if I have any photographs at the required level, but I'd like to try. Please keep me informed.
Oh this is very interesting. I'm definitely curious to get more info. Thanks +Bill Nash for the heads up.
+Ivan Makarov I'm interested; this is a great idea. Donating a portion of the proceeds to charity is also a great idea
I'd like to be in that circle. Not sure yet whether I want in, but it does sound like a great idea. Thanks for bringing it up!
Tom Dye
I am interested as well Please keep me informed.
I think it's a fantastic idea. And a heck of a project! I'm in!! Thank you, +Ivan Makarov
Well, ... so many people already! I guess there are more photographers than enough for this idea but, if you feel I can contribute something to the project, I would be glad.
Sending a "hello" from Madrid, Spain!
Hey, I would love to be a part of it, I did the Flickr SOS project a couple of years back and it was great!
+Olivier Du Tré hey man - thank you for your detailed feedback, and it's certainly welcome. I'm always open for ideas.

We've kicked around all kinds of ideas in the past on what's the best approach to do this. It all goes back to logistics. To publish through professional publisher here in the US, we'll need a run of at least 500 copies of the book. They'll need money upfront, so say, $10/copy, that's $5,000 of initial capital at a minimum. Then it goes back to how are we going to sell the book? Who'll buy it? What about the shipping? My guess is that the risk of actually not selling the volume is close to 100%.

We may have a better control of the quality, no doubt, but I don't know if we have enough capital to pull it off. If we start collecting money, maybe - but again, it'll be very hard to pull off and would take months.

The goal here is to do it quickly and to make ordering process as easy as possible for everyone. So Blurb right now seems to be the only option. We can also do Lulu if quality is better - but I'm not sure if it is. I've had generally positive results with Blurb. Is it as good as Michael Kenna books? No. Is it better than just looking at pictures on Google+ on our monitors? Yes.

So we have to draw a line somewhere, unless there are better ideas for community project like this.
+Víctor Nuño all are welcome! Let's see how big this thing is going to get. My experience is that people will get too busy over the holidays, so not everyone will end up sending images, but looks like we'll have a good group no matter what.
I am curious to hear more
+Ivan Makarov: Great idea, love it! And the donation would be the icing on the cake. Please count me in, I would feel honoured to participate.
+Daniel Enloe ebook is a great idea too, because then we'd have zero cost, and 100% can go to charity. We'll probably do both - printed book and PDF for iPad/Android.
+Ivan Makarov hahaha! True! Well, I guess in my case it is the opposite. i am quite busy while in workdays, and thankfully, much better in holidays. In any case, whether you count on me or not, I wish the best luck, as it is quite a good idea. I miss too those early Flickr years, due to the atmosphere, and it is something I am only starting to see that it might be found here. And charity is a plus as well.
Whoa! I've been thinking about something like this! I would be really much interested in participating in any way possible!
+Ivan Makarov I feel it needs to be a physical book that is printed, Ebook is great but just another computer publication. Just my feeling on that. I have photos allover the internet and would not be interested in adding yet another e-format :)
Definitely interested in the concept....would love to hear more!
I'm happy to contribute if you think my stuff's good enough
+Siggi Ragnar I think having ebook as an option would give a chance to those who can't order printed copy (for example, people where Blurb doesn't operate) still get a copy. But we can discuss this idea in greater length and see what people would prefer.
I agree +Ivan Makarov There is no need NOT to allow a digital version, but I think printed is the real deal .. isn't it?
sure, if you want to write an ebook for +FlatBooks - let me know... it would be for fun AND for profit hehe... :)
Count me in. It would be such an honor to be involved in something like this with such company. I can write, shoot or participate in whatever other capacity needed. I bake a mean baked Alaska for the coming out parties.
Yes +Neil Howard we have a real-book printing option too. They look amazing and are custom-printed on demand.
I would love to be part of such a project, +Ivan Makarov, although i don't know if my photography is good enough to be published the pages of this book. Let me know if you think any of my images are worth it :)
+Scott Jarvie no flattery man. I sincerely think you're great. That's just who you are and who I am.
To all of us talking about "levels" - including me - even without the best camera I've taken some really nice shots. Our pictures may wind up smaller in print just because of the resolution of our equipment, but it sounds like the idea here is to participate and have fun. Besides, knowing our pictures might make it into print could be the extra push some of us need to up our game, if not our equipment. :^)
Sounds like a great project that I'd be proud to participate in.
Maybe this would take off in a way I expected JPG magazine to, before the shakeup =)
+Ivan Makarov: That's kind of what excites me about your idea(s); this is smaller, and people have lives, and I believe photographers on G+ truly appreciate the struggle some of us go through to present our world through the lens =)

I've seen less class warfare between the pros and the ams here than anywhere else.

I love it, and I appreciate the give and take of the G+ community =)
Count me in... Looks like fun!
Interesting, I'd love to see more details.
I'm in, too! Sounds terrific.
That's a very cool idea. Not sure I'm up to the standard, but it's a very cool idea. :)
If I something to contribute, I will consider it.
Very interesting project. Would love to participate ... Keep me posted !
Yes and def do the charity donation . . can we poll our group for a charity??
I would be more than happy (although ambition may outweigh talent!) - We did a similar thing a few years back for unsigned musicians and ended up with a great little album!
Kab Yaj
For Charity, count me in.
Nice projct. Any idea what charity it will be?
I would love to participate, please count me in!
+Ivan Makarov WOW what a great community response :O) how great to be part of all that happens on G+ too :O)) Best of luck with this Ivan. If you need help just Holla ♥
Sounds great, I'd like to contribute if I got some pictures that fit the book. Any theme for the book?
[Who's interested in doing this again?] +Wallace Darwen Brindle is very interested. Though I don't intend this idea as a contingency, my hat's in either way, but what would you or/and 'the Circle' say to including other [quality qualifying] visual art, incl. water color, oil, drawing, (photographed, of course) texture art montage/[collage], computer digital art categories [plural]; and also perhaps, a few images with [short, original] poetry [possibly some in other than English, with translation in or accompanying them? I think as the world becomes more and more a global community, exposure to other languages, even a little at a time, continues as helpful; and a good influence.]
Maybe you should set up a google+ page for this?
This does sound neat. I'd like to know more, please!
sorry miss this post, i'm in too +Ivan Turgenev :)
for what i remember, +Mike Spinak has a project of this type too for doctor without border without success :(
hope this one be one !

i have photos stand by to contribute :)
I am an artist not a photographer, but I can help in the design layout if needed and I will pass this along as well, it is a fantastic idea ~~~
I would love to participate as well. My photos aren't up to par with those on this thread, but happy to donate for charity.
+Ivan Makarov that's a noble idea, especially the charity part. I have been wishing a similar thing. Now that I see you actually putting into practice, I am fully in. Would you keep me updated as well please?
I am very interested =) I work in magazine publishing.
I can contribute with photos if you think I have anything worth publishing in a book :)

Great initiative!
I would like to play too if that is okay?
+Vivien Stevens see my response to Olivier for why other options, while better, are likely not most practical for a project like this. Right now we have 110 photographers willing to participate. At least half will come through in the end. I doubt many will participate if we try to rise money before any book is published. Also distribution isn't easy under non-Blurb scenarios.

As for charity, it'll likely be Red Cross but I'm open to other suggestions. 
I'd be interested. This sounds great!
I would love to have the opportunity to contribute to this amazing project. I heard about it from +Thomas Hawk and +Lotus Carroll. I'm not sure if you want articles too or just photographs, but I have 15+ years of journalism.
I would love to be a part of this and any help you need proofing, please let me know!
Awesome idea, shout if you feel i cold help or contribute
sounds very interesting! Can't wait to see the print. If you need more contributors, I'm all for it! With such great company, who wouldn't? :)
Count me in please, though looks like we'll run out of pages :)
Brilliant idea - I'd be honoured to be part of it too
+Tavi Meyer Thanks for sharing this idea! +Ivan Makarov Would love to participate in this endeavor and hope my images of 2011 have what it takes to be printed with all of the other photos in a book!
I would be interested if you are still looking for people :)
Definitely interested in hearing more details on the project.
would be happy to share any of my iphone shots, Joyeux Noël!
Sounds like a good idea Ivan, count me in as well.
If you also take in the non-pros, count me in !
Count me in. This is an excellent idea ! (that is, if you are still looking for volunteers)
+Ivan Makarov I'd be honored to be part of this (if I can). To have one of my shots in there next to all the other serious photographic talent would be awesome. Please bear me in mind when selecting.
A good idea mate, count me in. Just let me know which one you want and it's yours +Ivan Makarov
+Mykal Hall you'd have to pick yourself when we're ready to submit. but welcome aboard!
+Joel Tjintjelaar never mind my last post - just saw this. Welcome aboard! An honor to have you join as well Joel!
Are you still accepting people? I would like to join. Thanks!
Me too, me too, pick me? I'd love to contribute and if by chance I have something that others appreciate, that would make me happy. If not, perhaps I can contribute in other ways? Thanks for doing this +Ivan Makarov I "knew you" from flickr back in the day.
I'm interested - a definite maybe.
I'm definitely interested. I'd love to see my stuff in print and help out charities. Hope it's not too late.
I'm very new to Photography, but if any of my work is good enough count me in.
If a % is going to charity, I'd be happy to contribute something. Just let me know submission guidelines, etc.
This sounds really cool! I would definitely be interested in doing this.
Count Me in It will be a pleasure.
Count me in if you wish. I'd love to help out.
You can count me in if you want to
Count me in! It's a new experience for me and something I can learn from so I can only say "yes"
I'd love to contribute something. I have taken some nice photos from vacations, and around my home in Chicago, that could be nice to share :)
I've been trying to put something like this together for a while but, for one reason or another, it never happened.
Let me know if you'd like to use a couple from me =)
Love to be included and help out anyway I can. Count me in :)
great idea...would like to contribute to this as well!
Let me know, if you want any of my images.
Sounds like a great idea, count me in if there is space!
Thanks everyone. Added a new batch of you to the list.
Not a pro, but it's interesting - not sure who it's available to and how.
Great Idea...I am interested too!
I'a interested in learning more Thanks for the opportunity
Great idea! Thanks for your engagement! I am interested too!
Jus Vun
+Ivan Makarov id be interested in contributing too as I've done a charity book myself! great cause
Thanks +Ivan Makarov for the inclusion − just an amateur, but I'll glad to help out as I can.
If you want to use anything I have posted for this project, you can use it. If you want something,
please contact me for a high resolution tiff.
+Ivan Makarov , I've been tossing around the idea of doing something like this for a Japanese charity, and if you didn't mind, would like to contact you later to ask for any advice you may have. That being said, I'd also love to be a part of your project! :)
+Ivan Makarov - Are you looking for any particular type of image.. or just one that a given photographer likes. That being said (asked?) I would be like to participate. Oh and one other thing... Don't worry about sales... I suspect you'll sell at least one copy to each person that has a picture in it!
Thanks everyone - added a new batch of you.
I really love the idea, how can I help/participate?
I would love to participate. As a beginner photographer, not sure I will add much value, but if it turns out I do, I will do so gladly.
I would love to participate , please let me know how .Such a wonderful idea :)
Wes Lum
I'd love to contribute!
Ugo Cei
Would love to participate, if it's still possible.
hmmm...I may be interested as well, if there is room
I would LOVE to be a part of this. I am new to photography and attended the Google Death Valley Photo Weekend and met many of the photographers on your list. Thanks.
It's a great idea ! I would love to be involved too !! let us know :))
nice project! I'm interested and I would really love to partecipate! let us know!
I would like to participate. I haven't published my shots in google+ yet, please let me know if it is possible to be part of this. I can upload my stuff to google+.
Love to give a South Pacific perspective!
This sounds like a great project. I'd love to participate.
+Ivan Makarov, Is this still the place to sign up, and if so, could I join in? I would love to participate if you have room. :)
If there's room I'd love to have an image included.
Only just discovered this project & would like to say I'd be interested!
I may be late in the game.. but I'm interested. Let me know
Very late to see this, but if its still open, I'm interested.
Just stumbled upon this project. This is great. I'd like to be involved.
please include me i would love to be involved
Great idea please count me in :)  thank you for everything Ivan x  edit - ooops LOL just saw the date (22 Dec 2011) of this post ... this must have been the spawn of the Plus One Collection idea. x ♥ 
Lol!  I obviously never muted this post as it's just popped up in my notifications again! Interesting going back and re-reading the post and seeing how successful its been.
+Gerard Charnley i know me too LOL ... see how many about have not realised they are commenting on something from 2 years ago ;) 
Yeah it is the idea from the Plusonecollection, doesn't look at the date.:) All a good weekend.
OK ... I'm in again. Also willing to help in the background whether my photo makes the book this time or not ;)
sounds like it may be worth the effort :) count me in!
Add me to the follow up circle, please.
I would be interested as well.
I with throw in, I am always up for a good cause. "Believe" me I'm actually a sucker for ones that include kids and Doc without borders.
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