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Plus One Collection - LIMITED EDITION IS HERE!

Few simple facts
- 193 artists are in the print book (but remember, ebook is on its way and all 523 are in!)
- 200 pages long
- This version is only available for the next 10 days, and will not be sold ever again
- Limited Edition is printed on fine art paper, and includes tipped-in print, made to museum standards
- Limited Edition will ship in early March
- All net profits go to Kiva.

More here -

Please help us spread the word about by sharing the news about the launch. Feel free to use any of the promotional images in the gallery below.
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Awesome! Great work and thank you for putting all of this together! It's looking great!
Thanks for all your work on this, Ivan!
Kiva......MUCH MUCH better. To be completely honest...the reason I did not submit anything is because of the original sponsor. I have been doing humanitarian photography for too long to know the negatives of the "big" NGO's out there. Small and unique is where it is at....
Rob O
Very cool idea ... looking forward to the book
note that the purchase page is throwing errors.
Already ordered mine - super excited about this and thank you so much again for the amazing work you're doing on this!
Can't get to the site since it is down at the moment, but nice to see that the project came to life! Thanks to everyone involved, in front and behind the scene.

I look forward to see which images are in the book and how it came together.
Beautifully done, I've ordered a copy :o)
I just ordered the Limited Edition book +Ivan Makarov!! I am super excited to see the finished product and have such a stunning book in my collection. Thanks again for all your hard work and tenacity my friend, you are totally awesome!!
Be patient - ordered my book a few seconds ago.
Forgive me if this is answered somewhere, perhaps in a FAQ that I could not locate... but which 200 photographers are in the print version? Is it possible to know?
+Joe Vallee try again - not stable right now, but will hopefully get better.. thousands of hits a minute!
just bought it!!! yippee! It was slow but worked fine!
Just ordered mine ! Thanks so much for including my image in the book and for supporting this wonderful charity.
So fantastic to be part of this +Ivan Makarov Ordered my book this morning.
To everybody that worked on this Thanks so much!
Very Impressive result.Congratulations to all of you worked hard on this project and also to all the photographers participated.
One simple thought +Ivan Makarov .Why not have the promotional images in HiRes so as we can print them individually and be able to promote via this way also?
+Ivan Makarov nice job, I finally got on the site. Very well laid out, if it is possible maybe you could add the other images from the book in the home page slide show. (if it doesn't bog it down)
I'm going to go share the page now and think everyone should do the same. It can only help to spread the word and get this out there among the masses on G+ to create more possible revenue for the charity. Lets make it VIRAL!
Fantastic work +Ivan Makarov!! - and fast!!! Just a thought, maybe it should be more apparent on the web-page for the book that it is a charity project, and include Kiva's logo? One of the first things you should see, at least in the "about the book" section..
I agree with +Colby Brown Kiva is so much better than the previous charity. They have a horrible track record in regards to international adoption issues. Another good charity for future consideration is one I've donated to for six years:
Yes I am happy to hear that the charity was changed myself, however it is always good to give what you can throughout the year to the charity of your choice. I give to which was in the original discussion of a possible charity for this project. We will have to wait and see for the 2012 version. ;-)
Proud to be a contributor towards and owner of this Limited Edition book.
I've been waiting for it whole week :) and it's finally available. Thank you +Ivan Makarov it's a real honor for me to be in the print version of the book! My parents will buy it for sure ;)
Excellent job +Ivan Makarov and what a beautiful book and such a great cause. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and to all of the people who contributed their time to this project I am thankful. Proud to be a contributor as well and can't wait for it to arrive.
+Ivan Makarov What an amazing contribution you've made to the Google community and to Kiva. So glad they are the beneficiary. LE book has been ordered!
It looks wonderful! And Kiva is a GREAT org. Thanks, +Ivan Makarov and to everyone else involved in putting this together. It's a great example of what can be done when people unite for a worthwhile cause. Can't wait to get my copy.
Wow.. 108 shares. My email is exploding right now. Hope good people of Google will not delete it. Thank you everybody!
Well, I've ordered my copy ;) Looking forward to receiving it and thanks to everyone involved in putting this together!
Elisa T
230 bucks!!!!! My charity pockets aren't that deep. :(
I agree with +Scott Frederick !! You've made my day too by including mine., thanks again!! And i've shared this to hopefully get maximum exposure :)
Excellent!!! Looking forward to the seeing all this hard work you've done +Ivan Makarov and everyone else involved in bring this together in such a short period of time!

Great work Ivan and also to +Andy Lee for design and the editors for selecting the images for the Print version.
Elisa T
It is! I would be happy to go into double figures for it, just not triple :)
+Kerry Murphy +Francesco Di Vita thanks for bringing this. fixed a number of issues - I guess Wordpress didn't like spaces and there were present in some links. Will definitely approach data gathering differently next year
Hi Ivan. My website is, it is right but it is linked to the wrong artist name (Francesco Gola). Clicking on Francesco Gola, in the print book artists page, you are redirected to my website.
My order has been place for the limited edition book! Thanks for this opportunity +Ivan Makarov and everyone involved in this charity.
Your my teacher! Yes, yes, I'm working on it.
Thanks so much for your work and efforts on this project! It looks awesome and I'm honored to be a part of it!
Thanks so much +Ivan Makarov and all the other volunteers who pulled this fantastic project together so rapidly. I'm so happy to be included in the book, but even more so to be associated with you wonderful people.
+Ivan Makarov this just made the "What's Hot" list too here. Very cool everyone for sharing this and getting it out to the masses for a good cause. Hopefully it will raise some nice charitable funds and people can enjoy a nice keepsake from the "original" Plus One Collection
+Ivan Makarov I just did a quick count off of just what people said in the comments here and there is at least 19 pre-orders. It would be cool if you gave us an update maybe once a day of how it's doing as far as sales? If that is at all possible for you. (I know that you have nothing better to do right?) lol ;-)
Forgive me for asking, but besides the title of "limited edition," what's unique about the print book? Is it the paper? Or am I missing something? I've never bought a photo book before.
Ordered the LE book, and will also get a couple copies of the standard version when it comes out as well. Thanks for all your efforts +Ivan Makarov ! :)
+Zach Eggert From the information about this book: " It will be large landscape version (11"x13"), printed on uncoated fine art paper, with a certificate of authenticity, with each copy numbered.

On top of it, each limited edition book will come with a complimentary fine art print, printed on archival paper to museum standards. Print will be of one of the photographs you will find in the book."

We'll release the standard version, which will be priced in double digits, with just $10 markup over cost, with all profits going to charity, of course. Size will be standard landscape (10"x 8") "

I hope that helps?
Joe, not to sound dickish, but no. What's special about the paper vs the other paper in the non-LE print books? Again, sorry for sounding like a jerk.
+Zach Eggert Better quality and it is a larger size 11x13 vs 10x8

BTW limited editions of just about any book you buy are usually more expensive from my experience. Same as it is in just about any form of art.

EDIT : I'm not 100% sure about the quality of paper differences and +Ivan Makarov would have to answer that one to know for sure. The sizes are definitely different though.
This looks like a top notch book, really well done. I'm so proud to be part of this project! Thanks +Ivan Makarov for all your efforts!
+Joe Vallee +Zach Eggert paper will indeed be much better. Standard paper for Blurb is pretty good too - but for Limited Edition, it'll be printed on fine art paper. Big difference when papers are compared.

Two other big differences - Limited Edition comes with a fine art print. Second, contribution to charity is five times bigger than standard edition.
+Ivan Makarov I may have missed it but are you showing the fine art print before or waiting for when owners get their new book?
+Jim Davis we'll have several. not yet sure how to handle it - maybe random print here and there?
+Ivan Makarov You and +Andy Lee have done an amazing job of not only thinking this through, but engaging the community in the plans. Last time I looked, there was the print edition and the e-book. The LE is brilliant as in initial offer. I have a couple of artists' LE's with tipped-in prints on fine paper, and they are something to cherish.
Congrats to all who made it to the print edition! Nice Work :) +Ivan Makarov this is truly inspiring. When you doing the next one <ducks and runs>
Awesome job on the book and the outcome is beautiful. I would like to inquire if the standard edition is going to include all contributors or if that will be limited as well?
+Kate Church will be the same book (193 photographer), but smaller in size. Ebook will include everybody
Got it +Ivan Makarov. Just so I don't look too daft, I saw the message on the 22nd and then nothing until the 4th of February. Seems to have gone alright after that. We really need a better solution at G+ more message distribution. Or maybe a notify button that's over 100! Great job with the book! So glad to hear your have sold more than you thought already!
+Kate Church yea, notification system is buggy. For that reason I have email sent to me every time someone mentions me, otherwise I miss everything. But on days like today, my email is getting killed!
I think I am going to have to start doing that, +Ivan Makarov , I just have to learn to start deleting!
+Ivan Makarov , a quick question (no rush, I know you're swamped with other questions!) but just wondering how long the "standard" edition will remain available for purchase?
The reason I ask is because I'm planning to get a couple of copies, and then will show them to friends and colleagues and recommend that that they buy a copy for themselves as well. Will the standard version be available for purchase throughout the year?
+Jeff M yeah, standard edition is going to be up for a long time - months if not years
+Jeff M: I see the same thing.
+Ivan Makarov: Will there be a photo mosaic of all the artists in the print version as you previously thought might happen? Also, thanks for the info on the LE book vs. other books. Like I said, I'm new to the photography world and don't know that much yet.

a great initiative with a wonderful outcome. So proud to be included! Thank you +Ivan Makarov and everyone who made this possible.
Congratulations, it looks great. It was a bit unexpected to see that not everybody is in the print book as indicated beforehand, but I guess the last-minute submissions were many.

Still I wonder: how much would it be to make a print edition with Blurb that includes all photographs? I would be most interested in that.
A huge thanks to +Ivan Makarov and all other volunteers who pulled over this awesome project. I am honored to be a small part of it.
I was out of pocket and missed this post when it hit. Shame on me. +Ivan Makarov
Thanks for: the idea, thinking BIG, putting in so many hours of work, sticking with it, being fast, changing the charity, collaborating, sharing and being such an example for this community. I just ordered my LE book, and got 2 others o order it as well. Can't wait for it to arrive and am honored to be included in the LE book! 
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