Plus One Collection - Let's Vote on Print Book Version and Move On

Yesterday I brought up a problem - which is a good one really - that we have 503 submissions and it makes creating paper version of the book rather tricky. I offered options and my own preference of creating shorter version of the book for print and big version as ebook.

The reaction was mixed. Some said, that's fine, let's curate a book, and create an affordable paper edition that will not have all the images but instead will focus on quality and affordability. Others said, but wait, that's against the original spirit of the project which said all will be included.

If you want to read all the good arguments, take a look here - and and - highly recommended before casting a vote.

Remember that all pictures will be included in the ebook (PDF) and app version of the book, no matter what we do for print.

So let's vote (+1 one of my comments which you prefer) and move on with this to the next steps.

Options to vote -
(1) 2 volumes of the book - all pictures included. Price - $150 for both volumes, soft cover, $174 hardcover.
(2) One book, curated version. $52 for softcover, $65 for print.
(3) No paper copy whatsoever - just electronic. Everyone's happy.

Also leave a comment if you'd like on why you voted. It's a debate! These are popular these days, so why not. But remember the 11th commandment.
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